6 thoughts on “Abusisi’s Arrest in Own Words – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. For me it looks like a classical kidnapping. I’m not so sure, that the Ukrainian government has it’s fingers in this kidnapping. Anybody can get two army uniforms. Getting Abu Sisi out of the train in Poltava and driving him in a car to Kiev doesn’t make sense, if these people really were Ukrainian government agents. But I think, we will get know this soon: if the Ukrainian government goes mad against Israel, it was not involved, if it doesn’t, it’s complicity.

    Regarding to the flight, the total flight time looks like Mossad was flying it’s plane west around Turkey, which make perfectly sense since Israel might have some trouble flying over Turkey. The stop might be to conceal the fact, that the plane was a plane bound for Israel. If I look on the map and look what’s in about one hour reach for a Gulfstream from Israel, I might be guessing the stop was either in Greece, Crete for example, or in Cyprus.

    1. If you read my previous reporting you’ll discover that right fr the beginning the Ukrainian gov’t treated Abusisi’s wife as a personan non grata (& she’s a citizen!) with absolute disdain proving they were in on the deal fr. the beginning.

      As for Cyprus, possibly. Greece, not sure. They’re not sympathetic enough to Israeli policy for Mossad to trust them unless they paid off an airport & its personnel somewhere.

  2. It might have been an internal flight in Israel.

    Or, though less likely, there’s also nearby Jordan, or even Egypt.

    Hard to judge the extent of the Ukranian government’s prior knowledge or active collaboration, but it would be hard to believe they didn’t become aware of this deed soon after it was underway, perhaps even before Abu Sisi was taken out of Ukraine.

    Your work on this has been superb.

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  4. Turkey is less than 4 hours flight from Kiev (it’s more like 2-3 hours, dependent on the location in Turkey). Greece (incl. Crete) is more than one hour flight from Israel. The same goes for places like Armenia and Azerbaijan. Cyprus might be a suitable candidate, but what need would landing there serve?
    Barring re-fueling (which I don’t think was involved), landing in a third country was most likely made to demonstrate someone in that country that Abu Sisi was captured. The party interested to see him in that condition would be likely some group or organization that took part in gathering intelligence on him in the first place.
    Given the geographical setting, I think that the most reasonable suspect was Egypt, more precisely, some part of the Egyptian security apparatus. They could be involved in gathering intelligence on Abu Sisi’s activities while he was still in Gaza, and if they traded that info to Mossad for some reason, they would have sufficient grounds to know what Mossad did with their info. Of course, the northern part of Egypt (from the Mediterranean coast roughly to the latitude of Cairo) can be reached by flight in 4-5 hours from Kiev and in ca. 1 hour from Israel.
    I know that Abu Sisi was captured a week after Mubarak’s resignation, but it would be stupid to suppose that the Egyptian security thugs changed their norms of conduct overnight (or changed them at all since Mubarak’s downfall in everything that is connected with the treatment of Gazans).

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