39 thoughts on “Sheikh Jarrah Settlers Let Attack Dogs Loose Against Protesters – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I would be carefull with implying who throw the rock. The police is still looking for that person. If he ever get arrested (assuming that he is a palestinian) he will receive the usual treatment reserve for Palestinians in the Israeli jails.

  2. It’s sad that I’m not surprised that so many of these people are Americans and Australians.

    I could convert tomorrow, and would be allowed to live there, but my boyfriend’s father could not, even though he was born in Jerusalem in 1939 to an old Palestinian Christian family. How ridiculous that is to me.

  3. In the anguish and the horror of the Zionist enterprise we tend to forget that there is a miniscule segment of Jews who are just as horrified by it as we are.

    It is the human duty of we who see the injustice and the horror of this rogue ideology to resist and to expose it.

  4. The prevailing perception – In Israel, in the US, in Europe (and everywhere else for that matter) – is of American Jewry being the leveraging long arm of Israeli extremism’s impunity.

    The louder mainstream American Jews scream out their dissent, the sooner such mad atrocities give way to sobriety.

  5. He’s an obnoxious idiot. He usually responds to our presence with a loud silence.

    SJS seems to have stop operating of late. I don’t know what happened to them, but it seems this particular struggle was lost.

  6. Seeing that settler with that dog gives me chills. A few days before I was attacked, robbed and beaten by armed settler thugs from Itamar, I was with a small group of ISM activists helping a few families pick their olives in a part of Palestine which is adjacent to the illegal settlements at Tekoa. We were attacked by a dozen of these settlers, who were holding the leashes of attack dogs straining to get at us. The settlers threw large rocks, and hurt one of our group quite severely with a head injury. I was afraid of being hit by a rock, but mostly I was terrified they would turn those dogs on us. They didn’t, but soldiers made all of the Palestinians and their helpers/protectors leave the area, even though the Palestinians, with our help, had been given permission by the IDF to harvest olives on that day. (They had been denied permission for the past three years, and that year was their last chance to retain their rights to their land, because it’s common practice for Israel to deny Palestinians access to their land for three years, after which time Israel can say it’s been abandoned.)

      1. To ProudZionist777

        The context added by this “elderofziyon” blogspot is that in all cases these settlers (or Jewish settlers, or right wing Jewish settlers) are unwelcome squatters living illegally on Palestinian land. Interesting that this “elderofziyon” bloggspotter complains that the earlier report refers to people like this settler as a “rightwing Jewish settler.” I would think it commendable that this particular kind of settler is singled out as such, since he clearly is, rather than vilifying all Jewish settlers, as I do, just for living illegally on Palestinian land. This man needs to take his killer dog and go home to Israel.

        1. To ProudZionist777

          Clearly this right wing illegal Jewish settler wasn’t injured in this photo where he was threatening to sic his killer dog on the people who actually owned the house in which he squats. I would probably throw a rock at him myself if he dared to move himself, his family and his killer dog onto my property. People like this man and those who support him disgust me.

  7. Mary, thank you so much for telling your story. I have been quite seriously looking at joining an interfaith delegation to help harvest olives.

    How can these people look at themselves in the mirror? Do they ever considered asking themselves how they would react if their land, farming implements, houses, infrastructure, water, and livelihoods were stolen or destroyed, over and over again with the complicity of the government?

    1. Maria, please do join the olive harvesting in Palestine next Fall. Without international presence (including dedicating Israeli Jewish activists who have been standing with Palestinians in the West Bank for several years) the Palestinians would probably have lost all of their groves and trees by now. In addition to the help we can give them, the most important aspect of our participation is witnessing the constant attacks and harassment by both settlers and soldiers upon the Palestinian civilian population seeking nothing more than to work their land and support their families. Without our eyes and ears and voices, the ethnic cleansing and land theft that has gone on for decades would continue until there isn’t a dunum of land left of Palestine.

  8. Is your headline (Settlers Let Attack Dogs Loose Against Protesters) accurate? There is nothing about it in your article. How many settlers let attack dogs loose? How many dogs were involved? How many innocent people were harmed?

    1. The picture clearly showed the dog attacking protesters. Are you blind or just don’t want to believe the evidence before your eyes? There is additionally a specific unit of K-9 attack dogs trained by settlers for just this service. Such dogs are used by settlers & the IDF & routinely bite victims.

      1. The picture does not actually show that.

        In fact, it appears from the picture that the man is restraining the dog. Notice he is holding tightly onto the dog’s leash.

        The original caption that accompanied the image, which you appear to have replaced with your own caption, begins with “A Jewish settler holds a dog on a leash in the face of protestors…”

        That being said, the video is pretty alarming.

        1. So the caption is wrong, the headline is wrong, Richard’s comment to me (the “are you blind?” comment above) was wrong and information in the text is apparently wrong, too. Got it.

        2. Handlers don’t generally let go of an attack dog’s leash even when the dog is attacking. The general obtuseness of commenters who can’t conceive of a leashed dog doing considerable damage to a victim is stupefying & morally obtuse.

          1. I can certainly conceive of a leashed dog doing considerable damage to a victim.

            That is not what is depicted in the photo, however.

            Look, I agree with the main thrust of the point being made here with respect to the settlers and the attack dogs – it doesn’t need any embellishing.

  9. In my version the picture shows only one dog and it is on a leash, whereas the headline says that settlers (plural) let attack dogs (plural) loose against protesters.

    I know that you value accuracy and journalistic integrity, which is why I mention the apparent discrepancy between the headline, the picture, the text and your comment above.

    Please also kindly provide a source for your fact that dogs used by the settlers “routinely bite victims”. This will be useful with anti-settler media activities.

    1. If you do your own research, even just via Google, you will find numerous incidents of Palestinians receiving injuries due to attacks by dogs around the settlements.

    2. If an attack dog on a leash assaults a protester and injures him as often happens with no punishment given, then it’s perfectly reasonable to say the dog has been “let loose” or sicced on the protesters. Interesting how when it’s to yr advantage you become a literalist. “Let loose” has a literal & figurative meaning & you know precisely what I meant & that it was an appropriate use of the term. A warning, I tire very quickly of such sophistry. Don’t try my patience.

      1. To stand defenseless as one of these vicious dogs is let loose to attack seems to me to be one of the most terrifying things imaginable. To stand defenseless as half a dozen of these vicious attack dogs strain at their leashes a few meters away is equally terrifying, even if the resulting injuries are psychological rather than physical. I continue to shake with fear whenever I recall being in that frightening situation when I imagined I was to be set upon by ferocious animals nearly twice my size, barring their teeth at me as they lunged closer and closer to my face. The fear is the same, and it is inexcusable for Israeli soldiers and settlers (or U.S. soldiers) to use attack dogs to terrorize unarmed civilians.

  10. Richard says: “The picture clearly showed the dog attacking protesters.”

    Response: Uh, no it doesn’t. It shows a dog on a leash, trying to go forward, but on a leash. And the dog’s mouth is closed. It is not snarling or biting anyone.

    Richard, why do you lie to yourself in order to twist things into anti-Israel stories? What is wrong with you?

    1. If you can’t see that dog lunging & Fauci struggling mightily to restrain him then you are blind as a bat. Do you think the dofg was lunging at a piece of steak?? I’ll be checking w the Sheikh Jarrah folks to find out how many dog bites & attacks there’ve been on protesters too.

      If you think the K-9 attack dog brigade maintained by David HaIvri & other settlers is just for show & that it doesn’t regularly attack & injure victims then you’re morally obtuse & sensorily challenged.

      1. Isn’t “struggling mightily to restrain” the opposite of “letting loose” ?

        The point is effectively made by the image and the video (as well as by other reports of protesters being injured by such dog attacks).

        Why not just use the original caption and let the image speak for itself?

        1. Holding an aimed gun on somebody and allowing a large leashed dog to lunge can be argued as very similar acts. They are deliberate threats of severe injury, and perhaps death.

          That said, I think I understand your point. We do not know if he allowed the dog to freely attack in this particular case.

        2. Do you know anything about dogs? Have you ever been bitten by one? Have you ever watched dogs fighting or attacking human beings? I’ve done most of those things. And believe me, this isn’t petty semantics we’re talking about. As Maria says, everything about this dog says he’s ready to turn whoever’s in front of him into hamburger meat. If you were the one in front of that dog you’d be screaming bloody murder at Fauci to call his dog off. If you don’t want to call it letting the dog loose then you don’t send the dog into this situation to begin with.

          I’m tired of the carping about this. Move on everyone.

          1. And since this is a Malinois (Belgian Shepherd), the likelihood of the dog continuing to attack until called off is high. Malinois are well-known for their strength, extreme prey drive, and obedience. The US Navy Seals exclusively use Malinois, as does the US Secret Service.

            In other words, this dog is a weapon. Not some family pet.

    2. The dog is lunging. Its forepaws are off the ground. The leash is wrapped around the handler’s fist, and being held taut with the other hand. The dog is pretty clearly not seeing this as a game: its tail is down, its ears are akimbo, and it is showing the body language of a dog about to attack.

      This is clear menacing if it is being done at a person.

  11. I have a question:
    Can one legally sue in a US court an Israeli-American (or American-Israeli) on terrorism charges for documented terrorist acts committed against another American in a foreign land?

  12. my cousin was a paraplegic for many years because of one rock as he was driving home. I daresay I think all rock-throwing protesters should have dogs unleashed on them.

    1. Maybe these people should stop stealing land, farm implements, and water, destroying crops, and harassing the people who live there. Maybe the Powers That Be should toss the squatters and thieves out. There would be then no need to throw a rock, yes?

    2. Aviva, I’m sorry to hear about your cousin, assuming he wasn’t a settler and if his home wasn’t in Palestine.

  13. Just an idle question, but when did Fauci convert? Do you know? How many of these settlers are converts from other religions, or from no religion, or from less-extreme and violent forms of the same faith? This is something I’ve wondered for some time now.

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