11 thoughts on “Mossad Chief’s ‘Targeted Killing’ of Investigation into Al-Mabouh Assassination – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. Not exactly. I think Bibi was telling him that he would fry his ass publicly through an investigation if he didn’t go like a good boy. What’s funny is that Bibi was up to his eyeballs in the entire affair & should’ve been investigated along w. Dagan. The idea that Bibi didn’t know or approve of the operation is ridiculous.

  1. Richard, your logic is kind of skewed.
    Dagan is a postilion consider being a trust position (at will employee is the American term, i think) and can be fired at the will of the PM (in this case bibi) so why would the PM play all those games when he can just fire him ?

    1. You don’t just fire the Mossad director esp. if he’s willing to wage war against you politically if you do so. Consider how much dirty Dagan has on everyone in Israeli politics. Do you know how long J Edgar Hoover held on–how many decades? He was an at will employee too & his bosses hated his guts. But they weren’t willing to fire him.

  2. Richard, this is extremely lame.
    such a travesty never happened in the history of the mossad, and you have no reason to think that it will this time.
    Dagen is being replaced after a very successful 8 years as the head of mossad.

  3. With the US engaged in “targeted killing” on a mass scale via drone –apparently supported by key alles — few outside the Moslem world are going to be upset by occassional Mossad murders.

    Such are the depths to which we have sunk!

  4. Such a travesty meaning a head of mossad that refused his termination.
    it’s funny at points and pathetic at others, how someone who spent few months (24 is my guess and i am being generous) in Israel, out of the 55 he lives in the US, claims to be an expert / analyst and understand what’s going on in Israel.
    the sad thing, and i have been reading you blog for about 4 month (which makes it some time, actually 2 seconds fall under the definition of some time), is that there are people that actually take what you say as gospel.

    1. there are people that actually take what you say as gospel.

      You’re sounding quite out of sorts & rather testy today. What happened? Was it anything I said? Or do you just not like the whole idea of me? Don’t bother answering. It was just a rhetorical question…

      I spend a lot more time studying, thinking about & writing about Israel than you spend doing virtually anything, but especially studying my country. So yes, I know quite a bit about Israel. Not everything by any means. But I know what I write about, & what I don’t know I try to learn. I wish I could say the same for you.

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