15 thoughts on “Israeli Warship Violates Egyptian Waters, Captain Imprisoned – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It seems that, regarding Israeli and Egyptian relations and further crumbling thereof (with the long term view of Israeli reclaiming the Sinai), that we are at the “who blinks first” stage of a showdown.

  2. Accidently? Kind of the same “navigational error” as building walls or settlements on Palestinian grounds. Any more provocations by Israel?

  3. This incident isn’t something new – it is the history of Israeli actions in the 50s – boats would probe the border, often with surveillance equipment, and risk interdiction. A large number of Israeli boats were taken by Egypt during the War of Attrition as a result.

  4. Sorry to be rude and seemingly knowall but for some reason the comments here are really dumb and unusually so.

    Israel has no aspirations for Sinai. No leader has even hinted this since the peace agreement. No Israeli even thinks in that direction, not even the most extreme of the right.

    There won’t be coup in israel, the government will fall only be election and only if there won’t be a Palestinian terror attack in the week before the election.

    Of course it was accidental and the captain is in prison. The invaded country didn’t even notice.

  5. “Israel has no aspirations for Sinai. No leader has even hinted this since the peace agreement. No Israeli even thinks in that direction, not even the most extreme of the right.”

    Well if it so, then who are those countless “strangers” who use terms like we and Israel in comments demanding taking Sinai back by force. Either you Shmuel are writing pure propaganda or you do not have the faintest idea what your people are thinking.

    An army doesn’t put in prison an officer whose ship made a navigation, in the end a small, error. In these cases the government says sorry to victim country and the captain is in silence put to new job where his navigation and leadership skills can be better used. So if was a real individual human error.

    If the crossing of the border was done under normal orders to check the neighbours defence mechanisms I suppose that the officers of a navy and army would not approve putting their collage in prison for obeying orders. Nobody would any more dare to follow order in these border “issues”.

    An army/navy puts in a prison a captain who belongs to a army fraction which wants to provoke a war creating such border conflicts. That trial would be used to send a message as a warning to the members of the army and by making it public also serves as a message to neighbour state(s).

    By the way Shmuel if Israel would put to jail all airforce pilots who make a “navigation error” on the country’s border then most Israeli pilots would be in prison. So commonly are Israeli military pilots flying in foreign airspace against international treaties and rules.

      1. That is an interesting thought. If Egypt is not required to keep its part in the peace agreement – allowing Sinai to become a terrorist haven, allowing a mob to violate diplomatic immunity, etc. why must Israel honor its part in the agreement? If Egypt feels the peace deal was not fair enough let them give Sinai back to Israel and resume the 1979 negotiations.

  6. So simple and straightfoward, yet those who look for bad in Israel will always find it, leave aside logic and facts.

    Reported facts (from Israel, the only source so far!) – a captain mis-navigated into a foreign country’s territorial waters, was immediately spotted by Israeli land based radar and ordered out.
    The captain was tried in a disciplinary court and found guilty of negligence and sentenced to 7 days prison.

    Simple, but no, here are conspiracies, deliberate provocations, cover up, etc.

    Some times a simple story and error is just that, nothing more nothing less. Let it go!

    The “invaded” country doesn’t even know and hasn’t complained!

    1. Yes, of course, maybe, but Israel does do lots of “cute” stuff, and indeed this could have been a means cum “accident” to do a little probing. With Israel, indeed perhaps with all the regional contenders, skepticism seems our best and most obvious modus operandi.

  7. Wow! I managed to get a gag-order from our “freedom fighter” and this after my first comment! Let’s forget the blatant lie that I have been warned before. You will not find any previous postings of me, but let’s see why I was banned. I called Richard a “master of deception” and explained why, I was also sarcastic, I said he was full of obsessive hate towards Israel and I refuted some of his comments. So now I read his “rules for comments” and understand that commenters have to completely self-censor themselves, be humble to Silverstein, and certainly not use links he has problems refuting. The same guy who mocks Israel censorship acts like a Sovjet era censor…

    1. I apparently made a mistake and confused you with another commenter who I’d warned before about violating the comment rules. So I shouldn’t have banned you on your first comment.

      But I certainly deleted your first comment because it was beyond offensive. And now this comment is equally offensive. I only publish it to show others the reason why you now will be banned.

      If prohibiting you from calling me a “deceiver” and “hater of Israel” means you have to censor yourself in order to post here, my heart goes out to ya. If your neighbor visited your home would you welcome him to take a dump on your floor? Nor do I welcome you taking a dump on me here.

  8. Richard, you scram conspiracy because you have no idea how the IDF operates. Every-time a border is being crossed by mistake, the officer responsible is being fined and punished, normal procedure specially with the Navy & Air Force.

  9. The only interesting part of this article is the fact it’s Egypt.
    All the rest is cheap analysis and speculations.
    Not too interesting.

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