7 thoughts on “Stuxnet: Paying the Piper – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Another thing that seams true is that every Israeli PR disaster ends with the Arab side mysteriously weaker, as if somehow, offended liberal opinion actually does not matter in the real contest of arms.

  2. Guys, its hilarious to see the number of words written on the STUXNET malarkey. as reported this warm has been in place for more then a year now, and i’m sure that those who developed it have new versions and other tools in place already. You Richard by are actually serving the Israeli purpose by focusing people’s attention onto old news.

    as for backdoors in code… many years ago Israel hired an American company to write part of the arrow defense system code, the American company in its turn hired an Egyptian company, in short the code that was delivered back to Israel was full with back doors.

    1. No, actually it’s you who’s serving Israel’s purpose by pooh-poohing research that invetigates Israel cyberwarfare capabilities. You clearly don’t want anyone to think Israel is doing anything special or worth taking seriously which is pure bulls(&t.

      1. Well Israel does its best exaggerate its technological level. This decades long overstating and propaganda has made even those critical towards Israeli policies to believe that Israel is something very special with its in the level of technology.

        Some months ago an Israeli (critical to occupation) claimed that Israel is a nation that registers the 2nd most patents in the U.S each and every year. I got curious and checked is it really so. The claim is simply not true. With patent applications and granted patents Israel is not even near the top.


        If we compare Israel to other industrialized countries like Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Germany etc Israel is not the “leading” industrial power (not even “per capita” estimated)w ith the level of technology in different industries or with the level of R&D. The only field where Israel is number one is the amount of self praise and exaggeration (=propaganda).

        One example of the much exaggerated Israeli weapon technology is the rather limited list of Israeli military equipment used by US Army.

  3. You didn’t understand what i was getting at:
    1. STUXENT was reported as early as the beginning of 2009.
    2. in the hi-tech world a year is a long time, during that time who ever developed this warm has acquired more information from the data its sent, and developed more sophisticated tools.
    3. the sudden PR about that warm (providing it’s coming from Israel) is to hide other stuff out there, it’s the oldest trick in the book, you expose an old asset to gain a new one.

    1. It’s WORM, not “warm.”

      So big guy, instead of mouthing off why don’t you actually try to uncover what the latest asset is instead of pouring cold water on the honest efforts of experts far better informed than you. YOu’d have a bit more credibility when you can actually articulate something useful and valuable in the whole field of Israeli cyber warfare. Until you do that you’re little more than a shill.

  4. Analyzer kind of has a point. Stuxnet was revealed in early 2009 on a number of tech blogs around the world and thus was likely coded in 2008. Just think about how many updates WordPress has had in that time and it ought to give you an idea of how relatively ancient the code used in Stuxnet is and how much more information the creators of the virus now have at their disposal. Uncovering the latest asset would be a nearly impossible task for anyone other than a well funded team of coders and even then… Again, Analyzer may have a point about this all being a well executed disinformation campaign. Is it the Iranians trying to cloud assessments of their nuclear progress? I mean just because Bushehr may have been compromised do we really know that Natanz was? Or is it the Israelis/US focusing attention on Stuxnet in order to distract the Iranians from Stuxnet II? Or Stuxnet III even? This sort of conjecture is just as valid as any of the conjectures made by the cited experts, none of whom have first hand information about the situation. One has to wonder why there is only now a sudden massive spike in chatter about a virus that was first discovered over a year ago.

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