10 thoughts on “Libel Suit Ends in Free Speech Victory – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Way to go, Richard. Am really happy to hear the outcome of this. Mary Hughes Thompson and I know this woman well, a sort of wanna-be with Stand With Us (or at least, she used to be) who stood on the other side of the road from us when we protested in front of the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles and continuously screamed at us. This ruling against her is good for us all. Perhaps, the next target should be Stand With Us

    1. @ Greta Berlin: Rachel’s good pal is Alison Rowan Taylor, who was quite instrumental in StandWithUs. She also worked at one time for American Jewish Congress in LA (& had Rachel on its board of directors). They make a good team.

  2. Congratulations with the end of the lawsuit. Great to have such friends for support, well done.

    Some issues never go away. Her altercation with Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller concerned non other than Sari Nusseibeh!

    “Seidler-Feller allegedly attacked reporter Neuwirth on Oct. 21, when the two encountered each other outside UCLA’s Royce Hall after an Alan Dershowitz speech. The pair started arguing after Neuwirth overheard the rabbi inviting a group of protesting pro-Palestinian activists to a Hillel-sponsored event featuring Sari Nusseibeh, the Palestinian representative for Jerusalem.”

    1. @ Mary Hughes Thompson: I can’t remember if it was Robert Spencer or Steve Emerson (from her court deposition) who also paid her $500 to videotape pro-Palestinian rallies in LA. She may even have you on tape!

  3. So glad you finally have this nonsense put to rest, Richard. Congratulations for hanging in for so long. And to your attorneys who made it possible for you to keep up the fight.

  4. Thank goodness for pro-bono work.

    In more than in any other way, it is with the law that the increasing income inequality in the U.S. has the worst, literally unjust, effect. The fact is that unless you can get competent legal help, which almost always means a very substantial legal bill, you can’t get justice.

    Nobody needs multiple houses or cars, but when it comes to being accused of a crime and having to deal with charge, the rich are distinctly set apart from everyone else, using the law to stand above it.

    So many many people with little income plead guilty on the advice of prosecutors simply to be able to clear the docket of our factory system of “justice”, whether or not they are guilty of what they are accused of having done.

    Justice should not be for hire.

    It is good to hear that in your case, justice has been served.

  5. Richard, saw your news yesterday, was almost first to post Congrats! but was too tired, still am. Who knew you had this going on, all this time!! Very glad it’s over for you!! What an ordeal. Very glad you had good, loyal witnesses and the excellent and dedicated Dean Hansell and Law office.
    We all need people like that, when menace strikes – oh, to be so fortunate. Without, one can stumble, be less than clear, not stand our ground, or be ‘influenced.’.

    Thank you for letting us know. Good for you, you held out, and never quit.

    1. @ jg: When the ordeal first began I was eager to defend myself publicly. But my lawyer & others wiser in the way of the law said that could only harm my interest. So after a while I stopped talking about it publicly (hard as that was). I was surely hoping I could speak freely about this long before this. But a combination of an adversary who refused to give up and a legal system that got it wrong at times, and then took years to finally get it right, caused 6 yrs to go by before that could happen.

      In some ways though the ordeal isn’t over. She has allies who periodically try to post what I call Zio porn here. Defenses of her (one received the day after the decision was rendered when no one knew about it except me, her, our lawyers & the court personnel) that veer into the homophobic, pederastic, etc. You get the idea. Nuff said.

  6. Congratulations, Mr. Silverstein! Thanks to the pro bono work of your friends and your willingness to persist, you have protected 1st Amendment rights protects for everyone.

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