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  1. Today is election day in Zimbabwe, and it’s interesting if there is an Israeli company specializing in electoral roll matters in the mix.

    Robert Gabriel Mugabe is not just relying on Mossad, however: he has reportedly appointed Nicholas Van Hoogstraten to ensure that he stays in power if possible, and keeps his ill-gotten gains if not.

    Mr Van Hoogstraten is a UK-born stamp collector and property developer, rumoured to have done a deal with several rivals and opponents to help prop up the sea wall piles in Brighton Marina in the seventies, and described more recently by a High Court judge as “An emissary of Beezlebub.”

    He has very extensive land interests in Zimbabwe, based on the realization that Mugabe’s henchmen didn’t have a clue what to do with all the farms they had violently seized from white farmers. He made them offers, and the consensus seems to be that refusal is most unwise.

    I think Mugabe requires the Israelis to do a neat and plausible rig-up of the election. I doubt that the state of Israel can teach Mr Hoogstraten anything about menace and brute force.

    I don’t know who’s going to win the election, but I think I already know who’s going to stroll away with the most loot afterwards.

    1. See:



      Note the Evening Standard’s masterly understatement: nobody in Brighton really believes there is just one body down there.

      It is possible that the idea is that simply by standing just behind Mugabe’s shoulder, Hoogstraten makes Mugabe seem several degrees less evil.

  2. Israels major assets are a welcome export article of the “only democracy” in the Middle East sharing our moral values, according to US Presidents. Beyond intelligency sharing, espionage, riot control, airport security; Israeli tech companies can guarantee your democracy and election poll results. Using the “Florida USA app” in your Secretary of State election policy. The fingerprints of Israeli and ex-intellugence official Ari Ben Menashe seems to be all over these events.

    I covered these topics in a recent diary – US and Israel Leading Exporters Riot Control Systems for Democracy. My starting point was the riot gear and vehicles used in Istanbul to quell the demonstrations at Gezi park. Specifically the chemical additives caught my attention at the time.

    JERUSALEM – A kibbutz that markets low-grade chemical weapons is poised to sell millions of dollars worth of “riot-control equipment” to Zimbabwe in a move its critics warn will translate into heightened repression by President Robert Mugabe’s regime (see story). But the firm, the Beit Alfa Trailer Company (BAT), insists its intention to sell equipment to Zimbabwe is actually humane: Demonstrators would be faced with water cannons, not live ammunition.

    Thank you for providing necessary transparency!

    1. PS. I just noticed that the author of the article, Belen Fernandez, wrote a book: “The Imperial Messenger. Thomas Friedman at Work”. That sounds interesting 😉

  3. ” Israel made common cause with apartheid era South Africa in developing its nuclear weapons program”

    Sir, do you have proofs for this claim? Are you sure South Africa in apartheid era had nuclear weapons or tried to develop nuclear weapons? Are you sure about the connection between Israel and South Africa? If yes, i will be glad to learn about it.

    1. YAWN! What planet do you inhabit?

      Ever hear of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the detailed reports of the interviews and investigations?

      “Dr. Wouter Basson established an elaborate network of procurement and financial front companies overseas to abet Project Coast. The scientists in this program developed, tested, synthesized small-scale quantities of well-known CW agents (e.g., mustard agent, sarin, tabun, BZ, and perhaps VX) and a host of lethal, hard-to-trace toxic chemicals.”

      “In 1980, we [CIA] had 11 case officers in South Africa, four of them with deep cover. They had penetrated the apartheid regime’s ‘Project Circle,’ which was already within reach of perfecting a usable, deliverable atomic bomb. They also monitored the deep cover ‘black station’ of Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad. Drumheller said this was a front company called TamCo.”

      “How Israel Helped a Then-Rogue State Go Nuclear” and Google The Vela Incident [pdf].
      Read Seymour Hersh’s “The Samson option: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy.” The detection was the third joint Israeli-South African nuclear test in the Indian Ocean, and the Israelis had sent two IDF ships and “a contingent of Israeli military men and nuclear experts” for the test.

      Officially, Israel will deny it was involved with South Africa’s apartheid regime of Botha and the development of CW, BW and nuclear weapons. Israel will also deny possession of a nuclear bomb arsenal.

      1. @Qui, I really thank you for your efforts. I just read the “The Vela Incident” PDF file. Long time ago, I read “The Samson Option” in Hebrew (Brerat Shimshon). I promise to return and read it again. Any way, a book or a report are not proofs.

        You know, many reports were written by so many people and intelligence agencies about the mass destruction weapon arsenal in Iraq. Both of us, I assume, know the value of these “reports”.

        Qui, look, for years Israel declares that Iran try to develop nuclear weapon or has nuclear weapon. Until today, although many books, reports, satellites photos, UN committees etc. no body really know what happen even not the Israeli intelligence agencies.

        I do thank you again. Regards

        1. @Eli: So despite massive amounts of evidence & acknowledgement of Israel’s collaboration with South Africa in both their nuclear weapons programs, you’re treating it as if it were an unproven fact?

          Read this book. And don’t make any further claims here denying the truth of this program of cooperation between apartheid South Africa & Israel. You risk turning yourself into a laughingstock if you do.

          1. @Richard: Why do you treat me in such way? Why with me it is always personal? As I wrote before, if you want me to stop comment here, just say so. I will follow your requests and rules.

            As a curious man, I always happy learn new things. I thought there is new information about SA-Israel. I didn’t claim anything. I didn’t support any claim and didn’t deny any claim.

            Here in Israel, we, the citizens that against Israeli attack in Iran (including me), always ask our government for real proofs for nuclear weapon in Iran, not only assumptions and papers.

            By the way, thanks for the links to the book, but the web page is empty.

          2. @Eli: Your question clearly, at least to me, assumed there was no evidence to support my claim about Israeli-S. African nuclear weapons collaboration. If it was an innocent, open question on your part, I apologize.

            I don’t know which web page you’re saying is empty. If it’s the link I offered to the Suransky book, try it again. I’ve just changed the link. Oui offered a link to the same book I believe in one of his recent comments.

    2. @Eli: ou are an Israeli so ignorant about your own country’s facilitation of nuclear proliferation in South Africa & history of weapons dealing throughout the world, esp. to some of the worst dictators!!? Unbelievable. What do you do? Read Yisrael HaYom all day? You’ve got to get out more & find some new reading matter.

        1. @Eli

          The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa

          The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa
          By Sasha Polakow-Suransky Link to book review here.

          Please search the Internet and read some chapters of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, it will be an eye opener. I believe it is a personal responsibility to seek the truth through education and being critical of the air waves and especially the Internet. The Middle-East especially and the political/religious conflict about Jerusalem, one is confronted with hypocrisy, propaganda, outright lies, history rewritten and plain smoke and mirrors. Having lived through the sixties and seventies, I suppose it’s easier to detect falsehoods. Just a tangent is about Israel, the situation in the US is just plain hopeless after eight years of Cheney/Bush and a US Congress that is paralyzed.

          1. @Qui, Thank you again for your effort and polite comment. I agree with you that it is a personal responsibility to seek the truth through education. Hence, although English is not my language, I will read this book and I hope to learn new things.

            I also agree with your claim about the Middle East conflict and I also think, like you, that there are too much hypocrisy, propaganda and lies. I personally try to fight against those things with my limited and little abilities.

            Best regards from Jerusalem

        1. Ah…methinks Eli IS the hasbara manual and that is a reason to be short with him.

          As we all know, Israel is not party to any nuclear proliferation treaties and contracts. As with S. Africa, it was actively proliferating such weapons at its own discretion. That Iran should be held to inspections and other provisions, while Israel is without constraints or inspections, is simply outrageous. If Israel has atomic weapons, they must be inventoried and accounted for LONG BEFORE Iran dares to enrich fissile material past 20%! LONG BEFORE! Does the “West” really trust Israel over Iran? On what basis?

  4. @Richard: Well, 20 years ago I would not ask such question. I asked it since people are asking for real proofs that Iran develop nuclear weapon. Any way, thank you very much for your apology.

    OK, the link works now and it is the same link Qui offered. Tx.

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