8 thoughts on “Dagan, Peace Activist, Humanitarian? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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      1. To answer this question one should have exact the same information Dagan had in the moment of decision. Without the same information, all this will be pure speculation…

          1. I didn’t say that he was! I just expected him to be so. But what may have led him to such a statement after his retirement? I don’t know how his relation with Netanyahu was, but “de facto” he had opened Netanyahus options regarding Iran. Netanyahu can attack if he wants, but now he can also try to find a solution by negotiations, saying to his coalition partners that Dagan with his reputation had said that…

  1. I don’t think anybody would get to a position like that being irrational. As for “humanitarian”, I don’t think it is in the job description. In fact anybody in such position must lack in that aspects to be able to survive deeds he inflicts on foes as well as on friends and colleges.

  2. Not necessarily! In a kind of “closed system” in which the “deciders” share common convicions, the output will not automatically be rational and logic. By the way, such a behaviour is not seldom in political parties in Germany ;-))

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