25 thoughts on “India, Iran’s Top Oil Customer, Rejects U.S. Oil Sanctions – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. And conveniently – boom! An ‘Iranian’ attack on Israel’s diplomats in India. So, India, which rejects oil sanctions, is thanked by Tehran by them disrespecting their sovereignty.

    I don’t think so. False flag, anyone?

    1. It’s striking that Bibi wants to convince the world the biggest threat to Israel’s existence is coming from a country incapable of blowing up a car… Every accusation he levels, every war scenario they create, makes Iran look like more and more of a paper tiger.

      And if Hezbollah’s history is anything to go by, they’re the most efficient car bombers in the history of mankind. Safe to say it’s not them either.

      1. Don’t know, and don’t care. Point is, nobody’s dead.

        Iran/Hezbollah, like most governments, don’t waste their time injuring people.

        1. To those who say the attack was a false flag, I would like to ask for evidence of it. And Lifelong, I suppose the AMIA bombings and recent plots in Azerbaijan and Thailand were false flags as well?

          1. AMIA is a good example you bring up. Maybe it was Hezbollah, but where’s the evidence to prove their involvement? It shouldn’t be surprising at all that the latest source of the ‘evidence’ implicating Iran is none other than the MEK themselves (known to be sharing a bed of convenience with the Mossad).

            So here’s a question for you: why does today have to be either Iran or the Mossad? Why can’t it be anyone of the MANY Muslim and Christian groups that seek harm to Israel?

          2. Well. Um. No. The Argentinian government seems to believe that it was connected to Iran and Hezbollah. Due to a lack of time and language proficiency I can’t exactly certify or research it heavily. If someone knows the language well enough to do the research, it’d be appreciated (I don’t trust translation programs). So in essence, I suppose I need to put my faith in the prosecutors, which probably isn’t enough for many people.

            I brought up the previous attacks/foiled plots as a counterpoint to your assertion regarding attacks.

            You’re right about it possibly being a third-party that was behind the attack. As no one has taken responsibility for the attack, no evidence has been gathered regarding other attackers, and no other leads are being pursued, I’m not exactly sure which Muslim or Christian terrorist group could have carried out the attack.

            I apologize if this is going off topic from the main thrust of the article.

  2. Binyamin Netanyahu and his minions run Israel like a brothel. I defy anyone here to suggest that this greasy used car salesman of a politician is above staging such an attack or – at the very least – blaming it on the Iranians when he has no basis to do so. I think he has it in him to authorise much worse, do you not?

    I would also suggest that you check the story of the attack in Tbilisi as told by the driver of the booby-trapped car. That attack was foiled when an explosive device was apparently found underneath his car. He found it because he happened to check underneath the car after he parked it. Judge Judy would raise an eyebrow at that. He happened to be checking underneath? Pull the other one. It’s got bells on.

    As to motive – why would the Iranians risk their relationship with India when they have so few supporters in the international community? India is vital to Iran. I can’t see the Iranians destroying that relationship for the sake of murdering some minor attache.

    Of all the places to attack Israeli interests – and it makes sense for the Iranians to defend themselves since it is Israel that is murdering Iranian citizens in Iran and funding terrorists there – why choose India? Why not Latin America, since we are endlessly regaled with monstrous tales of growing Iranian influence there? Why not the petty torture state of Jordan?

    No doubt though, Israel’s staunch supporters will continue to behave like Pavlov’s dogs, responding predictably and with full reliability to any act of carnage.

    So let’s go to war with Iran. I would tentatively suggest, though, that if that is the way we want to go it would be more efficient to simply gather the accumulated wealth of the Western world in some large open space – perhaps the Sahara or el-Rub’ el-Khali – and just set it all on fire. Then we could blow up your White House and my Palace of Westminster and collectively dance in the ruins of the West, safe in the knowledge that Poor Little Israel is better off for it.

  3. Israel didn’t need a pretext to attack Syria’s nuclear plant. Israel just blew it up. Same went for Iraq’s nuclear plant.

    Omar. Do you look under your bed at night for alligators?

  4. @Benjamin: the prosecutors have made an ‘accusation’, very much like today where Bibi is also making an ‘accusation’. Thankfully justice systems function on evidence, making all these accusations meaningless.

    Anyway, maybe it was Hezbollah, maybe it wasn’t. We’ll never know since the police apparently threw the head of the bomber away…

  5. Not a lot of logic here, except Richard’s obvious, that it’s time to sit down. But understand that the Europeans (within range of Iranian missiles that have little reason to exist except to carry a nuclear warhead), and not the US, were the original sanction hawks, bested only recently by the US congress. The sanctions have hurt, clearly pushing Iran to consider real negotiations — but not yet to obey the NPT, the treaty Iran has signed and repeatedly violated. The ball is in iran’s court… And yes, Israel has forfeited the right to play — Iran has plenty of NPT violations on the record but no proof Iran is currently working on a bomb. So Bibi should sit down and shut up.

  6. First, I seriously doubt that anyone anywhere believes anything Netanyahu has to say. All of his talk is either evasion or lies and it is so evident to me that I can’t imagine anyone believing otherwise.

    Second, Iran violated NPT and this becomes a cause celebre. Israel violates international law, maritime law, human rights agreements, agreements on asylum etc. ad nauseum, but nobody threatens any retribution at all, not the US, the EU, nobody. It is just so exasperating.

    All off topic, but there it is. Thanks for the article.

    There, I’m done.

  7. The fact that Israel successfully hoodwinked American inspectors of its nuclear program for years might be one reason why it has no confidence in an inspection of Iran’s program. Ben-Gurion, after initially rejecting rather rudely Kennedy’s proposals for inspections, finally gave in.
    He ultimately allowed an inspection, partly to undercut the “newly emerging anti-nuclear community inside Israel” but mainly in return “for the Kennedy administration’s decision in mid-1962 to authorize the sale of Hawk surface-to air missiles to Israel.”

    But there were not going to be spot checks. Visits had to be announced well in advance. And Ben-Gurion took no chances. Seymour Hersh wrote in The Samson Option:

    “The Israeli scheme, based on plans supplied by the French, was simple: a false control room was constructed at Dimona, complete with false control panels and computer- driven measuring devices that seemed to be gauging the thermal output of a twenty-four-megawatt reactor (as Israel claimed Dimona to be) in full operation. There were extensive practice sessions in the fake control room, as Israeli technicians sought to avoid any slips when the Americans arrived …
    The American team, following a pattern that would be repeated until the inspections came to an end in 1969, spent days at Dimona … but finding nothing. They did not question the fact that the reactor core was off-limits and gave no sign that they were in any way suspicious of the control room.”

    1. I’ve related the “double control room” story in another thread. No, the reason Israel has “no confidence” in the IAEA inspection system is that Iran has repeatedly harassed inspectors, not declared sites that were later exposed, denied the inspectors the right to visit certain locations and interview certain people, moved nuclear materials without proper notice to inspectors, and on and on. The latest NPT violations were just a few weeks ago. All that said, IAEA is at declared commercial-fuel sites and doubts (on good grounds) that there has been any diversion from them.It’s not a matter of confidence. Iran has been violating the NPT. Easiest way to get out of trouble with the international community is to stop violating the NPT. And the international community in exchange should protect Iran’s sovereignty and make sure Israel and US do, too.

      As for David’s note that Iran gets a license to violate the NPT because Israel’s hands are not clean, did your mother ever tell you that two wrongs don’t make a right? The whole region is rife with human rights violations, and the Israelis use THAT as a justification for what THEY do. It’s gotta end somewhere.

      1. The “whole region” is not a self-declared Western style state purportedly sharing “values” with the West. It is clear to me that Israel is quickly becoming another regional military dictatorship of some kind, despite its high-minded declarations, but that is besides the point. In the context of these Western pretensions, Israel is more liable for Western style criticism. In short, they asked for it.

        Second — Israel’s record of violating laws, resolutions, agreements and rights is very large, incommensurate with any other state I would guess anywhere. The sheer volume of offenses creates a different sort of computation and Mom’s arithmetic can’t provide the right answer..

        I think your other ideas are pretty good.

        1. David said: “a self-declared Western style state purportedly sharing “values” with the West.”

          David. If you woke up tomorrow and found that your citizenship had been revoked and that you had to move and spend the rest of your life living and working somewhere in the Middle East. What country would move to? Honestly.

          1. Do you honestly think he would say: Israel? Are you joking? There are many interesting countries in which one could live in the ME without even stepping foot in Israel. You really are an Israeli Neanderthal.

          2. Richard says: “There are many interesting countries in which one could live in the ME without even stepping foot in Israel”

            Okay. Than please name some of these ME countries that you would consider living and working in the rest of your life other than Israel.

          3. I didn’t say I would live permanently in any ME Country including Israel. But there are many places I would like to visit and some in which friends do live permanently & quite happily. Among them Turkey, Egypt, Dubai, and the Emirates. Once there is a more tolerant govt I would love to visit Iran. Yr notion that Israel is the only possible place in the region anyone could possibly want to live in is racist & typically chauvinist.

          4. Palestine.

            You do not make your point any better in this manner. I would definitely not choose Israel. Not the Israel I know from visits.

          5. Actually, you make my point. Israel pretends to be a Western styled democracy, but it is racist. It pretends to share values but treats Palestinians like slaves were treated long ago in this country. Thanks.

  8. Would you put up with someone dictating to you what you can and cannot do? So it is with countries, where pride is at least as much in play. What the Iran discussion never mentions is that no country tolerates another telling it what it may and may not do – this is an open invitation to do precisely what is being denied.

    If Iran wants a nuclear weapon, it will get one as will any other country given the incentive to do so – and patronizing reprimands are a wonderful incentive, especially when voiced by the Hypocrite of the World, the United States, that makes not a peep about Israel’s arsenal of nukes. The message – loud and clear – is that some are permitted (the good) and some are not (the bad).

    Is there any country that sees itself as the bad? Is there any country that doesn’t expect respect on the international stage? Iran is no exception.

    1. If I agreed to do something, and then reneged on the agreement, I’d have no choice but to “put up with” the scolds.

      Dammit, Iran didn’t have to sign the treaty! It then could develop nuclear weapons without violating what it signed. But it also would have to forego civilian uses. This is the route Israel took.

      What Clif is saying is that treaties don’t matter! That’s just as illogical as when Bibi says it, or George W. Bush.

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