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  1. Oh, you mean they gave up trying to murder to the guy?

    When Jean Val Jean stole a piece of bread for his starving children in Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables”, was that wrong?

    For treason, 90%+ of America sure doesn’t feel betrayed. Heck, half the people are confused and think they can even charge the Australian WITH treason (I was referring to whoever leaked it above). You have people like Mike Huckabee, consistent pro-lifer, calling for the execution of a 19 year old (smiling in the pic they use) on television.

    WikiLeaks has released Classified documentation revealing for the first time impeachable offenses by the entire administration. The difference between this and other acts of the administration, in my humble opinion, is that this is a party admission, which is non-hearsay and therefore admissible nearly universally.

  2. There’s a video on Fox News that sheds some light about the Pentagon’s reluctance to shut down WikiLeaks.

    I’m pretty sure they have everything backed up offline, in any case. Can’t stop the boulder once it starts rolling downhill.

    1. haha to face the brunt of the US government coming after you, you better have some reason for them to keep you alive…just sayin… world politics is a game for people without parents.

  3. Every person, family, organization, company and country has secrets.

    Giving them away by a family member, an employee or a public servant is a bad thing – it’s a breach of confidence. In case of families it breaks trust. In case of companies it hurts them commercially. In case of countries it might even amount to treason.

    When is this OK, moral and indeed required? In extreme cases, when the secret is something so bad that it should be brought to light: Parents molesting their children, Wall Street banks not up to standards, Nazi Germany exterminating Jews, Iran building a nuclear bomb.

    The Wiki Leaks so far seems to have bought just damage, no such benefit.

    So bring him to Justice – both criminally and maybe even seek financial damages.

    1. Giving them away by a family member, an employee or a public servant is a bad thing – it’s a breach of confidence. In case of families it breaks trust. In case of companies it hurts them commercially. In case of countries it might even amount to treason.

      That’s a highly naive & unrealistic view of the way familiies, companies & nations work. Their have been whistleblowers since the beginning of time & will be till the end of it. As for treason, it depends on whose ox is being gored. The Nazis hung & shot a lot of wonderful, courageous souls who were doing God’s work. They thought they were traitors too. The U.S. gov’t thought Dan Ellsberg was a traitor. He wasn’t. He was on a moral mission to expose an immoral war. Anat Kamm is the same. She’s on the side of the angels as far as I’m concerned.

      I think Wikileaks brought lots of positive developments. We’ve been able to see even more clearly the duplicitiousness of Israeli leaders.

      I disagree w. you in the strongest terms. And what financial damages are there? That the U.S. must develop new security procedures to fix the holes exploited by Bradley Manning? Balderdash. If the gaps hadn’t existed Manning couldn’t have done what he did. The IDF too is to blame for Kamm’s leak. Naveh’s security procedures were laughable & he should’ve been reprimanded severely. Instead, he gets a promotion. That’s the IDF for you.

  4. If the govt losing the case was the worst that could happen, I’d simply quote the shrub: bring it on.
    I agree that both Wikileaks and whistleblowers, by and large, are assets, not enemies to a democratic republic, but Wikileaks is not a whistleblower. Whistleblowers are the persons who had authorised access to the classified material and passed it on. Wikileaks now is comparable to the MSM back in Ellsberg’s days: they are on the receiving end, and, as probably opposed to the actual leaker, they never had any contractual obligation to keep those documents secret. Journalists are not govt employees (although these days many seem to do their damndest to pretend they are), Julien Assange is not even an US citizen.

    The real danger of an even partially successful prosecution of Assange is that to criminalise receipt of classified documents will render most investigative journalism impossible. Just ask Uri Blau.

    The MSM sneering at Assange may be explained by a particularly bad case of penis envy; what’s truly bizarre is how they’re berating the govt for not taking better care of their supposed secrets. They’re practically begging the govt to prevent them from doing their jobs.

  5. RE: “this report in today’s NY Times, saying the government was contemplating charging Julian Assange with some form of espionage” – R.S.
    FROM GLENN GREENWALD’S BLOG, Joe Lieberman emulates Chinese dictators, 12/02/10:

    (excerpts)…That Joe Lieberman is abusing his position as Homeland Security Chairman to thuggishly dictate to private companies which websites they should and should not host — and, more important, what you can and cannot read on the Internet — is one of the most pernicious acts by a U.S. Senator in quite some time…
    …Charles Davis at change.org has one petition and an Amazon boycott plan here. – http://criminaljustice.change.org/petitions/view/boycott_amazon_until_it_hosts_wikileaks_on_its_servers_–_for_free

    GREENWALD’S ENTIRE, EXCELLENT POST – http://www.salon.com/news/opinion/glenn_greenwald/2010/12/01/lieberman/index.html

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