6 thoughts on “IDF Attacked Syrian Arms Depot…Again – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. RE: “Israel, you see doesn’t want its fingerprints on the attack so that Assad has no reason to blame it. This, Israel believes, will give him justification for targeting Israelis with terror attacks through Hezbollah or other parties. The thought process behind this borders on ‘magical thinking’.~ R.S.

    MY COMMENT: Israel’s thought process borders on “magical thinking” and/or something far worse*. That’s why I sometimes refer to “The Dissociative State of Israel”!
    Dissociation (psychology) – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dissociation_(psychology)

    * FROM JOEL KOVEL, Mondoweiss.net, 1-20-13:

    . . . As with everyone I know of in official political culture, [Thomas] Friedman assumes that Israel is a rational actor on the international stage who will obey the calculus of reward and punishment that regulates the conduct of normal states.
    The presumption is that if you tell it the truth, and even pull back US support, it will get the message, reflect, and change its ways. But Israel is not a normal state, except superficially. It will make adjustments, pulling back here, co-operating there, making nice when necessary, crafting its message using a powerful propaganda apparatus employing the most up-to-date social science. But this is simply tactical and no more predicts or explains the behavior of the Zionist state than an individual sociopath can be explained by the fact that he obeys traffic signals while driving to the scene of his crime. . .

    SOURCE – http://mondoweiss.net/2013/01/israel-nominaton-hagel.html

  2. Syria was sending rockets to Hezbollah in Lebanon. I don’t think Hezbollah was planning to launch them against Jordan. Thus, Israel was totally justified in bombing that convoy.

    1. A ground-to-air missile cannot be “launched against Israel.” It can only harm Israeli planes invading territory of Lebanon & other Arab states. Hence, Israel is not justified in bombing the arms depot (and NOT a “convoy as you stated), unless you claim that Israel has a right to do whatever it wishes virtually anywhere in the region w/o regard to territorial boundaries.

  3. Richard,
    Thank you for clarifying/responding to the last comment. It makes things perfectly clear. Disingenuous excuses have, forever, been used as “justifications” for Israeli abuses and violations. The pattern seems to dispose of the facts and consequences, in advance. The goal is the only concern.
    I have come to believe that these patterns of masking truth, and the actions behind them, derive from primarily from selfish, self serving motives, rather than fear.
    I find it, increasingly, less believable that denial (disassociation) is at the heart of things, in relation to key aggressors, but I do not doubt the danger of extreme sociopathic, scheming leaders, masquerading as credible leaders.

  4. To try and be clear, I believe denial/disassociation, involves dysfunctional thinking.
    Thinking or actions that are distortional, selfish/egocentric are not necessarily self evident – dismissed or compartmentalized – but perhaps not always.

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