16 thoughts on “Time to Cut a Deal with Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. If the US really wants peace, then what you say is correct. However, if what it wants is a subservient client state (and wishes to promote Israel’s hegemony) then little will happen.

  2. Thanks Richard.
    How right you are.
    How to get Pres. Obama to cut through the angling and get to what matters is the question. Time is of
    the essence.
    I would have him read your post, signed by thousands, if it were possible. I can just hope that he sees the light and acts from strength, not weakness.

    I saw early Friday morning on the BBC word of ceasefire talk in Syria – nothing on local news. I googled to find reports last night, there are several.
    On Aljazeera and BBC this morning I found 2 reports:

    “Syria deputy PM says war has reached stalemate, cease-fire an option.” Sept 19, 2013

    “Syrian government says war has reached stalemate. Exclusive: Deputy PM says neither side is strong enough to win and government may call for ceasefire at Geneva talks.” 19 Sept, 2013
    http://www.the guardian.com/world/2013/sept/19/syria

  3. RE: “Time to Cut a Deal with Iran” ~ R.S.


    Tell your Senators TODAY: Sign the Feinstein letter on diplomacy with Iran
    Last time it was the House; now it’s the Senate.
    Last time thousands of APN activists responded to our call to contact their elected members of the House of Representatives and urge them to sign onto a letter supporting reinvigorated U.S. diplomacy with Iran. The result was an historic letter to President Obama, signed by a bipartisan group of 131 members of Congress. Now we are reaching out to you, APN’s activists, once again. This time, we need you to contact your senators and urge them to sign the letter being circulated by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).
    Like its House counterpart, Senator Feinstein’s letter boils down to a simple message to President Obama, summarized in the letter’s opening paragraph: “We urge you to seize the opportunity presented by the inauguration of Iran’s new president, Dr. Hassan Rouhani, by reinvigorating diplomatic efforts to secure a verifiable agreement that ensures that Iran does not develop nuclear weapons.” We couldn’t agree more.
    Tell your Senators to support diplomacy.
    TO EMAIL YOUR SENATORS – http://wfc2.wiredforchange.com/o/8682/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=9354

    P.S. FROM Avaaz.org
    To US President Obama and President Rouhani of Iran:
    As citizens around the world horrified by the slaughter of innocents in Syria, we call on you to put aside your differences and meet to find a diplomatic path forward that brings all parties to the table to negotiate a ceasefire and peace. You are in a unique position to help broker such a solution. There must be a bold diplomatic breakthrough.
    We are calling on you to create one and start saving lives.
    TO SIGN THE PETITION – http://www.avaaz.org/en/solution_for_syria_loc/?slideshow



      thanks Dickerson – wouldn’t it be wonderful if the American people out-avalanched the AIPAC-organized calls, like with stopping the Syria Strike?

  4. What very, VERY coincidental timing!

    Obama gyps Israel out of a war with Syria (and Iran) which it thought was a foregone conclusion – then immediately and deftly sticks the knife in AIPAC/Israel with a historic deal with Iran, before the Israeli Lobby has time to recover. Wow…

    Beautiful timing and it has played Israel and her Neocons for more than a fool, it has sealed the fate on Israeli Apartheid.

    Was the Syria Strike really just a very well-timed manipulation by Israel/Neocons designed to destroy the backchannel Iran negotiations which Israel knew were on the point of a breakthrough? Better believe it…

    All Israel has in it’s future now is a few years twisting in the wind at the ICC and under ever intensifying BDS

    The Lobby/Netanyahu stood Obama up last year by forcing him to set down a ‘red line’ in the first place (probably by blackmail threat to attack Iran or more intrusively bomb all of Syrian chemical sites repeatedly), then proceeded to fix and fabricate violations of his ‘red line’, and then demanded he attack

    Stood up, set up, knocked down – and then – the bowling pin punted to Congress. Was Obama just a puppet of the Lobby the whole time – until that fateful last moment?

    And then we have this near-immediate exploitation of the vacuum created by the war with Syria having been precipitously called off, to stick the stake in AIPAC’s heart with an historic deal with Iran…

    Could the Israel/Neocon near-successful war with Syria be just their last desperate gasp to PREVENT the coming historic Iran deal? Obama knowing all that and dodging that Israeli/AIPAC bullet, then immediately consummating the deal with Iran before the Israelis recover from their state of shock

    What timing!

    Perfect execution!

      1. Does anyone have a history of Bob Mann’s posts here? I find it odd that someone would read the prior comment and then only take away “using ‘gyp’ as a term is pretty offensive”.

        1. @ Kyle: Bob has quite a history here. I’d say he’s a relatively innocent commenter who needs a bit of hand-holding to understand certain things. He has a certain predisposition to be defensive regarding Israel or anti-Semitism. OThers here have a stronger reaction to him. But I try to take a patient approach.

  5. The question is, what would the parameters of such a deal be? I have no hatred of the Iranian people and ending sanctions would be a great thing for them. But would mothballing Iran’s nuclear ambitions be enough to bring much needed stability to the region? Could the US and the International community possibly end sanctions while Iran continues to support Hezbollah and the Alawi dictatorship in Syria? I for one am going to be watching these developments with great anticipation.

    1. So, you’re saying that you’re in favour of continuing sanctions that affect regular people more then anything because Iran won’t drop absolutely everything?

      The primary sources of instability in the region are from Zionism and the Wahhabi-panderers and latent supporters of takfiri jihadism “but not directed at us” in places like Saudi Arabia.

  6. Great piece Richard.

    Couldn’t agree more that time is now for a workable peace with Iran.

    I particularly enjoyed Bluto’s take on the DC situation….I reckon AIPAC must be working the phones to near meltdown.

  7. I’m all for dialogue, but dialogue should be predicated on clear understandings of what the end game should be. In the case of Iran, that end game should be the abandonment of nuclear weapons. If Iran wants nuclear power for peaceful uses, it has to submit to inspection and buy fuel rods and not enrich its own. Iran also needs to clean up its human rights record and halt the barbaric practice of public hangings, as well as reopen dissident news media and release political and religious prisoners. Iran also needs to halt its foreign adventures in supporting terror groups and smuggling arms in places like Syria. Dialogue is great, but it means to be meaningful, otherwise it’s like North Korea; a delaying tactic or bargaining chip. Iran has too long a history of saying one thing and doing another and Rouhani is as practiced at it as anyone. You can see it for yourself at http://www.hassan-rouhani.info. Only regime change is going to really change Iran while the mullahs and Khamenei hang onto control for dear life

    1. @ Ajax: How can Iran “abandon nuclear weapons” when it doesn’t have them? As for submitting to inspections it, unlike Israel IS an NPT signatory & DOES submit to inspections. As for not enriching, that’s a right offered under NPT so I’m afraid you can’t take it away unless you want to create your own NPT & get the rest of the world to sign on.

      As for halting its “foreign adventures,” I’m all for it as long as Israel & the U.S. will do the same.

      As for supporting regime change, I’m afraid that’s a No-no here. Supporting violence against any country, whether Israel or Iran is a clear comment rule violation. Read the rules.

  8. Obama Reaches Out While Netanyahu Mocks Iranian President Rouhani

    Israeli Diplomats Mock Iran’s President Online

    (NY Times – The Lede) – On a day when President Obama told delegates at the United Nations that he welcomed the opportunity posed by diplomatic overtures from Iran’s new president, Israeli diplomats in Washington sounded a very different note online, mocking the moderate cleric as scarcely different from his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    A message posted on the official Twitter page of the Israeli Embassy on Tuesday morning drew attention to a parody LinkedIn account for President Hassan Rouhani. The mock résumé of Mr. Rouhani’s career, filled with sarcastic asides, described him as “President of Iran, Expert Salesman, PR Professional, Nuclear Proliferation Advocate.”

    Israeli Embassy publishes fake LinkedIn profile of Rouhani as a con artist who seeks nukes and supports terrorism

    Netanyahu instructs Israeli delegates to walk out during Rouhani’s UNGA speech
    Terra Incognita: It’s time to define [Sunni] Islamism as a crime against humanity

  9. I have a bad feeling somebody will fumble the ball and we (America and Iran) will still be at odds. It would do the US good to stop listening to it’s frenemy Israel and begin talking with Iran.

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