5 thoughts on “Seattle Times and Jewish Forward on Tikun Olam and Leibowitz Story – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. A major Israeli political insider will also be interviewed and it should be fun. Sorry I can’t reveal more, don’t want to jinx things.

    Very strange. Yossii Melman’s whinings.I’d have thought there was more freedom in Israel to publish these kind of “wikileaks” things, but now it seems not. That the sources have to go to an American says a lot about the military style censorship,

    On the one hand, Al Jazeera had a bureux in Israel when it was banned in the USA during the Bush years despite the demand, and on the other, you have these cloak and dagger type media shenanigans.

    Yossi Melman took over Ziv Schiff’s role didn’t he? Or at least as near as you can get. Schiff, knew what he was talking about. Heck, Haaretz does have some brilliant talent.

  2. These views have put Silverstein at odds even with liberal groups such as J Street, but he insists he is not seeking any organizational affiliation, either journalistic or political.

    “That’s why I like being a blogger,” Silverstein said, “because I set my own rules.”

    People say things without really knowing and just by assuming. The extreme left which includes rabid anti Zionists is much more radical than Richard, yet the Forward makes it sound like Richard is unique here.

    The extreme left, who though fanatical, still better the extreme right because they don’t resort to violence and murder (Baruch Goldstein, Yigal Amir)

    Don’t know about the JStreet comparison. What exactly have J Street achieved regarding this conflict? Can anyone shed light?

  3. The supporters of Israel in the US have successfully intimidated any criticism of Israel — which makes Silverstein’s blog all the more important to understand the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. He is willing to speak over the “wall of silence” which enables the rest of us to see the reality of this complicated siutation. General Petraus warned Congress that the Israeli/Palestian conflict threatens US troops — he could have added that it threatens each and every American as we learned on 9/11.

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