21 thoughts on “Big Boys Shouldn’t Play With Guns – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I just love the masks the soldiers/police/hit-men are wearing.

    I’d always supposed that the ability to IDENTIFY A PROPER SOLDIER was part of the reason for the rule which distinguishes SOLDIERS wearing uniforms from irregular combatants not wearing uniforms: the soldier is supposed to be following orders, under a chain of command, and there is supposed to be top-down control and accountability. However, if the soldiers are masked (as here), how can there be accountability? If someone sees one of these bozos misbehave and lives to report it, what can he report? How does the who-done-it work? And where’s the accountability?

    In the USA, police (at least in some cities) and (some?) SOLDIERS wear NAME-TAGS or NUMBERS. I see neither of these here. Is it all about IMPUNITY and IMMUNITY?

    1. The Yamam are police and not soldiers and are not combatants. They are the exact equivalent of the SWAT team – used in internal special policing tasks.

      They have a reputation for being thugs wherever they are deployed, against Palestinians or Jews with equal use of violence. They have been deployed in the dismantling of settlements and specialise in brutality there against women and children and often caused hospitalisation.

      They do not use name tags and have been condemned for this, but nothing comes of this.

      Peres is not senile, he’s been doing PR like this ever since he was Ben Gurion’s side-kick.

      1. Yeah, those jokers blend in all right – just like Mike Tyson in a group of old grandmothers.

        Hint – use AK-47s not US military weapons if you want to stand a chance. Oh, and lose some weight, you guys – you are too fat to be local.

        1. They don’t have to look local. There are more foreign fighters helping the mujahideen groups in Afghanistan than ever.

  2. RE: “An Israeli friend tells me that the unit is YMM, the elite Border Police counter-terror unit.” – R.S.
    MY SNARK: I nominate Pamela Geller as their mascot!

  3. Caption: “Trick or treat!”

    In the US Army and Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard, everyone wears a large name tag. In the Army, a Soldier usually has a unit patch (for instance, a four-leafed c,lover = 4th Infantry Division) on one shoulder, and an “arm insignia” (crossed rifles = infantry) on the other. Plus a US flag patch.

    These guys look like they are trying out for a part in a Ninjas movie.

  4. RE: “Mikheil Saakashvili shopping for military goodies” – me, above
    SHOULD HAVE BEEN: “the obviously unstable Mikheil Saakashvili shopping for military goodies”

  5. Nobel Prize Winner, Shimon Peres, posing with Uzi exclaims:

    “All I need to make it official is a ski mask and some Palestinian targets!”

  6. This is absurd.
    Hundreds in Libya are being killed by their own regime in pro-Democracy protests, practically ignored by Silverstein, yet a picture of Peres posing in a mock-worthy way immediately gets Silverstein’s attention.

    Silverstein is a one-man Jewish version of the HRC – so focused on hating Israel,that his eyes fail to capture the actual injustice happening in the world. What drives a person to such levels of burning hate?

    1. You’re an ignoramus. Why don’t you check my most recent post, written before I even read yr stupid screed.

      Peres’ pose was “mock-worthy?” I have no idea what this means, but it sounds inane & irrelevant.

      You even insinuate in any future comment that I hate Israel & you’ll be banned for violating one of my sacred commandments of comment rules. Read them or you’re likely never to make it to your second comment here.

      Why is it that the most ignorant of pro-Israel advocates have such appropriate nicknames: Barnyard Jim indeed.

  7. Silverstein.

    While it is your right to set up the “rules” in a way that protects you from fundamental criticism, I do not intend to embelish the twisted reality in which you live in by sticking to your rigged game.

    Within this world of yours, Israel should not be allowed to defend itself from rocket attacks, spies or the Iranian threat. Inside this deranged world, Israel is always to blame, for everything, while the opposing side is being victimized by Israel and the west.

    I would not be surprised if your next book were to be named “The International Zionist”. You certainly share the same degree of hate as Ford did towards the Jews- I’m sorry – The Zionists.

    1. You naturally misunderstand the purpose of the rules, which don’t at all prevent disagreement w. my views. But rather LYING about my views as you did. I won’t allos you or anyone else to do so. This has been one of my fundamental rules since my blog began.

      Thousands of comments have been published here disagreeing w. my views. But they don’t lie about them. So decide which group you want to be in. If you can’t comment w/o lying you’re outa here. If you can disagree w/o lying then you’re welcome here.

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