3 thoughts on “Israeli Women Ask Judge Sagi Why He’s Silenced Them in Even Rape Case – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Israel as a country is an abysmal failure as is the United States, where I live. In both cases, the only good has been created by people who have resisted the state builders, the power brokers. The United States was founded on the genocide, oppression and occupation of the native indigenous people and their land. The same thing in Israel. In both cases, the leaders have justified that as necessary. Meanwhile both countries are collapsing. This failure to honor rape victims is another example of that. We can only hope that out of the ashes of both of these corrupt countries, something new and beautiful will arise, like the Phoenix

    1. @Tarak Kauff, I’m afraid you’re talking too much in black & white terms. It’s true that ruling elites in any society work hard to preserve the status quo and keep their power. A lot of good comes from resistance to this, but all too often, when resistance turns into political power, it gives rise to a new elite that succumbs to the same failure.

      In my opinion, most good in the world is done by people who have creative, constructive, humanistic attitude which can also be called “pro-life”, people who are passionate about helping the development of themselves, their families, communities, societies, but also people who are just happy and radiant. They can be inventors, educators, community organizers, entrepreneurs, thinkers, activists, but also people of more humble professions. The share of these people in the US and Israel is probably not much different than in any other country of the world. What’s crucial is to what degree the society helps or impedes these people in their progress.

      Israel has contributed enormously to the development of technology. What’s less known, for example, is that Israelis (along with the Americans) are the major pioneers democratic education (http://www.democratic.co.il/en/). There are a couple of dozen democratic schools all over Israel that actively encourage everyone to express their uniqueness, promote non-violence, social activism, interactions between people, their communities and their ecosystem.

      @Shai, the most successful countries in the world are, in my opinion, the smaller nations of Northern and Western Europe, especially the Scandinavians. While it can be argued that Holland and Belgium profited enormously from their colonies in the past, the Scandinavians (Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, Icelanders, and Finns) are truly remarkable in that they have managed to build societies with most social justice, most equality for men and women, most well-being for children, etc.

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