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  1. The following thinly sourced analysis from the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs is worthy of note because the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations sends the Jerusalem Center’s “Daily Alert” to interested members of its constituent Jewish organizations.

    For many American Jews, then, this will be seen as an authoritative report:


    The Daily Alert linked to the Eli Lake piece, as well as a dispatch from the IDF linking the PRC to Hamas: “The Popular Resistance Committees is an independent terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip that is supported, subsidized and trained by the Hamas terrorist organization.”

  2. “Which is why blogs like this exist.”

    Richard, you’ve got a lot of chutzpah patting yourself on the back over this. You were the first one to jump on the bandwagon and blame Hamas for the attack on Eilat. Those of us who criticized you and asked to wait for clarification of actually happened were raked over the coals in condemnation and insulted for having challenged your version. I would suggest that before being so “self serving” you might consider apologizing to those who had the audacity to challenge your first version of the events.

    1. P.S. I still think it was a false flag operation gone wrong. Now everyone, including you, are trying to put the blame on al Quaida which probably no longer even exists.

      1. I don’t think it was an operation by Israel. A former Mossad director revealed that Israel considered killing Mordechai Vanunu but did not because “Jews don’t kill Jews”.
        (Kidnapping and 19 years in solitary, is OK apparently.)

        I do believe that they live by this ‘moral’ code and so I do not think they would stage an attack on their own soldiers. If course it is obnoxious and shocking to me as a non-Jew to read such things, as I – but especially the equally non-Jewish Palestinians – clearly do not deserve such considerate treatment. (Just think of the percentage of children and bystanders killed in the “targeted assasinations”.)

        But as I said, shocking as it may be in that it is reserved only for some of humankind, I do think it would be a step too far for them.

        I think the suggestion is unlikely. Richard on the other hand is offended by the idea. Could it be that for him there is just more at stake, as his dedication to this blog clearly shows?

        1. Elizabeth

          A former Mossad director revealed that Israel considered killing Mordechai Vanunu but did not because “Jews don’t kill Jews”.

          Yigal Amir killed Rabin.

          Look up what “Rodef” means.

          1. Was Yigal Amir a member of Mossad?
            Don’t you refer me to some Talmud whateversomething. Explain what you mean or please don’t comment at all.

            I do believe that in the minds of these spooks there is still something, not inspired by Jewish scripture maybe, but more by a “let’s stick together after the Holocaust” sentiment that would not easily make them organize an attack on Israeli soldiers.

          2. Elizabeth,

            that is religous sanction to kill your own when they are a threat, but if you say you meant that the “spooks” have a code of honour not to kill their own disregarding scripture, that is so, (actually amongst all spooks) then it’s not relevant here

            No Yigal wasn’t Mossad,

            but more by a “let’s stick together after the Holocaust” sentiment that would not easily make them organize an attack on Israeli soldiers.

            but Victor Ostrovsky was Mossad. After he wrote his books “By way of deception” and others, he had to go into hiding, he’s in Canada, saying there is a death sentence from Mossad, he is in hiding from.

            By the way, Mordechai Vananu converted to Christianity.

            or please don’t comment at all.


          3. If something is disregarding scripture “then it’s not relevant here”?! Yeah, whatever.

            You are true to form Chayma, as tiresome as ever.

            Please look up “Besserwisser” and “Naseweis”.

          4. Elizabeth,

            You are true to form Chayma, as tiresome as ever.

            Please look up “Besserwisser” and “Naseweis”.

            I did, and they didn’t explain how Victor Ostrovsky is in hiding from Mossad,

            I find you equally tiresome, and don’t tell me what to post and what not to post

          5. You do not contribute anything of worth. You just nag, nag nag, about anyone’s posts and don’t know when to stop. For someone who knows-it-all, please learn how to spell my name right for once, when you start nagging me again.

          6. You do not contribute anything of worth. You just nag, nag nag, about anyone’s posts and don’t know when to stop

            I don’t find your posts particulary intelligent, but I don’t complain.

            You’re the one who is nagging, for pointing out the faults in your arguments.

            As for not knowing when to stop, I don’t publish private details onine, I do it by email. I don’t put up my travel itenery for the whole board to get bored with.

            It’s clear who doesn’t know when to stop.

      2. Gene, it’s clear from your posts that you understand little of the Middle East.

        We don’t need conspiracy mongers,

        and your Alison Weir links have what to do with the attack in Eilat? Al Qaeda is the general term for the differing groups there, who share different but “similar” idealogies.

        stick to the facts please,

    2. This is simply incredible.
      I do agree 100% with Gene. I’m in fact so annoyed by this that this will be my last comment here.
      When people speculate in a direction that is not yours (not only in this case), it’s ‘offensive’. When you speculate, it’s just fine. When Gene has the courage to tell you that your speculation is just as much speculation as anyone else, his remark is “offensive nonsense” that he should post elsewhere, and now you try to take credit and talk about ‘crusading work and research’.
      And you’re always right, also when you change your mind. Right before and after changing it.

      Well, this is just the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

      1. @Deir Yassin. No, no, do not go away. We need voices like yours to help keep people honest. And perhaps, eventually, some of them will see the light. Richard is not hopelessly gone, he just has a persecution complex. He too can be saved. It’s worth trying.

        1. I too hope Deir Yassin will not go away; her insightful posts are one major reason I read every comment on this blog. I also took Richard to task for blaming Palestinians in his headline before there was any evidence to support such an accusation. And I too would be really glad to have Richard to issue a mea culpa in this instance. We all jump to conclusions sometimes, and I’m sure Richard has learned from this rush to judgment on his part. It’s pretty difficult to stay mad at somebody who says “I’m sorry,” so I’m hoping at least an acknowledgment of the mistake will be forthcoming so we can move on.

      2. To everything turn, turn turn and a time to every purpose under heaven. A time to come and a time to leave. I simply have no patience for this. God speed. Sorry to see you go, but I bend for no one on this matter. You were the only reason I didn’t moderate Gene. Now that you’ve announced yr intention to leave I no longer feel bound to be patient for his nonsense. He is moderated and can go or stay as he wishes as well.

      3. Don’t quit this blog’s comments, DY, this would be a real shame.

        Richard, like most of us, is far from perfect. I often rub my eyes in disbelief seeing how someone who’s so consistently critical of so many wrongs can be so consistently touchy to criticisms of himself (be the criticisms justified, partly so or not at all).
        Having been once severely rebuked for pointing out his unreasonable response to another commenter, I decided not to get into arguments with him (“Know what, you’re right. I won’t argue with you again” is no compliment, especially among Jews).

        All the same, Richard is our host here, shouldering — literaly day and night — the mental and practical burdens of running this worthy blog-cum-comments. Imperfections included, he deserves quite some credit.

        Your well-thought comments, DY, are part of the this blog’s worthiness. Please don’t let some imperfections and personal slights put you off commenting here.

        1. I do not ever claim perfection & you are right to point that out. Nor do I make a claim to being warm & cuddly when it comes to political discourse about the conflict.

          I’ll accept yr comments, both the good & bad in the reasonable, but critical spirit in which they were offered.

    3. You suggested Israel was behind the terror attack on its own citizens, which I found & find beyond offensive. So before you take me to task look in the mirror. When I hear an apology fr. you about yr noxiousness then I’ll consider doing the same.

      Gene, I’m beyond exasperated by you I have to say & really at the pt. where I’m feeling bound to moderate yr comments. I feel torn though since others value yr participation. YOu’re walking a very thin line & I’ve lost patience. You are sometimes deeply obnoxious. Your friends & family may have patience for it, but I no longer do. Consider this a warning. And I apologize to those here who defend & value Gene. But I’ve moderated other commenters for a lot less.

      When you provide the kind of support both moral & financial to this blog that deserves considering yr editorial suggestions, then I’ll take you more seriously. Short of that, you can put yr suggestions where they belong (where the sun don’t shine).

      1. When you provide the kind of support both moral & financial to this blog that deserves considering yr editorial suggestions, then I’ll take you more seriously.

        I’m sorry if I misunderstand, but are you seriously telling Gene you will take him more seriously once he has given you money??

        1. I have given Richard financial support in the past. Not much, but at the time I thought he was worth it. No longer.

        2. I had a very good chance of getting academically employed recently but it didn’t happen. One of the things I looked forward to was finally being able to give financial support to Tikun Olam. Just consider the time and effort Richard is putting into this (and time really also IS money). As Jankel commented: He is shoudering this burden day and night. I think you have the right to be a bit sensitive when you put so much into something.

        3. Could you at least follow the thread & its context before you reveal you’re at sea? Gene wrote a comment replying to my appeal for financial support which attacked me & implicitly asked why anyone would bother supporting my work since I’m a hypocrite, et al. My response above was meant in reply to that. Now, if you would follow the comments more carefully & their context you wouldn’t need to write comments which appear so snarky & ill informed.

  3. Gene:

    If you think it was a false-flag operation gone wrong, who do you imagine was the perp, and what do you think went wrong? (Of course, assuming it was not an operation carried out BY the Egyptian service whose uniforms were used, it was, to that extent, a FFO on its face. Disguises seem to have been used.)

    Do you mean you suspect (or claim to believe more strongly than belief) that it was an Israeli operation conducted to look like an Egyptian operation which was somehow to be later understood actually to be a Gazan operation. Lotta falsity there. Interesting idea. More devious than 9/11 may have been.

    My conclusion is that I don’t know what to think other than that [1] it could — like any terrorist attack at all — be an Israeli provocation, Arabs paid by Israeli “intelligence” or “security forces” to attack inside Israel, perhaps using an Israeli plan; no way to know. Israel has done almost as bad in the past. [2] the clear Israeli crime was murdering Gazans after the Eilat business [3] it now and then too looks/looked like an Egyptian (Sinai terrorist) operation, minimally false-flag by use of disguises [4] it didn’t go far wrong, because as a terrorist operation it was largely successful, killing Israelis and making IDF look bad.

    1. “[1] it could — like any terrorist attack at all — be an Israeli provocation, Arabs paid by Israeli “intelligence” or “security forces” to attack inside Israel, perhaps using an Israeli plan; no way to know. Israel has done almost as bad in the past.”

      When did Israeli intelligence paid Arabs to attack Israeli citizens?

  4. “Mr. Gold added, ‘These organizations [Hamas , PRC, Army of Islam, Al Qaeda] all work together, and Sinai is a place where they all meet.'”

    Gold conjures up the image of a lonely outpost in Sinai where the world’s terrorists come for a cold beer and to swap notes. But if the Sinai were teeming with jihadists, one would think the Israelis would be all over it. And the fact that they were caught with their pants down shows that Gold’s quote is just more hasbara bull.

    1. A clearer, better link to “If Only Americans Knew”:


      1. I will read them Gene. And please don’t you and Deir Yassin go away. (BTW I will be in Chernex next summer for two weeks. Shall we meet in Geneva?)

          1. It’s “itinerary” dear, not “itinery”. Not such a know-it-all, after all then?

          2. Elizabeth

            I dint claym to be a now all. I get mai point akross, and epxect the reeder to unnerstand vot I meen,

            dense az u r , you understood vot I meen there I hope?

          3. please learn to say “I” instead of we, you don’t represent anyone else except you, and I find you equally boring & tiresome as elisabeth for the record, so you can add me on your ever expanding spanklist since it became your main reason to post here.

          4. totoro, don’t flatter yourself, we’ve never crossed paths before, in fact i’ve never seen you here, (H’mmm, newly made up ID?)

            I don’t have time for this…nor am I interested in your spanking fetish, sorry. I have enough enemies online without making more.

            Don’t bother me,

          5. This is way outa line. Perhaps I’m a bit at fault here for my intemperance toward Gene, but I hope that cooler heads can prevail. If you dislike someone please keep the personal dislike to yrself & stick to substance. I don’t mind if people argue over facts & ideas. But insults & demeaning statements like this don’t belong here. And if it continues I’m going to start deleting comments that violate this protocol. People, calm down, take a deep breath. Is the moon full tonight or something?

  5. Richard, I also interjected on a previous thread suggesting that the most likely perpetrators were Salafi affiliated cells that are known to operate in the Sinai. Some refer to them as al Qaeda, but that’s a tenuous connection politically since not all fundamentalist Islamic sects work together or even believe in the same version of strict Islam. Religious purity aside, different Islamic groups are certainly not working under common political banner. The beef Osama had was with the US and he added Israel for convenience – as a selling tool. He branded his movement as sitting in opposition to American imperial interests associated with controlling the oil flow, and of course, its price, through Saudi Arabia.

    Not much is known about the salafis as a political force. What is known, though it is not often discussed is that they have been used by Israeli intelligence interests as an asset that could be used to fan the flames wherever they need fanning. That refugee camp in Lebanon which was, in the end destroyed by Lebanese military, was a classic case of salafi manipulation gone wrong. It was evidently meant to ensnare hezbollah throwing up a storm between them and the palestinian refugee representatives. But hezbollah didn’t bite (I have somewhere all kinds of good links telling that story and the way in which the funding and logistics behind the salafis in lebanon led back into the depths of israel’s master minds).

    I have seen indications that a similar scenario unfolded here. There was – and is – material support provided to elements in the salafi movement whose responsibility then is to co-ordinate the attacks with whoever the locals are. A big part of that support comes from elements in the israeli military (more likely than from the Mossad). The attacks were highly organized and were laid out more like a military action than a guerilla style attack. Someone is out there organizing things. Could be rogue bedouin tribes concerned about potential loss of lucrative smuggling routes, could be someone else.

    Among the things you did not mention in this post is the reported call from Jordan – warning of the attack. I drew a line from that to the murder of Arrigone in Gaza which involved a Jordanian based salafi operator who infiltrated gaza. Somewhere out there in Jordan money is exchanging hands, weapons are bought, smugglings are planned, and who knows what else. That is where the finger is pointing from the Israeli end, however it is done. I find it interesting that no one in the sources you cite is mentioning this call any longer. Someone must have said – oops! – let’s not go there. Too warm.

    That is one reason I tend to fall on the side of the “Let it just happen” scenario. Since not all eschelons of israeli intelligence are in the know of all strands going in all directions, it makes sense that elements of the IDF and Shabak would find themselves at odds. Clearly, the operation went a bit beyond the expected parameters, that much is clear. That is not the same as a pure “false flag” case, but it does include the possibility that there are israeli elements who think in terms of tactics and strategies, rather than lives. There’s really nothing particularly shocking here, given that miltary-think is all-pervasive in Israel. Or is it mafia-think?

    Richard, I greatly value the information you bring here from the israeli end, and you are right in pointing out the stenography masquerading as journalism. I am also not unaware of the need to avoid painting everything as a conspiracy theory as that would indeed tarnish journalistic credentials. But I have no claims to being a journalist and have no credentials to defend. I am also a good profiler and painter of patterns. And I do see a pattern here – so please bear with me. I realize no one is going to willingly supply any of us with facts to either bolster or refute the theory, but it can – and should be – entertained.

  6. Egypt mulls response to Israel’s rejection of joint investigation
    Wed, 24/08/2011

    Israel’s most widely-circulated newspaper Yediot Aharonot on Wednesday said that three Egyptians took part in the Eilat attack, and that the Israeli army did its best to avoid antagonizing its Egyptian counterpart.

    The paper also said that the autopsy of their corpses showed that one of the Egyptians was a member of an extremist group who had escaped with other Islamists from prison during the revolution.

    The paper also said that Israeli chief investigator Amir Eshel flew to Cairo earlier this week to brief the Egyptian officials of the preliminary results of the investigation. According to Eshel, he showed them a video of Israeli military aircraft deliberately avoiding Egyptian targets, but targeting a sniper who was hiding in a spot close to the border.

    1. What I don’t get though, is why the telecommunications blackout (cutting off all internet, mobile phones and international landlines for hours) was needed in order to concoct the ‘credible provocation’.

  7. Isn’t the most likely explanation for the extensively synchronized [false] stories appearing in US and Israeli press the probability that both are working from the same ‘crib sheets’ supplied by Israeli military InformationOPs?

    Previously one heard of Israeli journalists being subject to military censorship ~ but if they only regurgitate whatever text is supplied by the army, this arduous task becomes redundant.

    Pre-emptive Censorstrikes?

    How could Yanki presstitutes *not* love that?

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