10 thoughts on “Rabbi Dov Lior: Moral Munchkin from Oz – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The point of him being an employee of the state is irrelevant. It’s the exact same lingo used by right wing fascist to call for the mouth-shutting of left wing speakers which are state funded. It’s infuriating, but that’s still a part of democracy. Funding has nothing to do with what he says. His role is that of a state funded function and that’s just the reality.
    If he broke the law (which he obviously did) he needs to be persecuted and thrown in jail. When there, he’ll still be living off our tax money but at least it will pay for him being behind bars.

    1. Israel’s government chooses to continue employing him. In the position of authority – religious authority.

      That counts as an endorsement.

  2. The Rabbi’s views are within the normal range of the animal homo sapiens – violence and murder is in our DNA and some homo sapiens (like this Rabbi) put their intelligence and education to the service of their animal instincts, instead of the ideas of the Enlightenment.
    What is shocking is that Israel continues to employ him (and others like him), an act which utterly discounts for impressionable Israeli nationalists, Israel’s pro forma words of disapproval. We all know what governments say is garbage (for lack of a better word), what they do is what deserves all our attention.


      violence and murder is in our DNA – they may be in YOURS, I KNOW THEY ARE NOT IN MINE.
      spare me from YOUR group

      1. I’m sorry to say that the human species does have imprinted in its DNA the capacity for mass killing & tremendous violence. But we hope that civilization represses some of our worst impulses.

        1. As they are currently behaving, both the state and the society, Israel and its citizens have ZERO knowledge of what civilization is all about.

          The most vile and repugnant of characters are demonstrated by its leaders and followers.

          greed, warmongering and moral turpitude are but the nicest of attributes exhibited by just about EVERYONE IN ISRAEL

          1. Nessim Dayan says: “greed, warmongering and moral turpitude are but the nicest of attributes exhibited by just about EVERYONE IN ISRAEL”

            I take it you mean both Arabs and Jews?

        2. Rubbish !

          Violence is not innate. I can prove my assertion. Happy to sit down with all and sundry and present my evidence. This will be in the form of witnesses, life history, chronology, books etc. to back up my claim. I can also prove that the universe is stable, ordered, benevolent and expansive.

          As for Rabbi Dov Lior, he is wrong regarding the bleief that a child is born with either a superior Jewish or infereior Goy sould. I have given him and his ilk the benefit of the doubt over the years, but now it is all becoming crystal clear. Certain rabbis and sages in the Jewish community have based their political philosophy and worldview on completely incorrect views of the human condition, the universe and the Tanach. Such rotten foundations invariably lead to systemic collapse. Charm, fear and manipulation of their followers will only get them so far.

  3. And that EXACTLY the problem with Israel.
    We have a two tier country whereas one works it butt off and the other laughs all the way to the bank while giving the finger to the other half.
    If an arab where to say death to the jews, we all know what ensues.
    Whereas “these” leaders(?) constantly repeat the same words with the only a different voice pronunciation their words are holier than the Bible that they re-write every week-end.
    Israel will fold just as South Africa while the Bibi’s and cohorts will run for the Tahiti’s shores
    Israel has unfolded as a totally racist, violent, warmongering society, any difference from pre-war Germany – yes the half of the society that lumbers under the yoke of the dozens or so barons that keep oiling the government pockets while milking the paying half (the other half gets the cottage at 2.20 while the rest pays 5.90 if not more)
    it simply reeks

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