6 thoughts on “Center for American Progress Beds Down With Corporate Donors, Muzzles Israel-Palestine Debate – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Close to Lanny Davis and the Clinton’s … that
    explains a lot!

    Since 2012, Block has
    been the CEO and president of The Israel Project (TIP), a
    Washington- and Jerusalem-based lobbying organization that provides
    “pro-Israel” talking points to journalists and the public with the
    goal of giving a “more positive public face” to the country.
    Commenting on Block’s hire, the Jewish daily Forward opined: “Block’s
    reputation as a pro-Israel bulldog seems to stand in stark contrast
    to that of [former president Jennifer Laszlo] Mizrahi, who chose
    mostly to engage with journalists and policymakers rather than
    fight with them.” Block co-founded with Lanny Davis the public
    affairs firm Davis-Block LLC, earned his
    “bulldog” reputation in part as a result of his efforts to smear
    critics of Israel and one-sided U.S. support for the country as
    “anti-Semitic.” [Source Right-Web]

    I’m glad
    Hillary is history, AIPAC took some losses and Secretary Kerry has
    invested his personal reputation for greater Middle East peace. I’m
    always optimistic but I know the deck of cards are stacked against
    him. All extremists from Arab states, Tehran, Jerusalem and
    Washington DC are united against his effort.

  2. My world view has the USA “run” by an Establishment (or Oligarchy) in which various BIGs (BIG-BANKs, BIG-OIL, BIG-DEFENSE, BIG-ZION, etc.) get what they want UNLESS another BIG makes a sufficient fuss in the opposite direction. If no other BIG opposes BIG-ZION, its wins hand down, and it wins cheap. Very cheap. (AIPAC et al. really don’t spend very much money!)

    However, the CEOs of the BIGs hob-nob with each other and many CEOs may themselves be rabid Zionists or friends with people who are.

    Therefore CAP (by stopping pro-Palestine talk) sought to avoid more than [1] uproar from The Dersh ™, and [2] loss of lobbying-money from AIPAC. CPA also sought to avoid loss of lobbying-money from other BIGs whose Israel-friendly CEOs might have re-directed lobbying funds not precisely as card-carrying BIG-ZION members but as friends of BIG-ZION.

    Sadly for liberals and progressives, CAP never tested this possibility. It might have been that all they would have lost is money actually from AIPAC et al (aka BIG=-ZION) and that all other funds would have continued in natural fashion. We’ll never know. (But those writing-on-the-wall telephone calls in the night might have persuaded CAP that undivided pro-Israelism was the way to go. Sad for the USA. Sad for the world.)

  3. Richard – given Israel’s emigration pattern, do you think Israel’s demography will inevitably lead Israel to be a theocracy?

    1. @ RD Sultan: That’s hard to say. But it does look like it’s moving increasingly in that direction. Israel is increasingly nationalistic, Orthodox, settlerist, anti-intellectual. It is decreasingly secular, tolerant, multicultural. THose are troubling trends.

  4. Israel’s young and educated are fleeing to the West (not a good sign).

    If it does turn into a theocracy, it’ll become an impoverished wreck of a country, hated by the international community, and reliant on MAD to keep its neighbors from overrunning it.

    1. @RD Sultan: Israel, like Iran and Saudi Arabia (which are much farther along in the process) already has elements of theocracy in place. There’s a combination of settlerism-ultra-nationalism-Orthodoxy that runs very much in that direction. Democracy is rapidly being subsumed under that rubric. And the military-national security state is what keeps it semi-stable.

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