6 thoughts on “Bar Ilan President Calls for Ouster of Faculty Supporting Academic Boycott – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It is indeed a blow to democracy, free speech and academic freedom. Denying a voice to civil society is a fascistic move, whether it happens in Israel, Iran, the US or anywhere else.

    Besides, it just begs the question, why are they so afraid of these boycotts? Are they enjoying the occupation?

    1. It’s control, control, control, Mary. To stamp out any form of dissidence. Who would have thought Dershowitz would have succeeded against Finkelstein at de Pau? Who would have thought that almost every university in the US has “thought police” monitoring professors in the classrooms? It’s the classic method used by (yes, I’ll say it) the Nazis in Germany in the thirties. Richard’s evocation of Niemoller is appropriate.

  2. 1/ I’m puzzled what an Israeli academic who says no one should have anything to do with an Israeli academic is supposed to do with his/her time?

    Can one boycott oneself?

    2/ If Israel and Israeli academics are boycotted, what will the field of Jewish studies do?

    (Personally I’m not a fan of Jewish studies, but still)

    3/ In some ways an announced boycott of Israeli academics would help Israel.

    a/ Getting around the boycott will sharpen the academic’s minds.

    b/ In those (scientific/mathematical/engineering) fields where Israelis excel, the boycott I suspect won’t work, and more Israelis will gravitate to those fields, leaving the mickey mouse soft areas.

    1. You must think you’re very clever. But you didn’t make up that clever little insipid tidbit. You don’t understand BDS. Israelis like Neve Gordon advocate a foreign boycott of Israeli universities. They’re claiming that Israel will never change its policies based on internal lobbying or political manuevering so this will require outside pressure and sanctions.

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