9 thoughts on “Southern Poverty Law Center ‘Follows the Networks’ of Anti-Muslim Hate – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I think that Mr Greenfield has his history completely backwards:
    “It would take a Roosevelt or a Churchill to start a war like that”.

    No, it would take a Napoleon, Bismark, Ludendorf, Hitler or Stalin to start a war like that.

    Neither Winston Churchill or Franklin D. Roosevelt started any war whatsoever. Neville Chamberlain declared war on Nazi Germany in response to Hitler’s invasion of Poland (Stalin’s own NKVD shock troops assisted the invasion).

    Churchill only became Prime Minister after Chamberlain lost Parliament’s confidence following the failure to stop the German invasion of Norway in spring of 1940. (More the fault of policy shortcomings over a long period of time than Neville Chamberlain. HMS Warspite and her escorts sank the German flotilla in Narvik Fjiord, but had no adequate Royal Marine or army detachment with them to prevent the German troops already ashore getting control of the local Norwiegan garrison and armoury, with which they armed all the shipwrecked German sailors.)

    Roosevelt, having entertained representations from the many influential US figures and banks who wanted America to join WW2 on Hitler’s side, sat on the fence until Pearl Harbour was attacked, by the Japanese. (About the only senior US figure who saw Nazi Germany as America’s inevitable enemy in 1939 was J. Edgar Hoover.)

    Churchill had been a POW in the Boer war and served on the frontline in the Great War after resigning his post as First Lord of the Admiralty after the Gallipoli invasion. This informed his dictum that “jaw jaw is better than war war”. He wanted to win the war he couldn’t avoid, but anyone claiming he STARTED any war has been reading too much former Soviet propaganda.

    1. Your mistake, in lecturing well-known historical facts to these people, is the assumptions that their non-history references are based on good old ignorance.

      Obviously, this has noting to do with ignorance. It’s plain, blatant lies.

      They’re simply implementing the old Goebbelsian practice of repeating a lie till it becomes an “accepted truth”.

  2. The sickening rhetoric you quote aptly represents the attitudes of the nuttier extremities of the settler movement.

    The trouble is, these very nuttier extremities have time and again proved their ability to force their ideological way into mainstream Israeli right wing.

    Having a not-so-insignificant presidency candidate who has on record the desire to “eliminate Islam” indicates that similar processes might be taking place in the mainstream GOP right wing as well.

  3. Why won’t they speak publicly before forums that include the Council on American Islamic Relations? Have the provided an explanation for this?

  4. Hi, you mention an earlier posting re islamaphobic websites…what other references do you have? thanks barry

    1. If you Google this site for “Islamophobia” you’ll find many references to posts dealing with specific websites. Or you can e mail me & I can be more specific & can know what you’re looking for.

  5. “Frankly, I don’t understand how the group can do such good work on combatting Islamophobia but shy away from appearing with the major national Arab organization opposing such hate.”

    Then they would also have to appear with B’nai Brith when it gets into one of its campaigns about antisemitism.

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