8 thoughts on “Frank Gaffney: Radical Plant Out to Destroy Republican Party? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Every person named in this post, if correctly labeled by that four-letter Anglo-Saxonism beginning with an “S”, would be an insult to honest feces.

  2. Gaffney more and more comes to resemble Sen. McCarthy. There’s a tiny silver lining in this though: for all the damage he did to far too many, in the end McCarthy self-destructed without taking either the party or the country with him. With Gaffney’s every step further down into the looney bin that day may be closer.

    1. No, Gaffney does NOT resemble McCarthy and the constant resort to that comparison suggests a significant lack of imagination and intellectual rigor.

      Gaffney is his own brand of hate; he has none of McCarthy’s redeeming qualities — McCarthy at least acted to defend what he perceived to be America’s political integrity; Gaffney’s agenda is to destroy Islam, not to uphold the US.

      weindeb had the correct label for Gaffney.

  3. A lot of Palestinians are Christians, and likely to marry in churches. Why assume she’s a Muslim? (Of course, she may be! Nothing wrong with that, except, perhaps, in the crazed imaginations of these judgmental bozos.)

    1. According to ‘wiki’, Samah al-Rayyes is a Muslim, but in this recent interview Norquist describes himself as a “boring White bread Methodist”, but then facts have never been a major problem for Daniel Pipes:

      Or maybe Norquist converted to Shi’a-Islam that accepts ‘taqiya’ (simulation), i.e. hiding your religion for various reasons. Maybe working for the overthrow of White America and the establishment of the Caliphat is considered legal for simulating being a Methodist. But why did he pick Methodist ?

  4. I’d wondered why there was no Grover Norquist handwringing on the tube for a long while. I started wondering if he’d drown himself in the bathtub instead of the govt he wanted to sink. Nice to know that he’s found a bit of happiness, and also, adopted a Palestinian baby girl from Bethlehem in 2008 as well. Would that this were a ‘trend’ within the Beltway….

  5. I can certainly see why American Muslims would take an interest in anti-tax organizations if their taxes help to bankroll Peter King and his activities.

  6. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Republicans end up disappearing. The Whigs and the Federalists are long gone. The nutburgers who dominate the GOP these days would not disappear, though. They’d just find some other way to make trouble.

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