2 thoughts on “NYT’s Bronner to Speak at Clarion Fund Iranophobic Event – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Well stated. And again so much for the sainted New York Times. Remember their neocon journalist, Judith Miller? I think the Times is quite reliable with its articles on food and gardening and such, and I understand its crossword puzzles are among the best, but I would approach its coverage of really important stuff with caution and skepticism. The piece above is an exemplar of why. An irony, of course, is that the right wing considers the Times a bastion of liberalism. Mr. Bronner’s employment there would alone suggest otherwise, and he is often front-page.

  2. Richard,

    The Klu Klux Klan holds meetings, too. Let them delude themselves in fantasy in their closed circles.

    People only have to hear two things when it comes to the New York Times: (1) if any paper was guilty for getting us into Iraq it was the Old Gray Lady and (2) the Middle East Bureau editor’s son is in the IDF. Granted, the readership is still extensive. That’s because the New York Times has substance as well, and that’s why it’s so suitable for hijacking towards a nefarious government’s interests.

    It’s like the Nobel Peace Prize: one dead tentacle of an otherwise healthy octopus. Shimon Peres? Obama? What have these people done to advance peace in the world? Al Gore? I know, I know. He invented Algebra. The point is, we can pretty much assume anything printed in the New York Times section regarding foreign affairs is intended to manipulate public opinion towards ends that are not in our national interests, but in the interests of a few and foreign.

    These people only do themselves an injustice when they also underestimate the very people they seek to manipulate. This event is a viewing for a select audience. No one will show up to that hasn’t made up their mind already. They might as well ask John Bolton to tell stories about what’s it’s like to be a boy growing up in Tehran while he sits on Bill Kristol’s lap. I mean, if they want to take it down a notch – it’s already even more heinous and absurd than I can even joke about.

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