10 thoughts on “Mossad and Mujahadeen e-Khalq, Partners in Assassination Campaign – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The impression I get from all this is that we seem to be inhabiting a hall of mirrors, interspersed, here and there, with some very dark spaces. Our problem must be this. How do we find the exit without wasting too much time looking at reflections and searching into shadows?

    Was it Mossad? Was it the MEK? Was it the Iranians themselves? Or was it some strange combination of all three? As always, too many choices; never quite enough to go on, nothing tangible or concrete. Are any of them real? Or is reality only what we choose to believe; a gut feeling, a heightened perception, a probable cause, the merest suspicion?

    The same could be said of so many previous incidents of a similar nature; too many questions destined to remain unanswered, the truth behind them to be found only in the grave. And, even with access there, doubts can still push their way forward.

    So, is there some overall solution to this? What can be done? What can we do? Do any of us have the power to prevent, forestall, confound such deeds?

    You see, so many questions. But still no answers.

    Perhaps the problem is that we are searching too hard, too diligently for some way out. Maybe we should pull back, back far enough to take in the much broader aspect of what’s been happening all around us.

    This hall of mirrors is a puzzle. It’s designed to be just that. To solve it, we need to place it in the widest possible context. Which would be what?

    What about situating it in our very own hall of mirrors, one of our own making in which the exit route is already known to us.
    Then our immediate problem shrinks to manageable size, becomes so much smaller, a thing of little consequence, a detail easily overcome.

    The solution has been there for quite some time, ours for the taking. We just have to stop looking into mirrors. Instead, we ourselves have to become the mirror maze.
    Since we will then know what path to follow, release from our long confinement here is assured; we walk out having finally solved the puzzle, found the answer.

    And how strangely apposite to realise it was there within us all long.

  2. # John Yorke)
    I can only but join some other commenters here: so many words for so little content ! Are you in love with your own voice too ? I think you live in England, so do you ever think of taking up a permanent residence at Speaker’s Corner ? Or join a philosophical debating group ?

    1. @Deir Yassin,

      Sorry to appear so long-winded. Of course, I prefer to regard it as being cryptic. But then, there is no accounting for taste.

      It’s my way of getting people to think about certain aspects of certain situations, to delve a little further into how we should deal with what’s happening all around us. Not always effective, I know. Too many of us only seem to react to events and situations. At least that’s the story I’m hearing on this and so many other like-minded discussion groups.

      Yes, this is terrible, that is unpardonable, these people are the scrum of the earth and all of them should have been strangled at birth. Why can’t we all be more understanding, obey the laws of God and Man, be nicer to each other. Then peace will surely follow. Yes – ‘ And love will steer the stars.’

      Well, that sort of thing only works in fiction (and musicals).

      If you’re looking for a happy ending, cataloging the crimes and cruelties of this constant conflict may not be enough to get us there (apologies for the alliteration – not intended). Neither will criticising such instances prove of any lasting worth – there are just too many of them!

      We are required to exit from this situation in the best way possible. To cut through all the dross and debris that it throws up.
      To do otherwise, to fail in that endeavour is to demean ourselves as human beings, to admit we’re not fitted to the task and have no business concerning ourselves with it.

      So, what’s your solution. You do have one, don’t you?

      1. @DY,

        To confirm your estimation, yes, I do live in England. And, curiously enough, I was born not that far from Speakers Corner itself.

        Perhaps that has had an undue influence upon me.

        1. @DY,
          Apologies for typo.

          ‘Scrum’ should read as ‘scum’ although the word ‘scrum’ can have a connotation here.

          Scrum: two opposing (rugby) teams, heads down and locked together in strenuous attempts to gain some ascendency over one another. A not unfamiliar sight in Israeli-Palestinian relations.
          And one answer is?
          Nothing more than a fairly straightforward reversal in the status of the goalposts.

  3. To put things in perspective, quite a few Iraqi scientists and professors were murdered during the the US invasion and occupation. Were these all sectarian militia killings or were the US and Zionist intelligence services behind at least some of them?

  4. Richard, your Iranian-Academic friend is quite right. Unfortunately, this comes at no surprise to most people who follow this stuff.

    On my shelf is a book entitled, “The Iran Threat: President Ahmadinejad and the Coming Nuclear Crisis” by Alireza Jafarzadeh. On the back, Congressmen and the like tout it as the “most viable policy option for the United States to contain the Iranian threat”. This book has been sitting on my shelf since February 2007. Already four years after the Mujahedin-e Khalq, a known terrorist Marxo-Islamo cult-like faction, reviled by ALL Iranians, probably more so than the average American even loathes Al-Qaeda, had begun back end deals with Israel and our State Department.

    As Jon Stewart recently said it best, “As with everything in the Middle East, the enemy of my enemy….is most likely going to be my enemy at some point.” That point has come and gone and yet the State Department is too busy trying to achieve an end that they have evidenced they do not care what the means are. Hasn’t this been the tenor of the State Department in almost every foreign policy arena in the Middle East? How often do these guys get fooled when trying to achieve an objective that they wanted “so bad”? Isn’t that how our worst intelligence mistake ever happened and the Al-Qaeda informant killed several people?

    Anyway, the man who wrote this book claims to be part of the “Parliament in Exile”, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). Let it be hereby known that this terrorist organization has several fronts:

    Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) is also known by (1) National Liberation Army of Iran (NLA), (2) People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI), (3) National Council of Resistance (NCR), (4) National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), and (5) Muslim Iranian Student’s Society. These are the SAME people. They enjoy no extra support from anyone outside the cult.

    As to why Iranians hate them, there are many good reasons. Time and time again, the MEK has shown itself to be willing to shed Iranian blood (and lots of it) to usurp power in the country. Indeed, they killed Iranians on Saddam’s side during the unjust Iraq invasion. People may think that’s nothing, but may I remind you that Saddam gassed 1,000,000 Iranians. If the MEK ever wanted to get on our sh*t list, they achieved it with that — and they will NEVER come off.

    The best way to alienate ALL opposition to the regime is to continue siding with these maniacs. It’s not only Mossad who works with them.

    The mistake Israel and the US are making is that they think this is their ONLY viable option. They don’t realize just how BADLY connected the MKO is in the country. Plant a bomb on a moving motorcycle? Big deal, any “lot” (hooligan) off the street could have done that. Again, they showed they were killing to kill without caring about the consequences.

    Perhaps the real problem is that all opposition movements still believe in Iran’s legal right to enrichment, which is rightful, legal, and compliant with the NPT. Indeed, a super-majority of Iranians support the Iranian foreign policy while denouncing the domestic policies.

    I have written to everyone under the Sun to try and remove their death grip on our policy makers’ ears. All indications show that the decision to align with these psychos was intentional and the decision unalterable at this point.

    1. Links of Interest:

      AND a politically motivated Judicial opinion rendered here:

      This judge ruled recently that the State had failed to show connections between the PMOI and MEK. Any moron could point out they’re the same people. Why didn’t the State prosecute adequately? Hmmm….

  5. Why the Iranian Regime is ACTUALLY Stupid 101:

    “Let’s carpool nuclear scientists in Peykans!!!!” 😀

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