7 thoughts on “Geller’s Multi-Million Dollar NYC, Florida Digs – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. according to hazal (חז”ל) the most valuable forms of tzedakah is the one that gets no publicity (מתן בסתר)
    so if that’s what Pamella geller does, how would you know about it ?
    have to tell you, that i had no idea who she is, that she even has a blog prior to reading that on your post – so you are actually doing that women a service. i’m sure she will be very happy to know that, and who knows maybe she would even give you a tzedakah (non published one of course)

    1. if that’s what Pamella geller does

      I almost spat out my morning coffee this is so preposterous. You think Pam Geller even knows what Hazal is, let alone believes in Rambam’s levels of tzedakah??? Puh-leeze, get real. This woman is a shameless PR chaser. She would sell her grandmother (if she was alive) to get into the headlines. And I’ll bet she doesn’t give a kopek or agora to tzedakah.

  2. Perhaps a little OT, but I don’t understand how you can spend 100 grand a year on frigging maintenance of even a full floor, unless you happen to be Louis XIV.

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