26 thoughts on “Daniel Seaman Puts His Foot in It…Again – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. Many say that Seaman dreamed of becoming a journalist himself but could not and ended up another civil servant, which is why he was so angry and bitter at anything journalistic.

  1. Rather, Daniel is just showing the harsh truth about the psyche of the tribe and its domination strategy, implemented through arrogant hubris. This is something that the majority of people have already recognized, and criticism of it has been spun into a form of victimization. Without rendering this psyche null, history will just repeat itself — and that’s what the most fanatical and powerful players in the tribe want, with the rest of the accessories realizing they, too, were victims all too late. Of course, some will still grow fat on the supply of souls. And the usurpation of the entire Jewish demographic will continue under the stewardship and guidance of these murderers.

    “An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind.” If the world can assess the strategy at play, in this day and age, it will not be allowed a recycling yet again. The best thing that the otherwise innocent Jewry brainwashed by Zionist strategy can do is to awaken from the stupor of falsely promised dreams, stop cooperating with those that seek to use them as pawns, potentially for utter destruction if need be, and to reclaim their name, right, and moral destiny. To prevent anti-Semitism that is being purposely caused by the Zionist right-wingers — not by challenging those critical of the wrongs being perpetrated, but rather to challenge the criminals in their midst at the source.

    1. The “tribal” just brings to mind the historical reality of Judaism, the long centuries of ideological separatism, anti-goyism, regimentation and community oversight. Israel seems to me a rebuilding of the ghetto (the antithesis of assimilation) and naturally implies regulation, regimentation, and ideology just as you suggest, ie. the ugly tribal. I believe that Zionism was from the gitgo and throughout a reactionary undertaking certain to end in racially-motivated murder. Was there ever a species of Zionism that did not aim at a Jewish state, a state populated and run by Jews?

      1. @ Davey: Your generalizations about Judaism are gross, unfair and inaccurate. You’re entitled to your opinion, but that’s all it is, and not a very reliable or historically accurate one at that. Of course even the Devil can quote Scripture and you’ll find sources to support your prejudicial views. But I find them historically false & deeply repugnant. In fact, I’m very close to shutting down this line of discourse entirely

      1. @ Deir Yassin: How could there have been explosives in there? That’s the weird part. They used the safe every day and it had explosives in it? It makes more sense that it hadn’t been used & they didn’t know what was in it.

        As for assassination, why would anyone assassinate a Palestinian diplomat in the Czech Republic? That doesn’t make much sense either.

        1. And why would it be one of the only countries under the definitive control of Israel’s Zionists (along with Micronesia et. al.)? It seems like all these terrorist acts always happen where the Zionists manifest their most complete form of custody over political affairs, especially dealing with so-called “Muslim hostility”.

          So many coincidences… none of it makes sense. 😉 C’mon, this one is written as clear as the choreographed bus bombing in Israel to coincide with Kerry’s visit. The old tricks are used so repetitively that their design eventually becomes transparent. In this case, the false flags are becoming so desperate and amateur that you’d have to literally perform self-censorship to ignore them and the transparency of who is actually perpetrating them.

          Of course, Bibi ALWAYS knows who the suspect is right away. The Likudist/Zionist warmongers always do: it’s the enemies they’ve been trying to start illegal wars against all along! Another coincidence!

          And we’re all too stupid to notice. Yikes…

          1. Open discussion and differences of opinion are great. However, you comments suggest some unhealthy leanings…

            You suggest that the Czech Republic is under Zionist control…
            “And why would it be one of the only countries under the definitive control of Israel’s Zionists (along with Micronesia et. al.”

            You hint at a “tribe” aimed at domination under the disguise of victimization…
            “Rather, Daniel is just showing the harsh truth about the psyche of the tribe and its domination strategy, implemented through arrogant hubris. This is something that the majority of people have already recognized, and criticism of it has been spun into a form of victimization”

            And that anti-semitism is caused by Zionists…
            “To prevent anti-Semitism that is being purposely caused by the Zionist right-wingers”


          2. @ TMC: My comment rules insist that you use a single identity in posting comments. I’m relatively certain you’ve posted here under a number of different aliases. Please choose one and stick to it. Also, your comment is hysterical and almost nonsensical. If you cut out half the inflated rhetoric you might actually have an intelligent comment.

        2. @ Richard
          You’re right: it doesn’t make much sens, but what is strange too is Al-Malki’s explanation: that if the safe is opened in a wrong way, an explosive device attached to the door would explode, and that the spokeman for the embassy says something else. And that none of them speak about it being unopened for 30 years. If that safe was really moved by a Czech firm the day before the explosion as the daughter states, it’s too much of a coincidence not to be investigated.

          1. @ Richard
            1. Maybe because the police has the “know how” to reach such a conclusion after a relatively short investigation.
            judging by the why of the explosion and so on.
            2. Maybe the presence of other evidence found on the scene overrule the possibility of a 3rd party involvement.
            for example what if the police found weapons on the scene with fingerprints ?
            3. There is no doubt someone is not telling the truth about this incident. It may not be the police.
            4. and maybe it’s all related to this: http://news.walla.co.il/?w=/15/2708890

  2. What you haven’t updated is the fact that unregistered weapons… and not just some single revolver… were discovered at his residence as well. So the fact that an bomb went off in his home could also mean that perhaps he was tinkering (setting up?) some other lethal (and in this case to him) weapon in his possession.

    Why don’t you explore that aspect of the story? What would an Ambassador be doing with illegal weapons??

    1. @ davidL: I don’t explore rumors and unsupported claims from the pro-Israel crowd. You know the rules here. If you have a claim as you do, source it, making sure the source is credible. Then I can explore it if I choose.

      1. You also seem not to read the news…. this isn’t “rumors or unsupported claims”… it’s reported news that you choose to ignore. A simple and quick google check supports my statement, which you could have done in maybe 30 seconds:


        Of course if you believe these news services are the “pro-Israeli crowd” you can brush it of and claim it is just a rumor. Funny how you only suspect the pro-Israel crowd. How fair of you.

        So, yes, I would LIKE you to look into this breach of diplomatic rules and illegal act. This certainly doesn’t bolster anybody’s trust in Palestinian’s diplomatic services.

        1. @ DavidL: You mean I don’t read the sources YOU read. To which I plead guilty. I don’t “choose to ignore” anything I don’t read. And I read stories when someone offers a proper source, as you didn’t. So stop the whining & insults and follow the rules. If you had published these links in yr first comment I wouldn’t have had to remind you how the game is played here.

          Why do you think having weapons in an embassy is a “breach of diplomatic rules?” Embassies around the world maintain security which protects the premises. They use weapons to do so. Israeli embassies are part of this as well. In addition, Israel has a nasty habit of knocking off some Palestinian officials in the past. So there might be good reason for having weapons in an embassy.

          1. It seems you DIDN’T even READ the sources I posted…. they both specifically cited UNREGISTERED WEAPONS.

            That IS illegal and as the Euronews reported a breach of diplomatic policy…. but perhaps not in the eyes of the Palestinians.

            And I don’t know what the PA is planning these days, but there are cases of various Palestinian organizations having the “nasty habit” of committing terrorist attacks on foreign soil.

            And as for “whining and insults”. You have used a similar and more aggressive tones ( to me and others) in plenty of your posts to people who you don’t agree with in your “court”. My tone was no different.

            So, you gonna explore the topic… or too “pro Israeli” for you to handle

          2. Agreed… I did not post a source, but apparently you DON”T READ the sources even when I do post them… BOTH sources specifically stated that they were UNREGISTERED WEAPONS, which in case still don’t get it, is illegal. And, according to the report stated by the Euronews link is indeed a breach of diplomatic policy.

            So why do you think the Palestinians have multiple unregistered weapons in an apartment of their Ambassador? Which leads to the possibility that among them was an “unregistered” bomb.

            Regarding “nasty habits”… I don’t know what the PA is planning, but in the past Palestinian organizations have followed the “nasty habit” of carrying out terrorist attacks murdering innocent people. I doubt they used registered weapons either.

            And lastly, about “insults” my tone is no different and much less than the insults and attacks you whine out to people you simply don’t agree with… which has been noted by many a commentor on your own blog. So please don’t try and tell me about sticking to rules and insults. You break your own rules as you see fit (although, honestly it is your site and you can choose to run it the way you want- it only reflects on you).

          3. apparently you DON”T READ the sources

            What proof do you have for this accusation? If none, you are skating on very thin ice.

            As for “unregistered weapons,” I’d venture to say that these are not the first unregistered weapons an embassy has ever possessed regardless of “diplomatic policy.” And if you wish to claim that Israel’s embassies around the world haven’t in the past & don’t continue to breach “diplomatic policy” in ways even more egregious than this, we’ll laugh you off the page.

            in the past Palestinian organizations have followed the “nasty habit” of carrying out terrorist attacks

            Can you point to any Palestinian diplomat engaging in an act of terror or any embassy being involved in one? If not, your point is offensive. As for carrying out terrorist attacks, in the past AND present official Israeli assassins have followed the nasty habit of carrying out terror attacks in cities around the globe.

            I’ve decided to moderate you. I can’t stand you or your tone.

          4. RS- I claim that you didn’t read the sources I specifically posted here. What other conclusion can I assume when I mention the fact that they are unregistered weapons and you then comment on something different:

            “Why do you think having weapons in an embassy is a “breach of diplomatic rules?” Embassies around the world maintain security which protects the premises.”

            I NEVER disputed the fact that embassies have weapons- even the Palestinian one. I agree REGISTERED weapons no doubt are a necessity at any Embassy. The sources i quoted referred to unregistered ones found at the Ambassador’s house and at least one source STATED that this was a breach of diplomatic policy. You DIDN’T comment on that, and since it was clearly stated in the posts I listed I could draw no other conclusion.

            Please don’t assume what I “wish” to claim. You can wish all you want. I did not refer to anything the Israeli Embassies do or don’t do. But so far I don’t recall ANY other embassy being caught having unregistered weapons…. and in light of a bomb detonating in the same location- this is pretty “egregious” and NOT to be written off as something minor.

            Also, please read carefully what I wrote. I NEVER said a Palestinian “diplomat”. I said “Palestinian organizations”. Since these “organizations” have associated themselves with “Palestinian” in their name, they represent “Palestine” in one form or another (PLFP, PLO, among others) . I agree they never were official “diplomats”, but they still carried out murderous attacks in the name of a Palestinian organization.

            And by the way, with the tone you usually respond to me (and others)…. the feeling is quite mutual.

          5. @ DavidL: Again, I am certain that MANY embassies have unregistered weapons used for embassy security. I am also certain Israel is among them. It’s obvious that Israel would have weapons it would not want registered with local authorities, weapons that might even be illegal within these countries.

            Many embassies have had unregistered weapons, contrary to what you claim. In fact, in an infamous case a Libyan embassy staff member shot and killed a UK constable during a protest outside the London embassy. The Brits never arrested or named the killer.

            As for your confusion between Palestinian “organizations” and “embassies.” Contrary to what you claim Palestinian “organizations” do NOT represent Palestine. They are no different than the various pre-State Zionist organizations which later did NOT become official organs of the State. So implying that because a Palestinian organization engaged in a terror attack or stored weapons some where that a Palestinian embassy would do so is fallacious, offensive, and a false parallel.

            Further, your claim that a “bomb” went off is also premature. We don’t know what happened. We don’t know anything other than that an explosion of some sort killed him. Any further judgments made at this time jump the gun so to speak. Something strange happened that night for sure. But what it is is anybody’s guess.

  3. RS- I apologize… apparently I posted a response again (though varied) thinking the first one did not go through. As they are more or less redundant, feel free to pull one or the other.

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