11 thoughts on “Palestinian Surveillance Video Gives Lie to Settler Guard’s Claims About Shooting – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’m not so sure the guard is going to be back on the job in no time. He may get crucified to clear everybody else. You can see that he’s not well protected by the fact that the video was shown on TV instead of being put under gag order.

    It’s the “crazy soldier” trick we learned from Egypt and Jordan. The government is peace-loving, and has nothing to do with a single person gone berserk. What he did was terrible, but it’s all just a sad mistake.

  2. Good work on the video, but I noticed one of the links which has a false hed. The PA does indeed support the siege.

    Anyn – there’s the problem that the thugs from the Jerusalem PD have already bound themselves to the murderer’s version.

  3. so why did the residents first claim that the victim was just coming home from work and got into an argument?

    why not admit that he did throw a stone, but the response was excessive?

  4. 1. There is no visible shooting or rock-throwing on the video. We have to accept testimony about this. There isn’t enough evidence on the video to say who shot the victim. Examining the bullet should do it, though.

    2. The Arab rioting did no good whatever.

    3. Apparently: One guy shot another guy and lied about it. If this had happened in Chicago it might not have made even the local news.

    Let’s say a cop shot a black guy in Chicago. Would that prove that Obama, or Mayor Daley was racist? Trying to paste the killing on the nation of Israel is wildly irrational.

    4. The shooter is going to be pilloried because the Kadima/Labor side of things needs an issue. This won’t be covered up.

    5. It’s early days yet. Let’s see what the investigation turns up.

        1. “Blown out of proportion??!” I’d suggest that you have no idea of what Jerusalem is, what emotions are roiling there & how absolutely powder keg dangerous the situation is. Do you realize that a major war could easily start there if certain conditions were met? Get real would you & understand what you’re talking about.

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