7 thoughts on “Adelson-Backed Group Surveys Israeli-Americans on Level of Loyalty to Israel, Then Censors Survey – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. There’s also the total identification of “Israeli” with “Jew” the study reflects–are there no Arab Israeli expatriates?

    1. Not to a survey like this…..it’s all about finding out how Israeli-Americans see themselves politically so Adelson can back “Israel uber alles” candidates in areas with large Israeli-American populations and discover how strong the Israel-first mentality is with that group. Adelson doesn’t trust Israeli Arabs.

  2. This reminds me of the “anti-diaspora” campaign a couple of years ago by the Israeli Ministry of Immigration that was canceled after American Jews reacted strongly against it:
    Even Jeffrey Goldberg was appalled at this “demonstration of Israeli contempt for American Jews”

    1. It is disturbing. RS hit the nail on the head: ” Instead of discussing values, hopes and dreams, the respondents come across as commodities or promotional material to be used in the effort to sell Brand Israel.”

      Does brand Israel require an Israeli national identity? It has been my understanding that Israel does not promote a national identity of “Israeli” except for passports (so not to confuse Customs officials.) The national identity is supposed to be “Jewish” ostensibly tied to “Jewland” like the French to France, etc. More miserable contradictions and doubletalk from Tel Aviv. And, incidentally, if this was a private poll how could Netanyahu call it off?? (Insert creative doubletalk here, as well.)

      And, yeah, the question of the power of Jews in setting US policy would be flagged by the ADL and SWU and the other guardians of newspeak. We would never hear the end of it. (Insert more doubletalk here about how the word “Jew” can and cannot be used in public discourse and by whom and under what circumstances.)

      I wonder how American John Q. Public feels presented with the knowledge that American citizens are being recruited by a foreign government to push its agenda for American policy and that this recruitment is steeped in the language of ethnic identity and blood loyalty to this foreign country, ideas that haven’t much currency in the US. Imagine the German-American Bund doing such a poll of German-Americans at the behest of Berlin in the 30’s.

      And why doesn’t the poll ask why these Israeli-Americans are ex-pat and seek to remedy that cause?

  3. ah so jews will be in charge of deciding if jews have gone too far in determining if jews are more loyal to israel… got it…

    we goyim must keep quiet!

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