19 thoughts on “Israel Invents Syrian WMD Threat, IDF Commanders Threaten Intervention – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. There is no Israeli interest to invade Syria.
    Some basics in how interest plays:
    Syria is an enemy of Israel, right now it is weakening itself by civil war.
    A possible Israeli invasion will stop the war and round all the Syrian against a common outside enemy.
    Claiming Israel plan to invade Syria only strengthens the Assad regime. It enables him to massacre more of his people.
    I wonder why do you fall to this trap to help that monster’s propaganda ?
    As for the western world, Israelis see how no one lifts a finger to help the Syrian people and draw their conclusions as to how many risks they will be willing to take for future peace.

    1. I’m not the one who originated the idea of Israel invading Syria, your own generals did. Take up with them the issue of why they thought it was a good idea. Perhaps you need to be on the General Staff instead of them?

      1. Only you did not quote a General stuff member saying Israel will invade Syria.
        The only person who said something close to it is Yatom, who has been a minor political figure for quite some time.
        You failed however to address my argument on whether such a claim makes sense, and who benefits from such rumors. I take it you agree with me on that, but you try to mock me to circumvent the issue.

        1. Naveh isn’t a member of the General Staff? Or did you forget he’s deputy chief of staff?

          As for making sense, if it was sense I was looking for I wouldn’t seek it in the IDF’s officer command or the Mossad.

          As for mocking you, well I plead guilty to that though we still manage to deal with substance.

  2. Syria does have SOME chemical weapons.
    However, these were all supplied by the Soviets in the early seventies, and I’m a very doubtful about tales of laboratories and factories in Syria: the Soviets supplied ready-made weapons precisely in order to forestall any Syrian attempt to make such things independently.

    The munitions probably weren’t brand new when supplied, so are now well over forty years old: the most frightening thing about their being moved, is the possibility of horrendous accident.
    The stockpile will mostly be 122mm rockets and large calibre mortar shells: the Soviets retained some really big mortars in their order of battle mainly for the sake of chemical weapons delivery.

    Saddam did actually have chemical weapons, even if he’d disposed of them before Alistair Campbell edited the notorious dossier on the subject, and he used them in comparable circumstances to those which Assad now faces.

    I don’t really anticipate their deliberate use (I could also be wrong) but it’s inaccurate to insist that Assad does not have these things, because he does. What’s unknown is the condition of the ready-filled munitions in a hot country after forty years.

    What you might see, is an attempt to convince the Free Syria Army that any ambush on a government convoy might release clouds of poison, which the propaganda machine can blame the rebels for.

    My expectation, though, is that amid a well-organized barrage of denials that the stockpile ever resisted, it will move to Tartrus and aboard Russian naval ships, which will spirit it away to a remote, if not a safe, location.

    Sarin doesn’t need to be used in hundred-ton amounts to completely transform the way the world sees the relative menace of chemical and nuclear weapons. It doesn’t even need to be used on purpose.

  3. RE: “Israel Invents Syrian WMD Threat, IDF Commanders Threaten Intervention” ~ R.S.

    MY COMMENT: Nothing the Israeli government says should be trusted under any circumstances. Uri Avnery’s article as excerpted below is a testament to the virtually limitless duplicity of the Israeli government.

    ARTICLE:“The War of Lies” , by Uri Avnery, gush-shalom.org, 09/06/12

    [EXCERPTS]Thirty Years ago this week, the Israeli army crossed into Lebanon and started the most stupid war in Israel’s history. It lasted for 18 years. About 1500 Israeli soldiers and untold numbers of Lebanese and Palestinians were killed.
    Almost all wars are based on lies. Lies are considered legitimate instruments of war. Lebanon War I (as it was later called) was a glorious example.
    From beginning to end (if it has ended yet) it was a war of deceit and deception, falsehoods and fabrications.
    THE LIES started with the official name: “Operation Peace in Galilee”.

    If one asks Israelis now, 99.99% of them will say with all sincerity: “We had no choice. They launched katyushas at the Galilee from Lebanon every day. We had to stop them.” TV anchormen and anchorwomen, as well as former cabinet ministers have been repeating this throughout the week. Quite sincerely. Even people who were already adults at the time.
    The simple fact is that for 11 months before the war, not a single shot was fired across the Israeli-Lebanese border. A cease-fire was in force and the Palestinians on the other side of the border kept it scrupulously. To everybody’s surprise, Yasser Arafat succeeded in imposing it on all the radical Palestinian factions, too.
    At the end of May, Defense Minister Ariel Sharon met with Secretary of State Alexander Haig in Washington DC. He asked for American agreement to invade Lebanon. Haig said that the US could not allow it, unless there were a clear and internationally recognized provocation.
    And lo and behold, the provocation was provided at once. Abu Nidal, the anti-Arafat and anti-PLO master terrorist, sent his own cousin to assassinate the Israeli ambassador in London, who was grievously wounded.

    In retaliation, Israel bombed Beirut and the Palestinians fired back, as expected. The Prime Minister, Menachem Begin, allowed Sharon to invade Lebanese territory up to 40 km, “to put the Galilee settlements out of reach of the katyushas.”
    When one of the intelligence chiefs told Begin at the cabinet meeting that Abu Nidal’s organization was not a member of the PLO, Begin famously answered: “They are all PLO”.
    General Matti Peled, my political associate at the time, firmly believed that Abu Nidal had acted as an agent of Sharon. So do all the Palestinians I know.
    The lie “they shot at us every day” has taken such a hold on the public mind that it is nowadays useless to dispute it. It is an illuminating example of how a myth can take possession of the public mind, including even of people who had seen with their own eyes that the opposite was true.
    NINE MONTHS before the war, Sharon told me about his plan for a New Middle East. . .
    . . . His design for the region, as told me then (and which I published nine months before the war), was:

    • To attack Lebanon and install a Christian dictator who would serve Israel,
    • Drive the Syrians out of Lebanon,
    • Drive the Palestinians out of Lebanon into Syria, from where they would then be pushed by the Syrians into Jordan.
    • Get the Palestinians to carry out a revolution in Jordan, kick out King Hussein and turn Jordan into a Palestinian state,
    • Set up a functional arrangement under which the Palestinian state (in Jordan) would share power in the West Bank with Israel.
    Being a single-minded operator, Sharon convinced Begin to start the war, telling him that the sole aim was to push the PLO 40 km back. . .

    ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://zope.gush-shalom.org/home/en/channels/avnery/1339170910/

  4. Richard,

    Israel has very good intelligence on Syria. In fact, as you may recall, the IAF sent its Shaldag commandos to laser the site the day before and struck it to elimination in September of 2007 as project code name Operation Orchard.

    Here, they are not far off whatsoever. Syria indeed is rife with chemical weapons, all of which Assad possesses, and Israel is the primary target. He is no Saddam Hussein, he has the type of air defense that would eliminates air superiority as an option virtually. Additionally, he’s being immediately propped by Putin. Speaking of, the Polonium finding was timely with the Russian visit.

    The walls are closing in on Israel and the only way it can show that it means to survive is to move in and take down Assad with a sh*t eating grin on its face. You understand, every nation has a right to defend itself.

    1. What will the Israeli Army do when it meets the Turkish Army? Say, “ooops…about that flotilla thing…”

    2. “The walls are closing in …”??? From 1948 on, the walls have been “closing in” . Despite the neutralizing of Egypt, the destruction of the Iraqi military threat, the imprisonment of most Palestinians, the destruction of Lebanon twice over, the annexation and occupation of other people’s hilltops, American support of $3.1 billion per annum, American cooperation in reducing Iran’s threat, etc. etc. despite all this, the walls are still “closing in.” Israel is a paranoid delusion, the proper afterbirth of racist Zionism. I always favored change in Israel, but self-awareness and decency may not be enough. No state that “means to survive” could have missed, and continue to miss, so many opportunities to make a peace. Nations can do more than “defend itself”, they can make deals. The failure to make deals is what dooms Israel.

  5. Cynicism beyond words.
    It seems that the plight of the Syrian people has become the playground of some morally-empty bloggers.

    1. No, the plight of the Syrian people has become the playground of some morally empty Israeli generals and politicians. Since when, by the way, have you ever expressed any sympathy for the plight of the Syrian people? Can you point to any such expressions from you that aren’t allied with a calculation that the mess in Syria could be a silver lining for Israel?

      1. I believe the Japanese expression is “Thieves at the fire”.

        Syria’s chemical weapons capability consists of a Soviet-supplied legacy stockpile, Israel’s consists of a modest self-manufactured stockpiled with ongoing manufacturing capability and materials on hand to produce lots more at very short notice. The threat of retaliation in kind will probably suffice to deter any deliberate use against Israel, or transfer to someone who wanted to.

        The threat of retaliation won’t deter accidents, though, and because this is an old stockpile and not the new thing Sky News would have you believe, an accident is quite likely.

        Russia supplied the stockpile, Russia must be encouraged or compelled to remove it. That’s the only solution, all the other options are simply ways of replacing a problem with a catastrophe. Russia does have mobile incinerators and automated handling equipment designed for precisely the types of chemical munitions that Syria has: it’s technically easier, as well as politically easier, for Russia to accomplish this than any Western power, let alone Israel, which really isn’t equipped to dismantle such a stockpile without mishap even if some military miracle gave them control of it.

  6. [comment deleted–Dear Comment Troll: If you want to smear this website by publishing the sort of garbage you posted you’ll have to be a little more subtle. As it is your trollishness sticks out like a sore thumb]

  7. It appears that the IDF officers nearest to the actual intelligence, are saying that the Syrian army appears to be simply securing the chemical weapons stockpile.

    It’s the media, especially the Murdoch-owned media, which is beating the war drums, with some help from the US State Department, Hasbara, Israeli politicians and politically-ambitious generals.

    The stockpile is being presented as something new, too, which it isn’t.

    That being said, something does need to be done about it, which is probably what the Syrian army is thinking.

  8. But, Richard, all those Yankee ducks sitting on the pond, waiting to be cooked – an opportunity too good to pass up for yisrael. Russia will be delighted to partake of the feast. Dumb Yanks, lost every war they have been dragged into.

  9. It was reported by a former Lebanese army official that the Syrian regime cannot use the chemical weapons without the permission of Russia who supplied it to them in the first place. He said he doubts they will be used because not only will Russia not allow it but also because Russia will act very ‘aggressively’ if they did. An Israeli invasion of Lebanon is much more likely than an invasion of Syria because let us not forget that Egypt has changed, and now Israel cannot ignore the southern border like it did for the past 40 years.

  10. Hello Richard,

    I am English and married into a Syrian family, so I know a little more than some on the Arab mentality. Before the latest crisis a woman could walk at 3 – 4 in the morning on her own and never worry about being raped or attacked, for the simple reason her attacker would be beaten to a pulp by the police. The west call this dictatorship , I call it freedom.

    You mentioned Murdoch and I thought you might be interested in this article. Murdoch in Australia. As you are aware the Australians are drip fed Murdoch’s bile and hatred for the muslim world on a daily basis.


    Thank-you for your interesting article.

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