2 thoughts on “Bogie Yaalon Takes it to the Delegitimizers! POW! – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Every day a new POW from Israel! In Israel seems to be fierce national contest who can produce the most idiotic statement.

    An Israeli deputy minister, Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, just said that Jewish gays have higher souls than we gentiles. If he had said Israeli homosexuals have a higher soul than gentiles it would be “understandable” for a member of modern state’s administration, but he said only Jews and is a rabbi. The Iranian, Hamas and Hizbollah bosses do not manage to produce this kind religious based racism which Israeli establishment produces in a constant stream. If a western deputy minister would “speculate” about the level of Jewish souls compared to … the anti-Semitism screams would end the minister’s political carrier at once. And one of those screaming loudest would be Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan. Every week we can read equal “higher soul” views expressed by high level Rabbis and governmental officials, so lets not base the defense, that the views represent only marginal views of Israeli Jews.

    No wonder that the Israeli religious and ethnic minority members do not want to be called as Israelis and Israeli Jews living permanently abroad avoid mentioning being an Israeli. Who wants to be linked to these hilarious guys?

  2. Not for me to know which organizations are really associated closely enough with [xxx] to BE [xxx] juridically. One does wonder how non-judicial entities (departments of state or Treasury or defense) can “declare” groups and their members to “be” “terrorist” and POW! ZAP! SHAZAM! they thereby become criminal, terrorist.

    A dangerous thing, confusing war (where all’s fair, and any private soldier can kill with impunity, or declare someone to be a “terrorist”) with judicial action.

    We all know by now how an American Islamic charity asked the USA if giving to a certain charity in Palestine was within the law, USA refused to answer, the charity was given (and took its place along side money given to the same group by USAID and Red Cross, if memory serves) and the Islamic charity’s leaders (but not the leaders of the Red Cross or of USAID) were arrested, tried, convicted of giving to a “Hamas Front” (because it gave money to hospitals that Hamas also gave money to), and the leaders sent off to durance VERY vile for the rest of their lives. (The USA can be as lovely as Israel when it tries.)

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