7 thoughts on “Israeli NGO Wins Partial Lifting of Abusisi Gag – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This is the first official admission by Israel that they had indeed arrested and detained Abu Sisi. Look at the timing of this announcement and of the lifting of the gag. It looks like they had waited until the end of Ukraine’s prime-minister Azarov’s visit and made this announcement after he left. Perhaps, they didn’t want to embarass Ukraine and Azarov personally. I wonder if national or international press can now confront Azarov and other Ukrainian officials to respond to this story.

  2. RE: “Israeli NGO Wins Partial Lifting of Abusisi Gag” – R.S.
    THE MARQUIS DE SADE SEZ (posthumously):“So many gags, so little time! Israel certainly seems to have more (court ordered) ‘gags’ than any sadomasochistic ‘dungeon’ could ever have. Bravo! Magnifique! J’approuve!”

  3. This gasoline price “explanation” is interesting. Far to little attention has been given to that how much Israel actually profits from the occupation (West Bank and Gaza) by forcing Palestinians to be de facto a part of Israeli economy.

    An economy of 10 million people (5+5 million) is much bigger than the one of those 5 million belonging to the Master Race, even the purchasing power of the slaves is smaller. What would be Israel if all the UN, US, EU and Arab money intended for Palestinians would not be used to buy goods and services from the Israeli whole sellers and domestic producers. On the other hand how much more developed would Jordan and Egypt be if the material flow for the Palestinians would have had come from those countries all these decades.

    For example Israel’s Dor Alon Energy, a subsidiary of the Israel Oil Company, Ltd., has been the exclusive supplier of refined petroleum products and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) to the Palestinian Authority, at about a half-million gallons per day in 2005. The company has a contract with the PA to supply more than 200 gasoline (and natural gas) filling stations. Such deals make probably a few Palestinians ultra rich and the Jewish side certainly doesn’t do this business as a welfare or for human rights reasons. And there must be tens of equal local corrupt monopolies.

    This occupation has been one of the most lucrative businesses on the earth, because others pay for the costs of the occupation. USA pays in reality the guarding costs of these giant moneymaking concentration camps. Ironically everybody else pay part of the living costs of the occupied people besides Israel, the occupier. Israel gets a big market where it can dump some of the production that is not suitable for more developed markets. In West Bank Israel can take land basically for free, develop it by building houses, using naturally almost free Palestinian labour, and finally sell it to Jewish customers with the price of building + land. The extra profit margin is that market value of that “free” land. Who wants to make peace and give up this giant lucrative moneymaking generator.

  4. Did you ever wonder that perhaps your blog isn’t mentioned because the mentioning of such censor-bypassing blogs is censored itself?

    The oil aspect of the issue is fascinating and eye-opening.

    1. No, my blog isn’t mentioned by Melman because he’s punishing me. He told me my Israeli source was wrong in claiming Ali Reza Asgari was in an Israeli prison & though I reported his doubts & credited them here, Melman takes things like this very hard and personally. So I’m persona non grata in his reporting.

      There is no problem with reporting material from foreign media under the gag. I’m foreign media.

  5. A minor point: by “solar gasoline” you probably mean Diesel fuel (called “soler” in Hebrew), which (regrettably) has nothing to do with solar power 🙂

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