21 thoughts on “Jerusalem to Name Street for Sheldon Adleson – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Ummm, yeah, they haven’t decided to name a street after him, they’ve just made him a honorary Jerusalite. This post is moot.

  2. Alenby, Bialyk, Ahad Ha’am, Dizengof, Bograshov, Usishkin had streets named after them while still alive.
    More recently Gan Yavne named a street after Fuad Ben Eliezer but cancelled the decision after public protest.
    BTW nowhere does the article you link to say that a street will be named after Adelson, it merely says he will be honored.
    According to this article from his own paper, Yisrael Hayom. Adelson was honored by being made an honorary citizen.

  3. RE: “Several commenters below are correct in noting that the Jerusalem municipality has made the Adelsons honorary citizens of the city.” ~ R.S.

    MY THOUGHT: I wonder if the Adelsons were also given a (ceremonial, symbolic or actual) ‘key card’ to the city. I also wonder whether Adelson has plans for a casino in the “City of David” theme park. Of course, Moskowitz would then insist on a bingo franchise.

    1. Well they can name streets after other famous Jewish Las Vegas “entrepreneurs”, who already have passed the “naming acceptance line”. Why not Meyer Lansky, Joseph “Doc” Stacher, Hyman Abrams, Israel “Ice pick Willie” Alderman, David Berman, Herbert Blitzstein, Gus Greenbaum etc streets and roads. (The money “earned” by Lansky and his merry fellows with heroin was invested to Las Vegas and partly donated to …) Wikipedia tells: Several notable Jewish American mobsters provided financial support for Israel through donations to Jewish organizations since the country’s creation in 1948. Jewish-American gangsters used Israel’s Law of Return to flee criminal charges or face deportation. Wikileaks told that recent US embassy cables asked the question “The Promised Land of Organized Crime ?”. Probably without reason naturally, Americans are like that.

      Gambling business is hardly today morally any “cleaner” or different as a business than it was over 50 years ago when the Jewish Mafia run the business.

  4. Worth mentioning that casinos are illegal in Israel, and illegal ones are frequently raided by the police, the owners prosecuted, and the seized monies confiscated. (in Eilat casino boats sail out of territorial waters and only then open the tables).

    Strange that such an honour be bestowed on someone whose actions would be illegal here! (Notwithstanding his political views)

  5. Richard…you have refrained from posting my comments on your blog…..very likely you considered them Il tempered,and mean spirited…..and of no use….you were right….my problem is that among my friends relatives and even casual encounters,I never ran across,what onen might call a progressive liberal with an ,how can I put ?…..lets say ,the pro Palestinian rights folks..from what I can gather…they are the remnents of the 20s..30s 40s socialist..communist..labor movement…crowd which so many Jews felt at home with…my father being one….these Jews like all Jews had or have a very liberal bent…which after the fall of grace,which socialism and communism….moved to other underdog causes…civil rights for black people…gay rights…abortion and women’s rights…now immigration and gun control….all commenadable…..then for reasons,I guess are the plight of the Palestinians….the Lebanon wars and the gaza attacks,back and forth..has led those highly educated,intellectiionals…poets,writers,some rabbis…to feel that concern for the underdog…I believed much misplaced…to join a new cause….to demonized Israel at every opportunity…I feel what you and your ilk are doing is a disgrace,to the 6 million dead and the rest of the Jewish nation still around

    1. @Jack: I haven’t published your previous comments because they were inflammatory and insulting. THey didn’t describe my views accurately.

      My goal isn’t to “demonize” Israel. Rather, it’s to ensure that Israel survives & thrives as a country for all its citizens–Jews & Palestinians.

      Leave the 6 million out of this debate. And read my comment rules about the rules for discourse here. I don’t allow invocation of the Holocaust to justify one’s political views.

  6. Why don’t you do what any honest “journalist” would do and simply correct your headline to this thread and correct your error?

    As for suggesting names, how about a real hero, you know one who blew up buses and murdered innocent civliams- Yahaya Ayyashe… ooops, already taken by the PA in Ramallah.

    1. No, I think we need Rechov Kahane & Rechov Goldstein right in the heart of East Jerusalem to really rub those Arab noses in it! Don’t you?

      There’s an Update at the beginning of the post noting the correction. Thanks for the unsolicited editorial suggestions.

      1. No I disagree, as apparently most Israelis would to such possible names. Yet it seems the PA doesn’t, and they have no problem honoring bomb makers and terrorists with street names.

        Yes I noticed your update. “editorial suggestion” you say? Well, leaving your headline so inaacuarte is pretty pathetic for someone like you who is so fastidious and biting with others who commit similar offenses of inaccuracy. So when people correctly tell you of your mistake and lie, you just print an “update”, leave the error and feel you’ve done your job. Great journalistic integrity.

        But considering the fact it makes the whole point of this post (as noted above) moot, and takes the wind out of your sails… why bother.

        And, your welcome.

        1. your mistake and lie

          It is NOT a lie. Your claim in fact is a lie. A source I’ve relied on in the past told me a street would be named for him. That is not a lie. You’ve just earned comment moderation. You’ve commented here for some time. But I’ve lost patience with you and this nasty comment.

          it makes the whole point of this post (as noted above) moot

          No, it does not, as making Adelson an honorary citizen is the same outrageous reward of Adelson’s wealth & power, as if they named a street for him.

          1. How can you possibly call me a liar?? That’s rich… I didn’t post something here that is not true. Please explain to me how your title ” Jerusalem to Name Street for Sheldon Adleson” is not a lie when they did NOT name a street for him??? So you’ve got a bad source… mistakes happen, and that I believe happened. But YOU didn’t change what you posted… even after being told it was wrong. THAT’S my point here.

            And don’t think your subjective post-mistake analogy holds any water. Do YOU know under what standards Jerusalem, or any other city gives honorary citizenship to somebody??? Does everybody who is given honorary citizenship fall into that same category?

            You know you’d take the same stance with somebody who made a not-true statement and then in a later post tried to defend it by making some weak comparison like you did here… the only thing outrageous here is that
            I call you on your error and because of that I’m moderated?? And you still keep the inaccuracy in your title??

            What does this say about things at this site??

          2. You write in English but don’t seem to understand the language. I’ve got a homework assignment for you. Go to the dictionary, find the definition of “lie,” and come back here and explain to me why”lie” is a false characterization of what I did.

            Doing this is a condition for approving future comments of yours here.

          3. Richard, your source was Haaretz, and no they are not pefect, and it looks like they got this one wrong, which means you got it wrong as well.
            I am fascinated how the liberals who accept rights for prostitutes, drug addicts and who flock to Las Vegas, all of a sudden get holier than thou and become holy rollers when gambling is part of some guys resume. What gives here. Why Richard are you so upset? I know it is only becuase Adelson supports the right. If he were bankrolling Obama and the Labor party, then you would be discussing his grit at helping to build Las Vegas, all the jobs he has created and his wonderful philonthrapy. I have never read your work before, but it sounds as if your ideology trumps any actual feelings you may have on this subject.

          4. I don’t know what half your blubbering here means. First, I presume your confusing “rights” for prostitutes and drug addicts with legalizing prostitution and marijuana. Again the subject is off-topic. Read my comment rules before you publish another here & stay on-topic.

            Of course prostitutes and drug addicts have “rights.” Though possibly Israel has become a dictatorship when I wasn’t looking & abolished them. I have no view on legalizing prostitution, but favor legalizing marijuana, for what it’s worth.

            As for Adelson’s gambling empire, I strenuously object to Jews honoring other Jews who amass billions on the backs of hard-working folk who are addicts, sometimes driving these poor folk to bankruptcy and ruin. I would have no problem honoring someone who’s career actually produced something useful for society. Adelson is a bottom feeder, the lowest of the low. And it’s indicative of this government that it relies on scum like him for sustenance.

            By the way, I know of no casino owners who support Democrats. They take money from losing Democratic gamblers, but don’t generally give it back to the Party. Though you’ll correct me if I’m wrong.

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