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  1. Prof. Bill Lancaster used to run a section “The Wag Trade” in Northern Review just for people like you, Richard.

    Seriously, bogus job offers are indeed how some of Mr Reitman’s business associates have obtained passport details of people he doesn’t like.

    If they are Canadian, he arranges for there to be an interview in NYC, with free ticket if they give the employment agency their passport to see and photocopy. Likewise, interviews in Toronto or Montreal are offered to American residents. This is less expensive than hiring a PI, and in any case, the cost can be absorbed into the hiring process for one of the many companies he has an interest in.

    Many’s the true word spoke in jest, as the workers at the Matchbox Toy factory in North London discovered when they jokingly named their new, shy German colleague “Baader Meinhof” to tease her. A few months later, the joke was definitely on them as swarms of armed police arrived to take Miss Astrid Proll away…

  2. Who knows how they pawned people; maybe you’re right. Stealing people’s identities to commit murder. It’s beneath contempt.

  3. It must be one of your jokes mr Silverstein. Kind of British humor….But if you are serious than it shows only how disconnected you are from the Israeli reality. Israelis carriyng Israeli passports cannot work in Europe without special permissions. Israeli companies offer Job opportunities to Israelis that can legally work….As for the Al- Mabkhookh (yes that’s the way to spell his name) assasination all I can say as an Israeli is:
    הקם להרגך השכם להרגו

    1. You’re only about the 100th Israeli apologist who seeks to excuse murder through manipulation of Jewish sources. The rabbis did not approve targeted killing as you seem to claim. And the rabbinic dictum you quote is has nothing whatsoever to do w. the actual context of targeted killing.

      BTW, I’m afraid that the joke’s on you & the Mossad. Though it may be a bit too subtle for you to follow.

      1. It seems that your sharp tongue (that I actually like) is sometimes misleading you. I am neither a fascist nor religious. As a secular Israeli I am sure that a fragile wannabe democracy like my country should use the targeted killing to defend itself. I know (I have my sources) that Mabkhookh’s main goal in life was to kill and kidnap as many Israelis as possible. Instead of following America (Agent Orange….Napalm….wikileaks docs..) Russia (look at Grozny….) the UK…France…You name it … it is better to use your power cleverly and take the sting out of the bee instead of burning the whole wood.the same goes for Stuxnet or the recent mysterious explosion in Khoramabad. I can understand if people say that targeted killing is just another murder. If I would be a liberal European or an American J street activist, living his life peacefully- I’d probably think the same way. But I live here ..mainly because my father and mother were holocaust survivors- had no where to go after WW2. Here,peace is just an hallucination and we all fear the next war. Obviously we try to diminish it’s damages.
        As for Arabic spelling (In English….)I am sorry for my mistakes. My Arabic is a normal Mideast spoken one.Thanks to Shmuel and Dir (not Deir) Yassin

        1. I am neither a fascist nor religious

          There are many varieities of Israelis & Israeli political beliefs. You don’t have to hold fascist or religious views in order to maintain beliefs that remain deeply objectionable.

          Targeted killing doesn’t defend anything, certainly not yr democracy. It actually erodes it & will, along w. all the other house-of-cards injustices foisted upon it through maintaining the Occupation, destroy it if no one intervenes to stop this train wreck in the making.

          I know (I have my sources) that Mabkhookh’s main goal in life was to kill and kidnap as many Israelis as possible

          Ah, you have your sources. Another former IDF intelligence maven. They spring up like mushrooms after a summer rain in these comment threads. al Mabouh was basically an arms dealer. He didn’t kidnap anyone. Do you mean to tell me the IDF doesn’t have arms dealers whose job is to provide the best weapons money can buy to kill or kidnap Palestinians? al Mabouh is a mirror image of arms procurers who work for the IDF. Hardly any diff except that one works in a plush office and the other doesn’t.

          t is better to use your power cleverly

          If you think this botched hit was a “clever” use of power then you are indeed a very unclever person.

          take the sting out of the bee

          A man was murdered & you talk about him as if he was an extracted bee’s stinger? You are a ghoul. Is it me or are the pro-Israel ghouls becoming even more odious & devoid of humanity in their comments lately [he said to no one in particular]???

          peace is just an hallucination

          You’re indeed on a bad trip, you’ve taken some very bad drugs which persuade you that peace is evil or impossible and war the only option. Sounds to me like an awful horror movie, something like Night of the Living Dead. What a life for you to be living inside a bad horror movie!

        2. # Michael in the Showbizz)
          You’re incredible !

          “My Arabic is a normal Mideast spoken one . . . and Dir (not Deïr) Yassin”

          Yeah, your Arabic might be Mideastern but apparently with a Hebrew pronounciation (aka al-MabKHooKH).

          I guess you have neither any idea how to write it nor do you know any Arabic grammar or you would know that what you pronounce ‘diir’ is more correctly transcripted as ‘Deir’ or ‘Deïr’.
          If I need any lessons on how to transcribe Hebrew names, I’ll let you know but as far as Arabic is concerned, you’ve already shown your lack of basic knowledge.
          That Israeli chutzpah, do you pick it up already in primary school or is it only after IDF-service ?

  4. # Michael Shubitz)

    “As for the Al-Mabkhookh (yes that’s the way to spell his name)”

    No, it is NOT. His name is al-mabHooH

    I know you Israelis are incapable of pronouncing the Arabic ‘h’ and always pronounce it ‘kh’, but it still is an ‘h’ as you haven’t taken over the “Rules of Arabic Pronounciation” yet.

    Don’t expect outsiders to pronounce Arabic the Hebrew way – it’s enough to hear the majority of Western journalists pronouncing KHamas instead of Hamas, and it tells us from where they get their informations.

    1. Well actually you’re both wrong and both right!

      Both in Arabic and Hebrew there are 3 distinct letters:

      Hebrew: Hei, H’et, Khaf
      Arabic: Ha, H’a, Kha

      The English equivalents are H, a rasping gutteral sound (no real equivalent), and ch as in the Scottish Loch.

      The assassinated Dubai person’s name (and the organisation he belonged to) both need the middle of the three letters which has no proper way of spelling it in English. Thus both of you using either “h” or “kh” in English are right and wrong and there is no need for bickering as if one language is nationalising the other. (Admittedly there are some ashkenazi Jews who find it difficult to distinguish between pronouncing h’ anh kh, but there are also Arabic dialects that emphasise more than others the difference e.g. Egypt)

      Personally I prefer to use the neutral h’ for this letter and invite you all to do the same. H’amas, Al-mabh’ooh’, etc.


    2. Dear Dir. You are right. the Arabic language is such a rich language that I can’t attempt to even know fifth of it. I can speak fluently with my Palestinian friends but That’s all.My knowledge will not be sufficient to take part in this semantical discussion.As for your idea about my Hebrew again you are right It is nearly perfect and I can even teach some lessons in the holy language (Leshon Hakodesh). My chutzpeh is another matter. It is not an Israeli one but a Jewish one. (don’t bother- only a Jew can differ) We drink it with our mother milk (Mutter milch as we say in German) and it is the essence that kept our people 2000 years in a very hostile environment and will hopefully go on doing so.

      1. Well, as you’re into correcting other people’s spelling, I can tell you that the German Muttermilch is ONE word and not two 🙂
        I haven’t read you much but enough to doubt that you have any Palestinian friends. Being of Palestinian origin myself, I surely wouldn’t befriend someone with your opinions, but then again your socalled friends are maybe working for the Hamas waiting to “kill as many Jews as possible” (aka al-Mabhooh). Better watch out carefully next time, they might have a Swiss knife (?) (couteau suisse) between the teeth.
        I know enough Jews – but then again they are most anti-, post- or non-zionists – to distinguish between Israeli and Jewish chutzpah. Yours is definitely Israeli.

        1. Oh….I did not know you speak German. Ich habe die wörter separiert um es leichter lesbar zu machen. It is indeed sad that we don’t agree with each other at all.I understand that some of your best friends are Jews… do you only make friends with post or non zionists? Sorry but all of my Palestinian friends (real friends) are Fatah people. even those living in the world’s biggest jail -Gaza.
          As to my chutzpah,why don’t you give it another chance and realize that the Israeli one, is the chutzpah of the conquerer whereas mine is of the survivor.
          By the way I did not correct his spelling but I thought that writing the way I did will help with the pronunciation.If you are Palestinian we probably pronounce Al Mabkhookh the same way.

          1. Sorry but all of my Palestinian friends (real friends) are Fatah people

            Ah, a military intelligence affiliated Israeli friendly with Mohammed Dahlan, Palestine’s Torquemada. You should be proud of yrself.

            Don’t make us laugh. Where did you meet these Palestinians? Interrogating them in Ketziot or similar prisons? Like Jeffrey Goldberg? That’s probably where you learned your Arabic too. Do they have Palestinian prisoners teaching Arabic in Aman or wherever you got your start?

            Your chutzpah is the one of the conqueror. You imagine yrself a victim all the while you are the conqueror. The hands are the hands of the victim, but the voice is that of the conqueror (if you know your Tanach). In other words, you are a fraud. A self deluded fraud.

            I thought you bid us a fond farewell three published comments ago? Parting was such sweet sorrow, wasn’t it?

      2. I have a rule in this blog. If someone has a name you use it–the way they spell it. If you want to call yrself “Dir” you may & we’ll call you whatever the hell you want us to. But as long as you’re addressing someone calling herself “Deir Yassin” you will address her that way & not by yr version of her name. It’s an elemental lesson in civility & respect. Isn’t it enough that you’ve trashed hundreds of names of former Palestinian villages in Israel that you also have to trash Deir Yassin’s name?

        “My Palestinian friends…” Disgusting. Only someone working very hard to convince others of something he’s unsure of himself would have to remind us over & over that he has such good Palestinian friends. Have you told your Palestinian friends that you support targeted killings of their countrymen? Or do they like you in spite of that due to the sheer force of yr sparkling personality??

        1. # Richard)
          I really don’t mind whether people write Dir or Deir or whatever which are only different ways of transciption, but what makes me laught is Michael’s, let’s say, self-confidence. After telling you how to write al-Mabhooh, and he was wrong, he corrects me on my pen-name too.

          How come Gaza + Fatah-friends made me think of Dahlan too ?

  5. # Shmuel)
    This is not the place for a extensive discussion on Arabic linguistics, but NO, using the transcription ‘kh’ in English for the Arabic strongly guttural “h’ ” as in Hamas, Mabhooh, harakat, hamdullillah etc (I have no Arabic letters on this laptop) is NOT correct.

    I don’t know about Hebrew and it has no importance in Arabic pronunciation. Michael tells Richard that he doesn’t spell the al-Mabhooh name correctly in order to make two mistakes himself. It is NOT “mabkhookh” and could NEVER be.

    I’m well aware of how Arabs pronounce the “h’ ” in different parts of the Arab world but this has nothing to do with the transcription of names which is either an ‘h’ with a dot under it, a “h’ ” or simply an ‘h’ (also used for the ‘h’ as in huwa, hunaka) but NEVER ‘kh’ which is the transcription for the ‘kha’ as in khubz, khamr, khamsa etc.

    If Hebrew has the equivalent of the Arabic “ha’ ” I suggest the Israeli use it instead of always saying KHamas.

    1. What is very obvious is that you do not want to host in your blog ideas that are different to yours. It is your right since this blog is fully yours.Although it is called Tikun Olam you do not really want to make the world a better place. What you want is to mock people who think differently. I do not need to read your blog to know who the next Shabak chief will be . I know these things before you…As you said,I am a Meyvin(Check your Yiddish).So have fun with your blog without me. We will go on doing the necessary steps for our country firmly believing that the world will be a better place without the Mabkhookhs (check your informations about his whereabouts)and the Bin Ladens.

      1. Yes, & the other side will do its best to make the world a better place by ridding it of the Israeli generals and policitians it seeks to kill in revenge. You all deserve to burn in a very hot place or else to sit in the Hague.

  6. Am I the only one who noticed that the picture is of an American passport while the ad seeks people with European passports? Let’s hope the Mossad’s not *that* dumb!

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