4 thoughts on “Mossad Assassinations, Black Ops Campaign Backfires Within Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I don’t think it really backfired for Israel, if Israel did in fact do it. As the messages from Iran’s leaders become more belligerent, the Israeli case for war is strengthened as well. So who are you saying that it backfired on?

    1. One can hope.

      Netanyahu reaches into the US to “undermine” Obama and Mossad reaches into Iran to “undermine” any alleged nuclear program. The long arm of Israel encourages traditional anti-Semitic perceptions of an international Jewish conspiracy, Jewish “control” of events, etc. More damage to Judaism and Jews at the hands of the Israeli government.

  2. I have been traveling & catching up & do not know if the following will add anything to the discussion re: Iran/nukes.

    In the 11 Jan 12 blog Bezz said, according to a source, there had been no (records?) of smuggling of enriched uranium. Without parsing the meaning of “enriched”, I assume the comment referred enriched to over 20% with respect to the U-235 isotope. According to my records (cites available) between 1994 and 2000 there were at least five interceptions of U-235 in gram to kilogram quantities in Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and Georgia (the Caucasus Georgia). The Czech interceptions involved three operations, apparently of the same stolen material, which was said assayed at 87.5 and 87.7% U-235. Other interceptions were of 30% and 76% U-235.

    Since 1974 there have been many incidents of uranium smuggling, from unrefined ore, yellowcake, 2.2%-4.6% enriched U-235 (reactor fuel), and higher, but below weapon grade, enrichment; some in tonnes and of apparently long standing operations.

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