10 thoughts on “Welcome, Israeli Justice Ministry, Weapon Industries – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, those people who would like to follow your blog without exposing themselves can do so by subscribing to your RSS feeds.

    1. loool

      Leonid, surely you’re not inferring that male members have to “expose themselves” here, otherwise head to the RSS chamber……

      Ooops, sorry couldn’t resist that…. 🙂

      Oh and and big welcome to Shlomi and Gil. Some “insiders perspective” will be interesting. 😉

  2. RE: “I note that the Justice Ministry is enlisting the public to create a posse to apprehend evildoers (like me, I presume, were I an Israeli citizen).” – R.S.

    MY COMMENT: I’m not certain you need to be a citizen. The government of Israel (at least, the current one) seems to believe that it has jurisdiction over “the Jewish people” wherever they may reside! Not to mention its “enemies” like Dirar Abusisi, no matter where they might be located.
    You might want to upgrade your security accordingly.

    SEE: Another Theocracy in the Heart of the Muslim World, by Uri Avnery, Antiwar.com, 06/20/11

    (excerpts) I am fed up with all this nonsense about recognizing Israel as the “Jewish state.”…
    The most widely used is just “Jewish state.” But that is not enough for Netanyahu and Co., who speak about “the nation-state of the Jewish people,” which has a nice 19th-century ring. The “state of the Jewish people” is also quite popular.
    The one thing that all these brand -names have in common is that they are perfectly imprecise. What does “Jewish” mean? A nationality, a religion, a tribe? Who are the “Jewish people”? Or, even more vague, the “Jewish nation”? Does this include the congressmen who enact the laws of the United States? Or the cohorts of Jews who are in charge of U.S. Middle East policy? Which country does the Jewish ambassador of the UK in Tel Aviv represent?
    …Herzl himself did not dream of a state that belongs to all the Jews in the world. Quite the contrary—his vision was that all real Jews would go to the Judenstaat (whether in Argentina or Palestine, he had not yet decided). They—and only they—would thenceforth remain “Jews.” All the others would become assimilated in their host nations and cease altogether to be Jews.
    Far, far indeed from the notion of a “nation-state of the Jewish people” as envisioned by many of today’s Zionists, including those millions who do not dream of immigrating to Israel
    …We have an ongoing battle about this in Israel. Some of us want Israel to be an Israeli state, belonging to the Israeli people, indeed a “state of all its citizens.” Some want to impose on us the religious law supposedly fixed by God for all times on Mount Sinai some 3,200 years ago and abolish all contrary laws of the democratically elected Knesset. Many don’t want any change at all…

    ENTIRE COMMENTARY – http://original.antiwar.com/avnery/2011/06/19/another-theocratic-state-in-the-heart-of-the-muslim-world/F

    1. P.S.
      FROM NETANYAHU’S SPEECH to a Joint Meeting of the United States Congress on 05/24/11: “…I speak on behalf of the Jewish people and the Jewish state when I say to you, representatives of America, Thank you…”

      FROM NETANYAHU’S SPEECH to the UN General Assembly, 09/24/09: “I stand here today as the Prime Minister of Israel, the Jewish state, and I speak to you on behalf of my country and my people…

  3. Mr. Silverstein
    If someone would like to intimidate you, he will find other ways, registering with their email address isn’t one of them.
    And besides, the WEAPON INDUSTRIES has nothing to do with monitoring such activities.

    1. Hey, that’s cute, the fake Mossad e mail I mean. Except that yr IP resolves to Tampa, FL. Unless you’re the station chief for Tampa. Didn’t know it was considered such an espionage hot spot for you guys.

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