17 thoughts on “Iranian Drone Incident Was Unacknowledged IDF Security Debacle – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You write: ” Israel’s leadership high-fived each other over the stellar performance of the air defense command in shooting down the craft without causing injury to any Israeli. Story over, case closed.”

    How this calls to my mind a different Kabuki (in fact, an 11-year long Kabuki, the longest Kabuki ever, winner of Guiness records!), the scene near the beginning in the Broadway Hit “Nine-Eleven” when the USA’s military FAILED to shoot down the off-course airplanes which crashed in the twin-towers and how the USA’s leadership FAILED to comment on this failing, failed to blame anyone for this failing (which some attributed to interventions by the Vice President, Cheney), and instead went to never-ending war over the incident.

    Indeed this scene worked so well, that it couldn’t have worked better had it been a black-flag attack! Isn’t Kabuki wonderful?

  2. I wonder why people obsess over Iran and nuclear weapons. If either Iran or Israel ever fires a warhead in the middle east, it’s going to kill everyone here. Period. Talk about “suicide bombing,” indeed. I am hoping Israel is never so crazy to do such a thing, but with a maniac like Netanyahu in office, just spoiling for a fight with Hizbullah or Iran, it’s always a possibility that this Hiroshima-like mentality (of mass killing and destruction to “save lives and end the war”) might become official policy. It has already become so in Israel’s policy towards Gaza. Collective punishment as policy may very well spread towards Iran, but if that happens, all of us in the middle east could very well end up “glowing in the dark” and displaying deformities and cancers, including Israelis. This is why I actually favor Iran having a nuclear weapons capability as a balance of power in this region.

    1. The most important Imam of Shi’a was Husayn, whose martyrdom at Karbala is the most important event in the Shi’a experience of history. Husayn and his followers were slaughtered in battle by their rivals, who vastly outnumbered them. It can be argued that Husayn and his followers committed suicide rather than be dishonored.

      1. Wow, Joel, that’s so off topic, and such a weird reply to my comment, that I’m shaking my head. Obviously, if you don’t know enough about Hussein to know who he was (an “important Imam in Shia Islam??? LOL), you don’t know enough to try to pass him off as a suicide, do you? Kindly enlighten me.

  3. It is clear that all technologies, warring or not, eventually spread. The name of the game from a military point of view is to take advantage of the superiority you have now before the other guy reaches there, or, in the same vein, keep advancing things so that a decisive gap is never lost. The early invention and development of the so-called (now) conventional armament in `The West` enabled it to make the big strides whose consequences lasted long after those capabilities reached everybody`s hands.
    Likewise with Cyber and drones now – if the huge gap between the US and Israel on one side and Iran and allies on the other side will assure a collapse of the latter`s current regime and occur before it has reached nukes (yesterday`s “new” omnipotent tool), then an important payoff from these new tools has already been materialized. In particular, it would make it unnecessary to resort to the “conventional” warring modes (bombing etc.), where Iran is already in a developed state and so the conflagration it will be bloody for both sides.

    1. It seems:

      (1) No military advantage by other countries will cause the collapse of the Iranian regime. As we saw in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and now Syria, and in 1917 in St Petersburg, a large percentage of the population can bring down a government. Often that takes years and enormous bloodshed: see the 1905 Russian Revolution and Syria today.

      (2) Iran has the ability to fly a drone over Israel. The Iranians could arm drones with “ordinary” high explosives if the Israeli government ever tries to bomb Iran.

      Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense, warned that an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities would lead to a catastrophe. This is more evidence that he is right. I assume that the US government has been saying the same in private to the Israeli government.

      1. All one needs to do to see what happens when a nuclear reactor is damaged is look at Chernobyl or Fukushima power plants. Huge and long-term catastrophes from meltdowns caused by accident or an act of God is severe enough; imagine reactors being damaged or obliterated by large explosions, that radioactive material rising into the atmosphere and drifting over the planet, and ironically, it’s possible it could float directly over Israel.

        Attacking Iran just isn’t worth it, unless of course you’re a lunatic obsessed with stopping Iran’s nuclear program and you don’t care that you’d be “cutting off your nose to spite your face.”

  4. Some historic facts regarding Nukes, drones ansd espionage.

    Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were the first US Jewish couple, who were executed in 1953 for being Russian spies – who stole nuclear secrets for Russia.

    US Jewish Lobby and successive Israeli governments have been demanding pardon for Pollard – claiming that though he confessed his crime – but he committed those crimes for the “US ally”.

    Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser’s son-in-law, Ashraf Marwan (b. 1944), an Egyptian intelligence officer, who has the distinction of being the only Muslim spy considered by Israel as its spy hero

    Israel used its first drone against Syria in 1973.

    Iran tested its first drone in 2004.


    1. Iran tested its first drone in 2004.

      Obviously not true. Iran had domestically made drones already in the Iran-Iraq war. Prototypes existed already in 1985. See wiki article Ghods Mohajer.

  5. “But imagine if you will a more advanced drone, one that might carry a compact nuclear warhead.”

    you mean a cruise missile?

  6. All of you missed the main point in the article. It’s all about the mask not the weapons ! just look at the mirror can you see it? well done !

    1. what was the point of the article then?

      in one paragraph, Richard says “If you assassinate scientists, then someone will do it to yours”.
      and right after, he says: “We have no monopoly on these systems. Remember what happened in 1949? The Russians exploded a hydrogen bomb and all hell broke loose in U.S. military and political circles.”

      If the US assassinated the USSR Nuke program leaders / top scientists, maybe they would could have been saved from 40 years of cold war and the fear of a nuclear holocaust.

      1. Thank God we had the leaders we did in 1949 & not yr ilk. If we’d assassinated Russia’s scientists we would’ve had a genuine war against Stalin, possibly a nuclear war. I simply can’t believe there are idiots like you walking the planet. I’m just glad you don’t have your finger on the button.

        1. This is the kind of world some people want to live in – if anyone crosses you, just kill them. No diplomacy, just the bunker mentality some right wing Israelis favor.

  7. Obviously not true. Iran had domestically made drones already in the Iran-Iraq war. Prototypes existed already in 1985. See wiki article Ghods Mohajer.absolutly right and i gess the first country that used “waponized” drones….
    maybe the point silverstein wants to make is EMP.

  8. “When the Iranian drone was shot down some 30 kilometers from Dimona, Israel cheered: The plot has been thwarted.”

    30 km = 18 mis. Iirc, that was the official first report, not the final (ca. 16 km) one.

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