27 thoughts on “Iran: Israel’s Concocted World Threat – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It seems Israel and its lobbyists are, intentionally or otherwise, manoeuvring themselves — and, by association, world Jewry — into the morbid position assigned to them as Elders of Zion…

    Scary indeed. Will they manage to transform that ancient malignant lie into a prophecy? – It’s up to American Jews, I guess.

  2. Morally wrong and will not work. What is there to dislike?

    Why does Juan Cole hate his country?

    And yankel, why do you hate your own people? Doesn’t Israel merely inform the Word about the dire threat that Iran presents to us all. Like, wiping the entire world from the page of history? (Only one “regime”? ah, never mind.)

    1. I certainly do not hate my own people. If I did, I’d be sitting on my hands waiting for them to bring about an inevitable wave of grassroot antisemitism following an Israeli- (Jewish-, by association) instigated major war.

      Israel’s influence on American national politics far exceeds its size and its importance for American interests. Israeli Hasbara operatives, purporting talk for the American Jewry wield political power they use indiscriminately. This is bad enough.

      To use this irresistible leverage to promote a war which might well be contrary to American interests (let alone world’s interest), is going way too far.

      I’m not claiming to know what’s the best way for the US (and the west in general) to handle this threat. I’m saying Israel’s influence on these decisions should be severely curtailed.

      Israel’s Hasbara has long implicitly promoted a world-view conducive to its ongoing intolerable treatment of Palestine’s native population. This world-view, suggesting a world-wide cultural war attracts the support of the Breiviks of this world.

      Israel – and world Jewry – should examine who their friends are and consider if they haven’t gone far too far.

  3. Being a child of WWII (B. 1943), and having great awareness of the Holocaust and how it’s effects are still felt by Jews worldwide, I hold firmly to the belief that, without a strong Israel, we Jews are damned to face another Holocaust in the future. Thus, Iran must suffer the consequences of heretics like Hitler.

    1. Inflicting injustice upon others can in no way assure peaceful security for ourselves. It is, in point of fact, what Hitler proposed, and if that doesn’t give one pause I don’t know what will.

    2. Israel has an arsenal of nukes: Who would assault Israel with nuclear bombs, now assured of obliteration? This promise of mutually assured destruction kept the Cold War peace for decades. So, Israel is strong. The only glimmer of anti-Semitism is the ill feeling that Israel inspires by its actions against the Palestinians and its grandiosity. I think we Jews would be better off and safer without Israel than with it. Iran must be devastated at Israel’s behest because Israel doesn’t want a countervailing force in the region: It wants to do anything it wants with impunity. A nuclear Iran stands in the way of such unchallenged hegemony in the region and that is a good thing. It is called the “balance of power.” I’m actually in favor of arming Iran with nukes as I fear their discretion much less than Israel’s indiscretion.

  4. Superb piece, thank you Richard. It’s a shame about Leibowitz, he meant well, but bad luck,

    As for Bibi and his crony’s in the US, they’re grasping at straws..they know very well, the US won’t attack Iran, and neither will Israel.

    There is something curious about this whole affair, which appears to be little more than a storm in a teacup.

    Has anyone else wondered? Why is israel making such a big fuss about Iran and it’s nuclear weaponry. The strike on Syria’s nuclear facility came out of the blue, as did the Osirak attack in Iran. Yet when it comes to Iran, it is public news.

    Why doesn’t Bibi just get on with it, if he wants to?

  5. The problem is that Iran is a bit bigger, and fatter and stronger. In immortal words of the poet

    If Rabbit was bigger
    And fatter and stronger,
    Or bigger than Tigger,
    If Tigger was smaller,
    Then Tigger’s bad habit
    Of bouncing at Rabbit
    Would matter no longer,
    If Rabbit was taller.

    But Tigger still wants to bounce. But this is not a rabbit, this is a … Hephalump.

  6. Re: Tito says: “It is impossible to make a nuclear bomb using enriched uranium gas.”

    True enough, but converting the gas to a solid is back of the garage technology; as now days are the subsequent steps.

    For early remarks on the topic see: Willrich, Mason and Theodore B. Taylor. Nuclear Theft: Risks and Safeguards, Ballinger, Cambridge, Mass. 1974

    1. The article, written by a former official of the US Atomic Energy Commission, says that it would take Iran years to master the process,

        1. I think there’s a discrepancy here. Israel’s government continually calls for illegal attacks on Iran and does anything it can to promote regime change transparently. When Iran’s government does the same thing, Israel’s government scapegoats Judaism and its citizenry, and even invokes the Holocaust, to protect it from rightful prosecution of its crimes. When Iran speaks ill of Israel’s regime, the word regime, the equivalent in Farsi (adopted from the French), is completely taken out of all press releases so that it is falsely construed as a call for genocide against Jews implicitly or explicitly.

          The same tactics are used against the Pals. And yet, somehow Israel thinks they still work. Take a true poll of the world and see who favors Israel. It’s no one you would want to call a fellow citizen.

          1. Iranians cannot wipe out anything let alone jewish regime or whatever even if they are dying to do that. In this arena of mutual hatred against each other, no one is victim.

            Taking a poll to see who favors whom will no solve anything either.

      1. No, let’s correct you. He said the Israeli REGIME was a cancerous tumor.

        I wholeheartedly 100% agree that Likud is a cancer to all of humanity, including Israelis.

        1. The Supreme Leader refers to Israel as “The Zionist Regime” regardless of what government is in power there.

          You will note that the Iranian media puts the word “Israel” in brackets or parentheses any time he (or any other leader) uses the phrase.


          Qaouk also stressed that his party is against any plans that “make the Zionist regime (Israel) happy.”


          The phrase “Zionist Regime” is used in place of “Israel” by most Iranian leaders because they do not recognize Israel as a country. It has nothing to do with Likud being in power.

          You can read quotes from 1993 when Rabin (Labor Party) was Prime Minister of Israel in which Iranian leaders used the same term “Zionist Regime” in place of Israel.

          Odd that you call yourself PersianAdvocate and don’t know that.

          1. Oh, I’m sure Persian Advocate understands that. Israel doesn’t recognize Palestine as a legitimate country either. So what? Saying the “Zionist State” calls into question Israel’s legitimacy just like calling the West Bank Samaria and Judea calls into question its Arab character as the Arab West Bank. There are lots of good reasons to queston Israel’s legitimacy: More so now that it is clear Israel will never recognize, much less repair or compensate for, the damage is has done to an entire people. I would not argue Israel’s legitimacy if I found an Israel ready and willing to face its obligations to the people it has displaced and the property it has stolen and it made some effort at justice. But, Israel will not recognize the criminal conquest of other people’s land by misguided Europeans and thereby GAIN legitimacy. So, I’ll keep questioning how it comes about that Palestine, once so rich with Arabs, is now in the hands of a mere 5.5 million Jews. As far as I’m concerned, it is the “Zionist Entity” and not a state at all.

  7. “But Iran poses no more, and likely much less of a threat to world peace than India, Pakistan or North Korea, each of whom has passed the nuclear threshold in the past two decades.”

    You left out the one nuclear power that is a real threat to world peace…Israel.

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