14 thoughts on “Rabbi Meir Saves the World (Well, the Jews at Least) – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Notice that the “enemy” looks like a stereotypical 1920’s-30s cartoon black person, with thick lips, bug eyes, and long limbs…I know it’s supposed to be a Palestinean, but here is proof that the JDL has joined the KKK.

  2. You should see how Jews are portrayed in the official Arab media in countries like Jordan or Egypt (i.e. countries at “peace” with Israel). Right out of Der Stumer….big hook noses, peyot, greasy dark hair. Do you look like that, Richard?

    Here are some examples:


    and http://www.adl.org/main_arab_world/arab_media_portrayal_jews.htm

    I know you can’t stand the Post and the ADL but that is not the point of my posting them….it is to show the examples of antisemitic stereotyping in the Arab media.

        1. That’s again not what I said. I said that when the ADL denounces this particular outrage. They won’t. Trust me. Too many Jewish progressives to label as anti-Israel. Those are the fish they have to fry.

          1. they only respond to that which they are made aware of

            has anyone sent the comic to them for comment?

            “When the ADL & JPost decry this particular Jewish form of racism & bigotry then you can complain”

            you really need to choose your words more carefully

            the adl has already decried kach and kahane….so they have spoken out against this “particular” jewish form of racism and bigotry.

            again, if you wish for them to speak out on this comic alone…email it to them

            and when they do make comment…will you then decry racism and bigotry coming from the arab media?

          2. Bull, they have a budget of tens of millions & scores of staff including researchers whose job it is to monitor this shit.

            I meant that I expected them to specifically denounce contemporary Israeli Kahanism and this comic book (not a 40 yr old JDL logo). They spend far more time ogling Islamic anti Semitism than Jewish anti-Semitism (hatred of Muslims).

            I have sent e mails to the ADL in the past to which they never bother to reply. So if you want to waste yr breath & bring this to their attention, knock yrself out.

    1. One thing I’ve always wondered: What makes these media “official”? The fact that there is state censorship in their countries, like in Israel?

  3. Odd that you call them the lunatic fringe. Lunatic, yes. Fringe, no longer. A Kahane memorial service last night at the Ramada Jerusalem drew about a thousand people, double the expected number, 1,500 policemen were detailed to Umm Al-Fahm today to protect Baruch Marzel, Itamar ben Gvir and their nuchschleppers’ march there against Raed Salah, they’re the people on which settlements in East Jerusalem rest, they’re in Jaffa complaining about noise levels coming from the minarets, they’re desecrating Muslim cemeteries, hoping to rid Karmiel of its Arab residents, have laid waste downtown Hebron and sprayed Kahane tzadak on every available wall – and that’s not the half of it – one of them’s our Foreign Minister. Dangerous, this persistent labeling of Kahanists as fringe.

  4. Notice the dark knife wielding character is of course the Arab/ Muslims terrorists you shapely defend. You, for one, couldn’t wipe this tzadiks shoes. Other than that, you probably never lifted your ass to defend a Jew. You are assuredly a weakling pandering Hellenist. You also wish you knew Torah like Kahane did…. Or maybe not. You have no pride and probably never will!

    1. @ Tzvi: Your “rebbe” knew Torah so well he knocked up a shiksa, who jumped off a bridge when he dumped her. He did all this while he was married. All the while being a snitch for the FBI. What a mensch and man of Torah!!

      As for pride, I have pride enough never to debase myself or my religion as he did & you do.

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