8 thoughts on “Avrum Burg: Boycotts May Be Necessary to Achieve Israeli Democracy, If Israel Refuses Two-States It Should Expect One – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ‘Vinegar the son of wine’
    The Talmud refers to a wicked person who is the son of a righteous person as ‘vinegar the son of wine.’
    There is no better appellation that comes to mind for Avram Burg.

  2. The op-ed piece in the NYT by Burg is honest and realistic. The NIF in contrast has just been taken over as it seems by the very kind of people with the very kind of thinking that makes Israel not a theocracy but a dictatorship which in the end is basically the same. Based not so much on Torah but on a distorted interpretation in which power, militarism and racism are the key policies or fundaments instead of Torah values. A Jews first policy in Israel. Quite contradictory. So much for a theorcracy. And do not think that “we don’t do that sort of thing, others do”. It happened in other exiles too. What happens in these times is the pitfall prepared in its stupidy and amoriality of all previous governments (intelligence agencies and army included) which thought of a greater Israel where the indigenous population should diisappear – for Israel has no place for reservations as the US created for its native population, most withering away, betraying most treaties made with the tribes. Watch and research: http://www.zochrot.org and http://www.whoprofits.org for some more enlightenment as to why the west keeps awefully quiet as do we Jews. Hopefully God is patient with us…

  3. Many Jews seem cursed with the life-long struggle of both finding and cultivating their own “Jewishness.” The generation of socialist zionists found no incompatibility between Jewishness and democracy as though it would all somehow work. I eventually found my own Jewishness in my conscience, the sense of right and wrong, and that has led me to anti-Zionist activities. But Israelis increasingly (?) seem ready to fix their Jewishness in race and genetics, in the “people” and that definition cannot work for such a tiny, dependent state. Not now, today. I don’t know how Jews will resolve the issues created by the narrow racist principle. In seems that blood will probably be necessary as extremism dominates the discourse. Blood will probably be necessary to found a principled nation, a constitutional nation “for all citizens.”

    Thanks for the article, and for Burg and the references to other writings.

  4. What surprised me most about Burg’s intelligent article was the fact that it appeared as an op-ed piece in the NY Times. When is the last time we’ve seen any objective articles about Israel in that paper. Elsewhere in the Times was a review of Chris Hedges new book, a former Times journalist who has become anathema to them; and a complete reversal of their reporting on Syria, now admitting that the US is backing the “rebels”! What on earth is going on over at the Times? Are they finally beginning to develop a conscience?

    I am taking the liberty of forwarding your piece to nyteXaminer, the” antidote to the paper of record.”

  5. Plan C, supported by a large number of Palestinians and Israelis, is for a great Palestinian uprising that leads to destruction of the losing side and their mass exodus. Plan D, which makes the most sense to me, is for a confederation. But in any event, attacking NIF seems counter-productive to the goal of avoiding Plan C, unless your hope is that criticism of the NIF by an anti-Zionist might increase donations.

    1. I’m not “anti-Zionist” nor am I in favor of your non-existent Plan C. I’m just calling NIF out for being hypocrites & betraying values they claim to espouse. The truth is the truth even when it hurts.

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