3 thoughts on “Israeli Military Breaks Into Silwan Home, Beats Up Brother of Murdered Resident – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Is this an example of double standards on your behalf or what ?
    when an article is published in Ynet and NRG, accusing two israeli-arabs on national security related violation, YOU insist everyone will approach it alleged violations. Yet in this article the word allegedly disappeared from your vocabulary.
    Double standards at its best.
    and then your headline says ISraeli Army, when ISraeli Police forces are accused ? is that an attempt to mislead your readers or you really do not know the difference ?
    i Looked at the two You Tube Video Joseph Dana published, all you see is a broken window and an Arab guy telling an israeli women that the police broke the window last night and asked for coffee. easily you will get a conviction with such evidence.

    1. in this article the word allegedly disappeared from your vocabulary.

      Are you saying that the incident didn’t happen? Would you like me to display a picture of the beaten brother? An interview w. the doctor who stitched him? Frankly, the victims are much more truthful than the perpetrators as a rule. The Border Police are virtually the same as the army. They certainly aren’t the police, by which one would assume it was the Jerusalem Police, which it wasn’t. The Palestinian victims said the raid was by the Israeli army, by which they include the Border Police.

      Are you arguing that Joseph Dana’s eyewitness account of Israeli troops which he saw shitting on Palestinian roofs is a lie? If so, would you pls. write this directly to Joseph so he can have a good laugh. Should I ask for photos of soldiers taking a dump & publish them? Then when people accuse me of dishonoring Israeli forces I will be able to blame you by saying you forced me to do it to prove my point.

  2. RE: Hey, does everyone here remember the Jerusalem police’s newly appointed “Arab liaison,” Doron Zahavi aka “Captain George?” – R.S.
    MY COMMENT: Yeah, I remember reading a couple of insightful articles about liaison “Captain George” somewhere.* In fact, those articles came to mind when I read Joseph Dana’s comments regarding the policemen’s poor potty habits on another site earlier today.
    * https://www.richardsilverstein.com/2010/09/11/jerusalems-police-chief-enraged-by-exposure-of-captain-george/

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