12 thoughts on “Former Head of Israeli Nuclear Program Calls for Secret U.S. Aid in Iran Attack – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “How do I know? My little, well-placed birdie told me”? Ari Shavit wrote that the person was the head of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission for 5 years. There were 3 such people, only one is alive, Yona Ettinger, so…?

    1. Holy crap, I told you it was Ettinger, then you confirmed it using your amazing powers of deduction! Yet neither my source nor I deserve any credit. If you’re so smart why didn’t you write this post before me, since it was so easy for you to figure out it was Ettinger?

      1. I have no blog, but I wrote an article about this man yesterday on Hebrew Wikipedia. I don’t know when you uploaded your post yesterday, but I wasn’t aware of it when I wrote it.

        1. Since Shavit wrote that there was no Wikipedia article for Ettinger I think it’s great if you write one. I’d be grateful if you’d add to it that my source identified him as the interviewee for Shavit’s article along with a link to my post.

          1. You’re right, there wasn’t an article about him in Wikipedia when Shavit’s article was published, but I decided to write one afterwards. I think I’ll expand the article (which is quite short as for now – search for “יונה אטינגר” in Hebrew Wikipeida) using Shavit’s article, relying on your post as the source of identification (I can’t rely on my identification, it’s not a proper source).

          2. Thanks for that. I did read your article. It’s a start. I’m grateful if you include a reference or link to my post. There is also a profile by Josh Breiner of Ettinger you can link to. Let me know if you need the link.

  2. Netanyahu will say anything he wants as Israel implodes. If he wants a public suicide, then he should attack Iran.

    Granted, Israel will never attack Iran directly. That is like saying Peru will take on Brazil.

  3. Also of note:

    Iran TV airs confessions in murder of scientists


    The broadcast said Jamali Fashi and Arash Kheradkish got the highest grades during training in Tel Aviv and were chosen to lead the operations.

    Maziar Ebrahimi, another suspect, said there were three groups involved in the bombings: Two on a motorbike, a car driving in front to slow the target car and a third support team waiting nearby to help if necessary.

    “The assassination control room was in Tel Aviv, but it was receiving the orders from Washington and London,” the TV report said.


    This confirms your earlier suspicions.

  4. What would an Israeli strike at Iran look like? And what would the Iran counter-strike look like? Anybody have thoughts or references on this?

  5. As the “price” for allowing an Israeli attack on Iran, Israel would reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

    The likelihood of that happening aside, this statement amounts to a straight admission that the lack of such an agreement is purely deliberate on part of the Israelis. No one in their right mind, not even Bibi, is claiming the Iranian nuclear project, however real or imagined, was all that factually stood in the way of peace with the Palestinians. By linking these unrelated issues Ettinger is suggesting a simple exchange of favours: you Americans let us attack Iran and we’ll do you the favour of making peace with the Palestinians. Naturally the latter, native savages that they are, have no say in the matter, but I wonder if it has crossed Ettinger’s mind that the local conflict hurts Israel more than it does America.

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