6 thoughts on “Nahum Barnea on Israeli Strike on Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. We have been repeatedly told that the idea of Israel attacking Iran is a game of bluff in the style of “hold me back” (by increasing the sanctions on Iran) “or I will do something crazy”. The risk of that strategy would seem to be that the Israeli public, convinced by the hysterical propaganda that its annihilation is near, would force its political leadership to do something about it. In March 2010, when these rumors were also flying around, Nahum Barnea wrote:

    “The fascinating side of this story is that very few Israelis would appear to believe their prime minister. If they believed him, they would not run in a frenzy to buy apartments in the towers sprouting like mushrooms around the Kirya. In the event that Iran should be bombed, the residents of the towers would be the first to get it. If they believed [Netanyahu], the real estate prices in Tel Aviv would drop to a quarter of their current value, and long lines of people applying for passports would extend outside the foreign embassies. What do the Israelis know about Netanyahu that Ahmadinejad does not know, what is it that they know.”

    Has anything changed in that? If not, the risk of public pressure on Netanyahu to jump into the abyss would not seem very great. The man would have to make that jump uninvited.

  2. Nice to hear it suggested that the Israeli people should have a voice in Israel’s going to illegal, unprovoked war. The USA should try it sometime.

    As to: “The new group [of INTEL leaders] is liable to be much more tentative, as it is untested. That would leave room for the veterans of such internal battles, Bibi and Barak, to dominate the proceedings and steer it toward their desired outcome.” a QUESTION: Who appointed these guys, got rid of the previous crop, etc.? (Also perhaps some top military officers.) ??

  3. “Ahmadinejad is Hitler; if he is not stopped in time, there will be a Holocaust.”

    Has anyone pointed out to Bibi that Iran treats its Jews vastly better than Israel treats the Palestinians?

  4. thanks so much for translating this! I was looking for an English version and I guessed you would have posted one. This is a very valuable public service.

  5. RE: “How many contemporary leaders can you think of who single out Winston Churchill for admiration? And what does this say about Bibi that he worships Churchill?” ~ R.S.

    SEE: Rethinking Churchill, Part 2 ~ by Ralph Raico, LewRockwell.com

    (excerpt)…Whether Churchill actually arranged for the sinking of the Lusitania on May 7, 1915, is still unclear. A week before the disaster, he wrote to Walter Runciman, President of the Board of Trade that it was “most important to attract neutral shipping to our shores, in the hopes especially of embroiling the United States with Germany.” Many highly-placed persons in Britain and America believed that the German sinking of the Lusitania would bring the United States into the war.
    The most recent student of the subject is Patrick Beesly, whose Room 40 is a history of British Naval Intelligence in World War I. Beesly’s careful account is all the more persuasive for going against the grain of his own sentiments. He points out that the British Admiralty was aware that German U-boat Command had informed U-boat captains at sea of the sailings of the Lusitania, and that the U-boat responsible for the sinking of two ships in recent days was present in the vicinity of Queenstown, off the southern coast of Ireland, in the path the Lusitania was scheduled to take. There is no surviving record of any specific warning to the Lusitania. No destroyer escort was sent to accompany the ship to port, nor were any of the readily available destroyers instructed to hunt for the submarine. In fact, “no effective steps were taken to protect the Lusitania.” Beesly concludes: unless and until fresh information comes to light, I am reluctantly driven to the conclusion that there was a conspiracy deliberately to put the Lusitania at risk in the hope that even an abortive attack on her would bring the United States into the war. Such a conspiracy could not have been put into effect without Winston Churchill’s express permission and approval…

    SOURCE – http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig/raico-churchill2.html

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