4 thoughts on “My Quarrel With Michael Lerner – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. A cat fight among ” progressives”, what fun! CIF, LRB, Tikkun, etc. You sure know how to burn your bridges!
    Have you considered the fact that Lerner does not want to publish your article because he does not know for a fact what Abusisi did or did not do? He is not an idiot. It might come back to bit his derriere down the line. He might be accused of supporting terrorism when all the facts come out. How would he fund his project then? Not everyone is as principled as you=:) Cough. Cough.
    There is always Mondoweiss. Apparently the site gets 3 million visitors a month. How about asking Ariana?

    1. Correction: Ruth tells me I’m wrong in assuming she is Ruth Eglash. My mistake. I stand corrected.

      First, to put yr snark in perspective, let’s note that you write for the Jerusalem Post. Your blog features a glowing profile your wrote for JP of one of Aipac’s more generous donors & a supporter of the ideologization of Israel studies programs, Lynne Shusterman.

      Don’t be dumb or ignorant. I didn’t burn any bridges. As a writer, you should know that Editors & publications changes their priorities all the time as they did in some of these cases.

      Lerner intended to publish an introductory paragraph noting yr concerns. He had written it & I had said it was OK with me. Israel & its supporters already accuse him of far worse than supporting terror. So such an accusation wouldn’t be anything new for him or me.

      I’d like you to prove your claims about Mondoweiss’ readership is accurate. I think you’ve misunderstood something you’ve read or else you’re spouting nonsense. I’ve seen one web site traffic monitoring site which says they have over 500K unique visits/mo. Even given that such measurements are notoriously inaccurate, it’s hard to get to 3 million from there. And btw, a site visit and site visitors are 2 diff. things. You’ve confused the 2. I should be clear that I think it’s great that Mondoweiss is as popular as it is (& that is more popular than this blog). But I do believe in accuracy.

      HuffPo in the past refused w/o explanation, & after my publishing 15-20 posts with them, to publish 2 important stories of mine about the IDF. If I’m going to get rejected I like at least the courtesy of a written rejection esp. after I ask for an explanation. Ariana’s in the pocket of Aipac and all the usual power brokers in DC anyway. That’s prob. why my work wasn’t published.

  2. LOL! I am so not a writer! Can’t you tell I am ESL? I am so flattered I fooled you! Now if you can be this wrong about me, how many other things are you wrong about?

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