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  1. RE: “What really was worrying senior officials in the MOD [Ministry of Defense] and Cabinet Office was the possibility that Fox could be being used as a ‘useful idiot’ by Mossad” ~ Craig Murray

    BY GILAD ATZMON, 10/16/11:

    (excerpt)…For a long time I have contended that there are no Jewish conspiracies. Fox and Werritty were not ‘useful idiots’ – individuals who seem to naively support a foreign ideology or thought but in practice are cynically used by a foreign power. They knew exactly what they were doing and who they were aiding. Fox, who In 2006 said, “Israel’s enemies are our enemies and this is a battle in which we all stand together or we will all fall divided,” is a strong supporter of Israel and is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel. Fox also supported the illegal war against Iraq, a war regarded by many as just another Israeli war but fought by American and British soldiers and in 2003 he voted for the invasion of Iraq. He also supports action against Iran.
    So Fox and Werritty were not naïve. They knew exactly what they were doing and who were their donors. They fully understood their role and willingly did what was required. And I’m just as convinced that PM David Cameron and his cabinet knew exactly what they were doing when they amended Britain’s jurisdiction laws two weeks ago just so visiting Israeli war criminals could enjoy their stay.
    But the tide has changed. The duplicity of our elected politicians and their ties with the Jewish lobby is now being closely scrutinized. The time has come for all of us in this country to put as much distance as we can between ourselves and Jerusalem…

    SOURCE –

    P.S. As far as I’m concerned, if Nick Clegg does not pull out of the coalition, then it is tantamount to an admission that he is corrupt as well. ~ J.L.D.

  2. “Key funding sources for Werritty were from the Israeli lobby and a rather obscure commercial intelligence agency. Might Mossad be pulling Werritty’s strings, with or without his knowledge?”

    that “obscure commercial intelligence agency” is GA. i think you may have erred in the artilce when you wrote “The Israelis were interested in Werrity’s travels to Iran, where he met with opposition figures and likely plotted his regime change agenda.”

    his regime change agenda? or thier regime change agenda? i seriously doubt this 33 yr old was playing mossad. more likely they were playing/using him..and now hanging him out to dry.

    ” In fact, an Israeli is quoted as saying he understood Werrity was Fox’s chief of staff.”

    while it may be a ‘fact’ an israeli claimed that, it certainly doesn’t mean the israeli was telling the truth. any douche could figure our Werritty wasn’t fox’s chief of staff. then again perhaps mossad is just stupid. more likely they are palying stupid. who’s running this show? Werritty, or mossad?

  3. sorry, that link was supposed to read G3 (not GA). that’s the name of the mossad intelligence link in my last post. btw..this has been reported on the popular UK political blog of guy fawkes.

  4. Werrity a James Bond figure? Inspector Clouseau seems more appropriate. That is unless it is an elaborate double-bluff.

  5. Still no-one sees Werrity for what he really is: a con-artist.

    Everyone who trusted him, especially with money, will regret it. Those who trusted him with their reputations have no hope left at all.

    If Mossad’s plans for Iran really are based on contacts with opposition groups made through Werrity, they’d better check these groups genuinely exist and were actually on the other end of the dialogue before they take any further action at all.

    The least mentioned, but most serious, criminality was the use of Parliament’s Crowned Portcullis symbol (legally, a Royal Badge) on Werrity’s business cards, representing Werrity as having Parliamentary authority when he was soliciting money. The Speaker’s secretary has informed me, in what may be the most cafefully-worded letter I’ve ever read, that the Speaker has asked the relevant Commons authorities to take action.

    Mr Cameron and his spin doctors are busy dodging snowballs, oblivious to the oncoming freight train. There hasn’t been a case of contempt of Parliament with intent to steal since the 17th century -and that was over about thirty quid taken from letters covered by Parliamentary privilege.

    This was the use of Parliament’s Royal Badge to steal money. The international ramifications aren’t really central to that kind of charge, though it will add quite a bit of spice to the court reports, no doubt.

    If the Privilleges Committee agree that a contempt has been committed (the business card speaks for itself), the Speaker can decide to try the case at the bar of the House (in which case the penalty is unlimited), or he can ask the DPP and Attorney General to take the case to a Crown Court or the Central Criminal Court. This isn’t the sort of “ask” where they are able to say “no”.

    There is also a more straighforward fraud inquiry being conducted by City of London Police, who are not subject to quite the same level of political control as the Met, and who are usually the lead agency in putting conmen away.

    The most probable outcome is precisely what none of the politicians want: Werrity going to jail after a trial where almost anything might be said in evidence. In a case where Parliament’s violated privilege will trump the usual ministerial right to withold evidence “in the national interest”.

    Pathological liars are not compelled to tell plausible lies: they are compelled to force people to accept lies which every fibre of their logical mind ought to reject. David Cameron, Liam Fox and indeed, Mossad, are about to discover that this is what’s been done to them, and they will find it very traumatic and immensely humiliating. I speak from experience: I’ve met my own version of Mr Werrity, the consequences were awful as well as hugely expensive, and that is how I knew what he was from the first instant that I saw an image of the business card.

  6. Craig Murray was the former British Ambassador to the Karimov regime in Uzbekistan,

    He first speculated about Werrity’s links to the Minister, and speculated that Mossad may be pulling his strings, either openly or without his knowing.

    From Craig Murray’s own website

    Gould and Werritty Relationship

    Guardian Confirms Mossad Fears

  7. Werrity has made visits to Iran, and he does speak some Farsi, apparently.

    In the process he has met some real people, who probably had conversations about something mundane or innocent, not knowing that they’d be presented to his (many and assorted) paymasters as an agent network.

    Probably, most of the people he chatted up in Tehran will pay the ultimate price for being polite to him. That, I am afraid, is the sort of wreckage that this kind of man always leaves in his wake.

    He’s not exclusively a Mossad “asset” because there’s every indication that he performed the same sell to the security services of several Arab states as he did with Mossad. We’ll probably never find out if he got money out of the FBI and CIA as well, but I wouldn’t bet against this.

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