5 thoughts on “Israeli MKs: NSA Spying on Israel Justifies Release of Pollard – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The action to get Pollard’s sentence commuted is decades old and Netanyahu had made a deal with president Clinton after the Wye accords. The pressure increased a few months ago with the release of Palestinian prisoners and my analysis was – Will Pollard Be Home Free by Christmas 2013?. Obama withstood Israeli pressure and the peace talks with the Palestinians still had nothing to show for Kerry’s effort.

    When the NSA spy element was added I was not amused as earlier Snowden releases stated that NSA had an open relationship with Israel’s intelligence community in sharing data. This led me to write a new diary about the affair and the involvement of Rafi Eitan –”I should have put a bullet in his head”- and “peace dove” Shimon Peres who recently promised the Israeli people the release of Pollard would be foremost on his mind in the remaining months. I don’t understand how spy masters like Rafi Eitan, Peres and Netanyahu are free to travel to and fro between Israel and the States. Netanyahu Knows About Spying In US Relations, Wants Pollard Released.

    I appreciate a number of opinion pieces in the Jerusalem Post, especially one where it’s written: “We’re dealing with an obsession [by Kerry],” one source said. “He’s a nudnik [nuisance].”

  2. You are wrong regarding the damage accusations. see here:

    Weinberger’s contention has been debunked. Information that Pollard gave to Israel did not make its way to the USSR. Instead, the information that the Soviets received during the 18 months Pollard was spying for Israel most likely came from Ames and Robert Hanssen, a onetime FBI agent who spied for the USSR and Russia from 1979 to 2001.

    R. James Woolsey, the CIA director from 1993 to 1995, stated after examining the Pollard case file that none of Pollard’s information went to the Soviet Union. Moreover, Woolsey now believes that Pollard has served long enough and should be released. In a 2004 interview, Weinberger himself admitted that in retrospect, the Pollard matter was comparatively minor. In fact, he does not even mention it in his memoirs.


    1. Holy crap! You’re going to proffer James Woolsey, one of Israel’s (& the MEK’s) chief paid flacks in Washington, as a reliable source attesting to the damage Pollard did? You can’t be serious?!

  3. I just can’t fathom why Israel is so persistent about Pollard — who is this show for? Why disturb relations with the US again and again on this Pollard business? Maybe we can counter this with a call for a new USS Liberty investigation, among other things. Show American kids “shreying” for the victims of the Liberty assault or something like that.

    Israel has thrown even Jewish lives to the dogs when it was “necessary” or perhaps convenient, why the deal with Pollard?

  4. Regardless of any conjecture, here’s the bottom line. Vice President Biden made the sentiment of the entire American (note: not internationalist; note: not pro-foreign country) military and intelligence establishment clear when it said: you will have Pollard over his “dead f*cking body”.

    Whatever you want to say, about how badly or not he damaged US interests, is fine. The truth is, he was kept alive by miracle and he’s used today as a live bait to see who is really for or against US interests when it comes to Israel. If you have your facts genuinely mixed, then fine. If you are speculating, then look at the broader picture I present and read between the lines. Maybe you aren’t being told all of what he did for a reason. And if he did what he is being publicly accused of doing, why is he still alive?

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