10 thoughts on “Chloe Valdary’s Suspect Pro-Israel Marketing – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. [Comment deleted: please don’t pretend to be a concern troll by introducing links and asking me what I think about them or why someone would say such things about me. I do not care, nor do I need you to ask me to respond.]

  2. I’m glad you’ve finally made an ‘official’ distinction between MW and your stance. I used to read and comment there but felt such hostility and saw repetitive clichés there that were akin to hasbara in all but their POV and stopped wasting my time there.

    I know of course that u are not racist but your negro argument is flawed. As far as I am aware Afro Americans call themselves ‘niggers’ amongst themselves which does not permit whites to call them such. The should also apply to negro today even if they use it.
    In ‘ their’ vernacular: ‘your bad’!

    1. I’m not glad. I disagree sometimes with the front page posts at MW, though chiefly when Phil goes off on some tangent about Jewish life in America that isn’t directly related to the I/P conflict. Or when he sees some deep significance in what some celebrity has done or said.

      The comments section is hostile, which makes it like virtually every comment section on every political blog that I’ve seen. Step outside the prevailing view there and you’ll get hammered. Sometimes fairly, sometimes not. It’s different here, chiefly because there are fewer commenters and Richard himself comes down hard on people that would be allowed to post at MW. I get angry at some of the views expressed in the comment section at MW, but the notion that pops up that they are somehow worse than other places is really just another double standard on this subject. Some of the MW commenters (by no means all) type really thoughtful comments, some of them really very good. It angers me a little to see people judge MW by the worst comments, as though you couldn’t do that with any blog comment section.

      Compare, for example, Peter Beinart’s no longer existing blog and its comment section. That comment section made the Mondoweiss comment section look like a graduate seminar in comparison. I liked a handful of the regulars, but they were drowned out by the rightwing Zionists, who virtually never typed anything worth reading. A few liberal Zionists posted, but most of their stuff was pretty weak. Or look at the comments at the NYT when they allow them. They probably ban anything that might sound antisemitic, but anti-Arab stuff gets through all the time.

      Where are all these wonderful comment sections that make MW seem so bad? Yeah, it can be bad, but look at everyone else.

  3. RE: “I called her a ‘Negro Zionist’ and Uncle Tom. I wasn’t surprised at the showering of lies and invective from the uber-Israelites. But I wasn’t prepared to have Phil Weiss, Scott Roth and Alex Kane of Mondoweiss chime in.” ~ R.S.

    MY COMMENT: I’m a Mondoweiss supporter, but I can’t agree with them in this case. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others frequently use Malcolm X’s concept of the “house Negro”.

    1. The difference is that people in the group are given more leeway to use explosive terms about other members of the group. I’m not black and there’s no way I’m going to use a term like “house Negro” to describe someone.

      Which is not to say that I think Richard is some terrible person–I’m a big fan of his blog. I just think he made a mistake here.

  4. Zionist of color? You are way out of control here, and grasping at straws concocting ways to defame ms. Valdary. Plenty of music festivals are promoted ad hoc, which is of course besides the point. Ms. Valdary is educated with the facts, and astute at discerning facts from media sound bite fiction. Shonda to the Goyim is the term for you and your behavior that comes to mind here, especially as you attempt to commandeer Tikun olam as your moniker. you are just an alter cocker with a bad attitude .

    1. You’re a hasbara troll. I visited your Twitter account. Nothing but pimping for Valdary and promotion for Avi Mayer. Why should anyone take anything you say seriously? Wait, they don’t!

      As for calling me an “alter cocker” You either aren’t Jewish or don’t know anything about Jewish traditions, which actually value the wisdom of elders. A real Jew who honored her tradition would never engage in ad hominem ageist rants as you do.

    2. Lani

      Chloe, the black Zionist, is neither educated with facts nor astute. She doesn’t know the difference between slavery, Judaism, Zionism, or Judaism. She supports Israel’s racist policies toward blacks exactly like her without skipping a beat. She wears the Israeli flag like some idiot crazed basketball fan.
      She doesn’t care that as a black Christian woman she’s undesirable in Israel and most folks there just consider her a diseased “cooshi.” Let’s see how much zionist israeli love ($$$) she would recieve is she supported Palestine equally with Israel or condemned any Israeli actions towards Palestine.
      If she had any conscious or compassion she would advocate for those suffering in Palestine bit she would rather ridicule Israeli’s who have been jailed for their beliefs.
      Chloe is just another 40 shkalim sellout.

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