5 thoughts on “Clinton Threatened to Withhold U.S. Aid to PA, Israeli Officials Fear Increasing European Isolation – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Danny Ayalon perhaps unintentionally hit the nail on the head:

    The U.S. also disagrees with the settlements, but understands the difference between a legitimate discussion and decisions that have practical significance

    Lets have “legitimate discussions” till the cows come home, but god help us if decisions ever have “practical significance”.


  2. This Clinton’s threat is in a way amusing. If USA doesn’t give the aid to PA and nobody else is willing to replace that aid, who is the one who in the end has to pay part of that aid? The US aid to PA is de facto direct aid to Israel.

    This “aid” to a stateless entity called PA has made it possible for Israel to finance this decades long farce. Without that help Israel would have had to find a solution to the situation already in the 70’s. This situation with the massive foreign aid has it also possible for Israel to earn real cash because much of the good going to Palestinians are bought from Israeli domestic markets. I suppose Israelis do not give “unnecessary” discount to UN and other helpers.

    Why do Palestinians accept the present situation (decades long) where the outside world pays much of their living costs and the occupier in reality earns money with the occupation? Where else in the world USA, EU, Arabs and UN pay without much complaining the costs of the occupied people. Not in Kashmir, not in Tibet or anywhere else.

    The next indifada should be a total stop of own internal Palestinian economy and refusing to accept foreign
    aid and having a solid demand that Israel as the occupier pays from now on all to costs. In one year Israel would be a financial ruin or forced to a real genocide and mass deportations. Both possibilities impossible for Israel.

  3. Too bad she doesn’t threaten to cut aid to the Palestinian Authority security forces, since they have a habit of torturing people and they also beat up demonstrators who were showing support for the pro-democracy movement in Egypt.

    Here’s a link to HRW on the torture. There was also a report on Feb 3 about the PA attack on the pro-Egyptian democracy protestors, but I haven’t linked that. It’s not hard to find.


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