5 thoughts on “Yakobov Interviewed by Maariv: ‘What’s All the Fuss?’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. richard since when maariv is right-wing ?
    maariv had a wide variety of reporters, from far left to far right, the news paper isn’t more or less right-wing the yediot.

    1. Widely known in Israeli & Diaspora circles as the most right wing Israeli paper other than Bibiton. Except for you of course who insist it is “fair & balanced” (where have we heard that one before?).

      Ben Dror Yemini & Ben Caspit are 2 of the most disgusting far right reporters in Israel & make their comfy home on the pages of Maariv. Pls don’t take us for fools. We’re not you know. But the only one who looks foolish when you make such statements is yrself.

      Yediot is center-right & truly does have a mix of left & right commentators. Maariv doesn’t.

  2. first of all, he who wants respect should treat others the same way.
    don’t call other reporters views disgusting unless you want to be treated the same way.

    Yehonatan Geffen, Gay Merzo, Natan Zehavi, Ayel Geffen and others who all belong to the far left (the first 3) and the left (geffen) all write in maariv.

    so i guess you know that maariv is far right the same way you knew that David beeri wasn’t arrested.

    maybe if you will not be so preoccupy with insultsulting those who don’t share your views, you would have the time and energy to actually look at facts and not your own propaganda.

    1. Yehonatan Geffen…belong to the far left

      If Yonatan Geffen belongs to the far left then Tzipi Livni belongs to the far right. Does she? You have no idea what is left or far left in an Israeli context. THis reminds me of the Tea Party calling Obama a socialist.

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