19 thoughts on “State Murder and Trolls: Anti-Social Behavior Cloaked in Darkness – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The internet has always been a playground for perverts, and they’re attracted to such blogs as yours, Richard, due to your strong stances on sensitive issues. The net offers so much anonymity that people who would never spew their filth to you personally feel no qualms about doing it online. The same goes with people one can meet on the net. They can sometimes turn out to be not quite who you thought they were.

    Of course, the Mossad is so proud of what they do that they seem to be deliberately sloppy at it. I cannot doubt their involvement in the targeted killings of those Iranian scientists.

  2. Very well written, Richard, quite possibly one of my favorites! I hope everyone can keep cool and have a live and educational debate that will better the world rather than commit to hurting those individuals that are harmless either through trolling and whatnot.

    If there is any perceived threat to the American Jewry from Iranians, Iranian Americans will undoubtedly commit whatever resources they have to unfolding those plans and stopping any violence that is done in our name. It should be remembered that the Iranian people held random candlelight vigils on 9/11 for the victims. We filled up Tehran Stadium and mourned collectively for the fallen on 9/12. Amongst our constituency in America are a great amount of Iranian Jews, very pious ones, who are our brothers and sisters and we love and appreciate them.

    Happy Chanukkah to you and all, may your strength, wisdom and integrity break all swords.

  3. Well, one thing about anonymous writing on the net, too many phishers, hackers, and virus-makers on it and I suspect are some of the trolls as for my real name, I don’t want to give it to them as some would use it to stalk or steal.
    My second thought is, those that call me names and talk trash gives me permission to cuss them as those who judge open themselves to judgment.
    And thirdly; this is a tough thing to learn to do in a new way for us people who are taking a long time to get used to it (computer and internet) and working on talking when it’s faster to type what you’re thinking…sometimes people snap and slap before they think about what you’ve written and the fight has begun…
    I know because when I have written letters to Senators or Representatives, it would take me as many as 3 or 4 days and re-writes would be required for me to approve it to send it. And as well as at LEAST two weeks for an essay.
    Hard to learn people when ur so much closer to their personality that way….is it it not?
    Have a nice holiday. Blessings. 🙂

  4. Wow… I think you’ve looked way too much into it. Trolls will be trolls. People who criticize the Mossad and Israeli policy aren’t the only ones who get sent pedophilia. You are a mere victim amongst thousands. This is the internet, deal with it. WARNING: link highly NSFW and generally offensive if you don’t know what the internet is like.

      1. Richard,

        I know you’ve shared some of these hardcore gems previously, but offering them up, en masse, as a stream-of-aberrant sociopathic-consciousness might be informative. Certainly, a broader public who reads the NYT Op-Ed probably doesn’t understand the depth of issue. As you say, there’s garden variety 1st Amendent poor judgment, and there’s outright criminality. You may, unfortunately, be in a unique position to share the extremities of the troll profile.

        1. I considered doing that. But in the past a few commenters have written that they thought the comments were so outrageous and disgusting that they detracted from the general tone. If others feel this way or agree with Nick G. let me know. I’m torn by how to approach this. On the one hand, I want people to understand graphically how sick these far rightists can be. But on the other hand I don’t want to be dragged into the gutter with them.

          1. Richard, it’s my personal opinion that this is your private website and you are entitled to have complete discretion over who uses it. No other domain on the Internet with moderators would tolerate non-civil conversation, so why should you bear that burden?

            We have limits on the so-called free speech in our country as well. For instance, you cannot incite to riot. You cannot libel or slander someone.

          2. Is my address real? I’ve used it to email you over 20 times already. I don’t have a raincoat (there is hardly a need for one here), but I think I’ll manage.

  5. That’s what I was expecting in the aftermath of the Doha assasination, that somebody from the other side would track down the gaggle of Mossadniks and kill them, but nothing happened. Certainly the bloody goons were exposed one by one, but nobody blew them up, tortured them, any of the stuff you would see in the freewheeling 1970s. There is an elemental bloodthirstiness to the modern Israeli state; if they aren’t killing directly or indirectly they don’t feel that they are doing their job. Finally I would agree with you that this is a gigantic feedback loop and that unintended consequences are highly probable.

    1. There is an elemental bloodthirstiness to the modern Israeli state

      If by “modern Israeli state” you mean the one that began in 1948, then I would agree with you. If you are suggesting a more recent development, then I suggest that you go back and review the entire bloodthirsty history not only of the State, but of the movement that led up to it.

    1. I’m not blaming all trolls on Israel of course. But yes, the ones that stalk this site and spew the bile that they do are militant Kahanist, settler extremist types and the violence of the Israeli Occupation fuels their rage. Definitely. These trolls are sick people but so is the Israeli Occupation & ea. fuels the other.

  6. Seems to me that any organization that works under secrecy, tends to develop some kind of mafia-like patterns. The more secrecy (hence anonymity) it enjoys, the more its behavior resembles that of a mafia, the less regard for the law or morality it bears.

    Naturally, the organizations of this kind aspire for more and more secrecy, and less and less public supervision. If there’s no sufficient checks and balances outside the organization, it becomes a monster.
    “Security concerns” is the ideal excuse. Mossad isn’t the only one, although lack of virtually any supervision at all makes them one of the best in their league.

  7. Wow, thank you for sharing this. I had no idea you were being subjected to this degree of abusiveness. I know you mentioned your site was attacked by a hacker or malaware.

    It just makes me respect twice as much what you do given the risks and abuse you’re subjected to.

    I hope this never discourages you. Yours in one of the most interesting blogs on the subject of Israeli occupation that I have the pleasure of reading daily.

    You definitely make a difference no matter how impossible the task of ending this occupation.

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