9 thoughts on “Veteran Israeli TV Political Reporter Accused of Sexual Harrassment, Rape – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. That guy has a face that looks like a piece of wax fruit that someone left on the steam radiator. You can see that he’s an animal. In the photo it looks like he’s fantasizing about Dana in a leather catsuit, 3 inch stilettos and a whip. Oh, wait a minute, so am I. Wow, what a degenerate. LOL 😀

  2. Richard, I think you should write about this. The first politician I see that stepped up and supported an immediate corrective measure to the Mizrachi omission was Bennett. Is there a Jewish pol who will support the Arab omission? How about Mahmoud Darwish?




  3. What’s probably the most ironic part of all this is that Rosen is an investigative/political reporter in the public eye. You’d think he’d have enough sense to know that somebody is going to bring it to the surface, much the same way he, as an investigative reporter wants to bring to the surface other questionable and detremental actions by people in power/positions of power and break moral/ethical law… not to mention actual (if some of the claims made against him turn true). It is simply amazing that people do these types of things and think “I”M not gonna get caught”!

    Two other disturbing issues here… one is that so many peers seemed to know about this and did nothing to stop his actions (I wonder if anybody even approached him and told him to “cool it”), and some of the public (not quoted in media but who I’ve talked to… personally, not professionally i.e. not news/production people) seem to think he did nothing wrong other than “run a romance campaign” with (some of) these women. That’s a laugh.

    The other thing is, I do wonder how much of it was brought out against him as some type of get-even issue (NOT that he might be innocent, but slipping it to the public and not hiding it as perhaps with some other ” on-my-team” journalist). And just the opposite…

    And a question for RS… IF Rosen, who is more well known and veteran TV/reporter figure than the other journalist (also CH10?) you rallied against in an accusation ( and I haven’t seen anything public about it since, by the way) -but-not-publicized/proven of rape. Why is it that Rosen’s case has broken out into the open and this other case isn’t?? You have your sources, how come nothing has come of that case if there was real “smoke” and fire?

    1. Some people are very much better at threatening the press (and police) than others. See Jimmy Saville versus the nameless millionaire backers of “Hacked Off” the campaign against Press Freedom figure-headed by the convicted sex offender, Hugh Grant.

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