9 thoughts on “Mossad Agents Pose as CIA to Recruit Iranian Terror Agents – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This ‘false flag’ bombshell is a dud.

    The CIA had been in contact with Jundallah since 2005. The CIA probably thought Jundallah could help the CIA deal with al-Qaeda and the CIA probably gave Jundallah funds through a third party. Why else would Pakistan wait for US approval before shipping the head of Jundallah back to Iran for trial?

    The CIA probably backed away from Jundallah when they realized that they were crazies.

    The Mossad couldn’t approach Jundallah and come out and say that they were with Israel so they said they were CIA.

    Remember. The CIA approached Jundallah BEFORE the Mossad did.

    So what’s the big deal?

    1. If you’d bother to read the article to which I linked (you didn’t evidently) you’d know that every CIA agent interviewed denied the U.S. was ever involved in any way w. Jundallah & Obama specifically stopped direct contact w. the Mossad regarding Iran except for Stuxnet when he became pres. Offer evidence. Otherwise, you’re wasting our time.

      1. ProudZionist777 reeks of desperation by the way he is posting the same comment in articles that discuss this. He did it at another site.

          1. This particular comment rule seems to restrict open debate, and fosters ‘snitches’.

          2. You heard the rule & can read it if you like. Comments here have to be original. Serially publishing the same comment at this & other sites constitutes spamming…a capital comment offense.

    2. “The CIA approached Jundallah BEFORE the Mossad did.”

      Except, of course, that the CIA categorically denies that claim.

      Indeed, Mark Perry’s report makes clear that the CIA is incandescent with rage at the very suggestion that it would have anything to do with Jundallah.

      Perhaps PaidZionist is one of those dudes who can’t tell their CIA from his Mossad.

      You’d almost think it was deliberate, wouldn’t you?

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